Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 236, 2012

I guess my music post for today didn't go over quite as well as I'd hoped. ha ha.  If it makes anyone feel better, it rained here ALL DAY as well!  I was stuck in the office all day so I can't complain about it. I know some of you are dealing with more than just rain though and I hope you all stay safe and dry!  :) 

Tuesday, August 28th
We're actually another day closer to closing. I'm still trying to avoid the excitement!  I don't want to get excited and something go wrong.  Unfortunately it's a race to get the last bit of money together. I'm going to attempt to ask the bosses if I can get  my pay check early. Luckily Mr. Monkey Butt has some bucks he can throw in as well.  It's coming together, two more days.  Eeeep.  It's been a race between us and the lady at daycare who is also working to obtain their first house.  She finally got her closing day of Friday.  One day after ours.  She's pretty excited!!  I'm excited for her, maybe I shouldn't be. Just in case ;) 

Watching some Hotel Hell tonight, I know it's last nights stuff, but Girl Scouts goes on Monday night. I emailed a lady today, hopefully she can assist me in finding a troup in the area we will be moving. 

I want to take a trip next year, two of them actually. I want to take Mama MB to New Orleans or Mississippi, which ever she will allow.  Speaking of Mama MB, they went to the ER last night to get her pain checked out. They only thing they came up with is that she has a urinary tract infection.  She's got a bottle of meds and needs to hang around the bed.  Now if we can keep Granny MB from taking her all over God's country to do this and that.  Need to have a chat with her I think.

I also want to make it  a point to go to Maryland this year. I've been hoping and dreaming to take that road trip for three years now. I really want to make it a point in the 2013 year! 

Time to work on think about tomorrow's post.  Maybe get a start on it.  Not sure yet.  Hope everyone is safe and dry and had as well a Tuesday as possible.

Hang in there! 


  1. One day closer, that's a great thing! Tomorrow for me is orientation about grant funding for some re-training education. Hope I can find something that suits me and my age for 7 more years until Social Security.

    Bob Dylan plays here Thursday night at our Civic Center. Gonna get one ticket today, by getting only one ticket I may get lucky and get a good seat, since others may have been looking for seats with friends together.

    I don't care who I sit next to anyway, I'll be there to see Dylan! I had been putting off getting a ticket to see how my finances worked out, to make sure I wasn't blowing money I may need later.

    I know,Bob he's old, but I may never get a chance to see him again, so, I'll be there!

    1. Some extra training and education is never a bad thing! I bet the Bob Dylan show will be very cool, I'm pretty jealous. I'm not caught up on what he's doing these days, so ENJOