Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt

Happy Thursday my Dingleberries,
Welcome back to this weeks Monkey Butt.  
It's been a hecktic week and this one isn't going to be riddled with poo fling or anything, just direct and to the point I guess. I think this guy is super cute though. Check it out!


Physical Characteristics
The name “colobus” is derived from the Greek word for “mutilated,” because unlike other monkeys, colobus monkeys do not have thumbs. Their beautiful black fur strongly contrasts with the long white mantle, whiskers and beard around the face and the bushy white tail. The Eastern black-and-white is distinguishable by a U-shaped cape of white hair running from the shoulders to lower back, whereas the Angolan black-and-white has white hairs flaring out only at the shoulders.

Two types of black and white colobus monkeys are found in Kenya those that inhabit coastal forests and those in inland high-country areas. Red colobus monkeys are also found in East Africa, but are quite rare. Two other types of colubus monkeys in Africa are the black and the olive.
The colobus lives in all types of closed forests, including montane and gallery forests. Bamboo stands are also popular dwelling spots for the colobus.

The colobus is the most arboreal of all African monkeys and rarely descends to the ground. It uses branches as trampolines, jumping up and down on them to get liftoff for leaps of up to 50 feet. They leap up and then drop downward, falling with outstretched arms and legs to grab the next branch. Their mantle hair and tails are believed to act as a parachute during these long leaps.
Colobus monkeys live in troops of about 5 to 10 animals—a dominant male, several females, and young. Each troop has its own territory which is well defined and defended from other troops. Adult troop members, especially males, make croaking roars that can be heard resonating throughout the forest.
Fighting over mates rarely occurs. There is no distinct breeding season although most mating probably occurs during rainy season. Because a female suckles her infant for over a year, an average of 20 months passes before she gives birth again. Other troop members often handle very young infants. In the first month when the infant still has a pink face, it may be handled three to five times an hour in resting groups. Infant mortality is high even though the young are carefully tended.
The newborn colobus monkey is covered with white fur, and at about 1 month gradually begins to change color, finally gaining the black and white adult coloration at about 3 months. The infant monkey is carried on the mother's abdomen, where it clings to her fur. As it matures it spends a lot of time playing with its mother and certain other adults and at about 7 months begins playing with other juveniles. The games they play exercise their bodies, and as they get older, these develop into wrestling matches and mock displays.

Colobus monkeys are strictly leaf-eaters and spend most of their time in treetops, preferring to eat the tender young leaves found there. However, complex stomachs enable them to digest mature or toxic foliage that other monkeys cannot.

Predators and Threats
At one time the colobus was hunted excessively for its beautiful fur, leading to its extermination in some areas. Its skin has been used to make dance costumes, hats and capes. Today, the greatest threat to its continued existence comes from loss of habitat as forests are cut down.

Did You Know?
  • The name colobus derives from a word meaning "mutilated one" because unlike other monkeys they do not have thumbs.
  • The monkeys communicate with a songlike call, a warning call and a mating call. Local tradition says they are good weather forecasters because they become silent when bad weather is coming.

**addendum, note to reader, this weeks work is not that of yours truly, please take the time to check the source, as you will tell it's a copy paste from that site.  Forgive my slackness, I'm so busy with the move.**

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 237, 2012

Wednesday, August 29th
 It looks like we might be moving this weekend... I'm dreading it, I hate moving. Hoping this will be the last, at least for a few years!  heheh

I hope everyone had an awesome day and  I hope that everyone stayed dry. Especially those over in Louisiana.

It's late, OH!  Turns out Mama MB also has some other kind of infection.  Ugh I forget what it's called, which goes back to the it's late. I'm tired!!
Hang in there
Hang in there!

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Well hello dear Dingleberries, 
Here we are again, made it to the hump.  Hoping we can make it on over right? 
The weather is still crapola around these parts.  No sunshine for us today. I know some of you have it far worse than us and others, my thoughts and well wishings for those less fortunate than ourselves. 

So it's that time again, linking up with This Kind of Love this week for What I'm Loving Wednesday. For those who are new,  I do this weekly and throw together a super awesome Monkey Butt style post for your viewing/reading pleasures. So sit back and enjoy! Don't forget to check out the host and have an awesome humpday.
With out further babbles..

Here's What I'm Loving this cloudy Wednesday!

I'm Loving that it's almost closing time on the new place.

I'm Loving that Labor Day is Monday, yay for an extra day off. Even if it's going to be filled with moving headaches.  

I'm Loving Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. 
It will premier two days before my Birthday. I'm excited! 

I think the date on this poster is wrong.

New movie posters. Aren't they fabulous. 

one more movie I'm excited for 

I'm Loving Resident Evil Retribution

This is going to kick ass! 

I'm Loving these funny ecards!

These ecards never fail at making me LOL. 

I'm Loving my awesome pinterest finds today found HERE!

I'm Loving these adorable cakes!  OMGawsh! 

I'm wrapping it up, turns out I'm loving a lot of things this week....  

A couple more, 

I'm Loving this site, it's a new project and I hope everyone will sign up.  I think it will be awesome!
it's called The Live Sincerely Project. Check it out! 

Lastly but never least, 

I'm Loving this Monkey Butt today

Enjoy your day!

Hang in there!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 236, 2012

I guess my music post for today didn't go over quite as well as I'd hoped. ha ha.  If it makes anyone feel better, it rained here ALL DAY as well!  I was stuck in the office all day so I can't complain about it. I know some of you are dealing with more than just rain though and I hope you all stay safe and dry!  :) 

Tuesday, August 28th
We're actually another day closer to closing. I'm still trying to avoid the excitement!  I don't want to get excited and something go wrong.  Unfortunately it's a race to get the last bit of money together. I'm going to attempt to ask the bosses if I can get  my pay check early. Luckily Mr. Monkey Butt has some bucks he can throw in as well.  It's coming together, two more days.  Eeeep.  It's been a race between us and the lady at daycare who is also working to obtain their first house.  She finally got her closing day of Friday.  One day after ours.  She's pretty excited!!  I'm excited for her, maybe I shouldn't be. Just in case ;) 

Watching some Hotel Hell tonight, I know it's last nights stuff, but Girl Scouts goes on Monday night. I emailed a lady today, hopefully she can assist me in finding a troup in the area we will be moving. 

I want to take a trip next year, two of them actually. I want to take Mama MB to New Orleans or Mississippi, which ever she will allow.  Speaking of Mama MB, they went to the ER last night to get her pain checked out. They only thing they came up with is that she has a urinary tract infection.  She's got a bottle of meds and needs to hang around the bed.  Now if we can keep Granny MB from taking her all over God's country to do this and that.  Need to have a chat with her I think.

I also want to make it  a point to go to Maryland this year. I've been hoping and dreaming to take that road trip for three years now. I really want to make it a point in the 2013 year! 

Time to work on think about tomorrow's post.  Maybe get a start on it.  Not sure yet.  Hope everyone is safe and dry and had as well a Tuesday as possible.

Hang in there! 

Music For A Tuesday: Jane Siberry

It can't rain all the time by Jane Siberry. I find this song very lovely, I haven't heard it in a while either. First time I heard it was actually in a movie "The Crow" with Brandon Lee.  Anyone remember that one? Remember seeing it?  It was a good movie, much better than it's sequel which didn't have the oh so adorable Brandon Lee as it's star.

Remember the story?  The bad guys came in and murdered the couple, well threw him from a window and beat and raped the girlfriend who later died after hours of pain? He came back to avenge their deaths and kill all of those who were there.  A story that's been played over and over again in many a movie with different characters.

Have you ever noticed they have pretty much covered everything in regards to movies?  That they're constantly just rewriting the same movies, over and over and over again. Starring different people and milking our money for the same thing we've already seen ?  It's redonkulous really!

Jane Siberry

Jane Siberry, is a Canadian singer-songwriter, known for such hits as "Mimi on the Beach", "I Muse Aloud", "One More Colour" and "Calling All Angels".  source

Anyone else enjoy the tunes of Jane Siberry?  Anything in particular you love the most? 

Share it with us if so.. 

Have an awesome Tuesday Dingleberries, What are you jamming to today? 

Hang in there!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 233, 234 and 235, 2012

Happy MONkeyDAY my dear Dingleberries,    How was it?  Anything worth blogging about?  I've plenty to bitch about, but will try and avoid doing so. 

How was your weekend?  My last post was Friday night-ish and well we got into a few things over the weekend, dare I share them?  Of course I will! 

I will try to go day by day as we go along with this one today.  This just in .... Granny MB calls and tells me she's going to pick up Mama MB and take her to the ER. She's been having pains in her side and back over the weekend, but told us that it wasn't anything to complain about.  Just a dull ache or something.  Why does she not tell us everything.... and then wait until we're gone and a day later people are calling me telling me what's going on. Shit like that really irks me!  Granny MB tells me she will keep me posted and I assume I'll be sleeping like shit tonight!  Then of course when I call Papa MB he seems...ODD.  I don't know what's going on up there. What those two are doing or how they are feeling about anything. 

This closing needs to happen, because frankly I think it's time I step in and counsel this shit or something. Can you see it now?  MB counseling, lol.  Here I am spilling my whole life to a blogosphere of awesome people like you.  It's cheaper than therapy ya know?  I can be too!  Well, for them anyway!

Day 233
Saturday, August 25th
Saturday was the day for the baby shower, a million miles away and a major headache later. It was nice seeing my aunt again and always a blast to get Mama MB out of the house, though I don't think she agreed with that.  I think perhaps this new chemo is running her down a bit more than she has in the past. She's tired lately and as I said up there, she has had some side pain and back pain.  I hope it's nothing.. Pray it's nothing!

Day 234
Sunday, August 26th
Mama MB agreed to watch Pokey Saturday night. Which was a nice thing to do, considering she had my niece this weekend as well. It was a chance  for Mr MB and I to go out and do something. He took us to PF Changs at the Mall of GA.  I had never ate there before and had only actually seen the dinners in the freezer section, don't think I ever purchased them before.  The dinner was nice, I wore my fancy red heels that I haven't worn in a while.  We opted out of the theater and went home to watch a movie instead.  Watched Hunger Games.  Not bad I'd have to say.   I'm curious what they will do in the future and am tempted to read the books just to find out. 

Church was church. I'm actually considering becoming a member and getting a bit more involved when we move.  I don't think that will be a bad thing at all, it will actually teach my kid some morals and maybe perhaps something else.  She's such a butt these days. 

Day 235
MONkeyDAY, August 27th
 Girl Scouts tonight, quite possibly our last meeting with that group of girls. I'm struggling with the worry of finding the troop information in the city we will be moving to. I really want to stick with this one and let her go through the steps.  She really seems to enjoy it!

Still trying to keep my excitement down in regards to the closing.  Shit could go wrong at any time, considering who we're dealing with. 

But we shall see where it goes and I can't wait to share all about it when it does happen. I should be packing right now.... and reading....I'm not doing either, well... unless you count reading over this post to make sure it's all in line. 

That's all for the night,  more to come tomorrow.  I'd say!

Hang in there!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 231 and 232, 2012

Just a quick post for tonight,  I want to hit the bed early tonight for the long day ahead of me tomorrow.  Baby shower in Toccoa, GA. Which is roughly an hour or two from my house, with a pit stop at Mama MB's to pick her and my niece up... Exciting!!

Thursday August 23rd,
Friday August 24th
Day from hell today and yesterday at work.  One of our customers decided it was a good idea to be a complete jerk.  All because I just can't seem to control traffic.  Go figure!!

Oh, before I go... We got a closing date today!!  Our first closing date!  August 30th.  I'm not letting myself get excited yet, just  in case, but it's going to be pretty awesome if it works out!!

So until tomorrow,

Hang in there!

Friday's Fabulous Photo : Mustache

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cancer Update.... sort of

It's Thursday again, means that Mama MB is most likely on the car on her trip down for chemo treatments this morning.

Just sending this out into the blogosphere and asking for prayers.  She's been on this round for a few weeks now and God I hope it's working.... We need some good news with this cancer. I know prayer and love and every good vibe you all sent her way during radiation really helped.

Now we must focus everything on the chemo treatments. I know you're all with me.

Like I said, I just wanted to send this out there!! I love my Mama MB and I just want her well.

*Note to readers, Mama MB didn't have chemo today, she was only in for blood work, so that's a plus, they're on the 2 on 1 off schedule.  Keep the prayers coming anyways... 

Thursday's Monkey Butt: New Delhi

29 Nov 1932 - Two Month Old Baby Carried away while sleeping.  A very large monkey crept into the room of the sleeping child and carried it away.  The parents noticed a few minutes later the monkey in the tree fondling the child like it was one of its own. The monkey went from tree to tree with the child, with the crowd on it's trail.  ....  source

Insanity right? Why are you sharing this MB?  Well let me just tell you...   Last week we went to dinner with Mr MB's parents and of course there is always that person you just know you can't stand. I mean had I been drinking, she would have had a horrible night, because I'm sure I would have made fun of her voice. TO HER FACE!  She had one of those annoying voices.  Go ahead imagine the most annoying voice..Got it?  Now that's what she sounded like.

I had the  pleasure of sitting at the same table as her, listening to her talk...watching her facial expressions and it made me want to reach across the table. Still, I can't understand  her.....   I just can't understand why she talked like that or would make faces like that.  WHY?

But I'm straying from the subject, I'm not trying to convince you that this bitch drove me nuts the whole time at dinner...
I did catch on to some talk she was having with someone else at the table about monkeys. Now you know me, when someone starts talking about monkeys, my ears perk up and they've my full attention, whether they know it or not, that doesn't matter... I was focused!

I could hear her tale from a trip to New Delhi, now I've no real knowledge on New Delhi, so I did what a Monkey Butt could do and relied on Google to help me with this task...

New Delhi is the capital of India, love their food.   Found that much out for sure, so that gives me a footing anyway. So thought I would dig deeper and see what if any news I could find regarding monkeys... 

Her story was a blah blah blah about how terrified she was of such and such and such and then she got to the goods. She tells us that in New Delhi the monkeys are a protected animal and that it's a common thing for them to creep into the child's bedroom and steal them away...What they do with the child, she had no answer for..

You don't think them... Do you?

So I couldn't  help but look it up, because you know me... I just gotta know. Sadly I couldn't find anything other than that you read at the top. There is plenty of posts however that New Delhi does have a serious monkey problem.  Monkey's that will steal away your food, from your hands and even take candy from a baby. 

WE all know those monkey's can be real turd flingers. 

So just goes to show, how often you come across people who are just ignorant or full of shit.. Possibly gullible or something like that.  I won't see her again, but I'd love to call her out on it.  That's mean...

Hang  in there!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 230, 2012

August 22nd
The days are weird at work, I'm glad we've picked up some, but it's odd not sitting around bored all day.  Been thinking about that whole career change thing... Don't know what I'd want to do, or what I'm willing to sacrifice, life wise. 

It's so hard being a grown up.

I'd love to do something other than sit on my ass all day though.  Ya know what I mean?  Or am I the only one who sits on their ass all day long? 

Hope everyone had a fabulous Wednesday, did you check out today's What I'm Loving Wednesday? 

It's time for me to hit the bed.... Goodnight

Hang in there.

My friends,

Dear Dingleberries,

I wanted to take a few moments and thank you all for being around. I know it's a very big world out there and we're all spread in our corners of it.  But you all seem to make it much much smaller a world. I hope that one day, in my future, in all of our futures that we are able to travel to the corners of the world and meet up with some of those we're calling best friends.  Don't think of me as lame, because I think it's sweet. And honestly, there is nothing more I'd like than to visit your part of our world, look in your face and give you a big hug.

For all the times you've helped me here in the blogosphere. For all of the kind words that you've left in my comment sections.

I'm glad you're all here, that you've pinched your nose and learned to love the poo smelling world of Monkey Butt.  Friends are hard to come by, especially for me.  I'm thankful for each and everyone of you.  You're all as close in my heart as the family I call my own.  You're all my family as well.

With Love, 
Monkey Butt 

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Good Morning and Happy Humpday (Wednesday) dear Dingleberries... This week, like every other week, I'm linking up with Little Daisy May <-- Yes click there, for What I'm Loving Wednesday. But do that after you check out :

 What I'm Loving this Wednesday!  

The Olympics are officially OVER. I'm sad not to watch them anymore, but excited that I can get back to my normal programming, so this week :
I'm Loving that my shows are back on ... and they've added another one into the mix. YES!

One might think I'm crushing on dear Gordon Ramsey.  He is pretty hawt isn't he! I love his attitude though. He knows pretty well how to get the job done and from what I hear. He isn't really that much of an asshole off the TV set!

I'm Loving this blue dress ...

Blue Smocked Dress
I'm Loving this blue blouse ...

This blouse is like 12 bucks. Someone buy it for me!  Hell I think I might just buy it for myself, any idea what free size might mean?  Look how adorable it is though?!!?!?!?!
From the same site...

I'm Loving this Red Korean Dress ....


$13.50 .... Ya think I will go to hell if I buy it?  I'm sure it's made from the blood and sweat of that adorable little Korean girl in the photo.  I really want  this dress!
I'm excited to think that we are getting closer and closer to moving out of our current apartment and into our new place, sometime this year, I'm hoping to say the least.  I'm always peeking to see if I see anything awesome for the new place, so this week I'm dedicating my Pinterest Finds for the hizzle.

I'm Loving my Pinterest finds for this week ...

Awesome finds right? I'm loving that Vintage couch, I've been in the market for a new couch for some time now and sadly I always find the ones that just can't be mine. It's unfair really!

As always, I'm Loving my Pokey...

She's such a silly lil Monkey Butt 

and lastly, I'm Loving this adorable 'Monkey' ...

Hang in there!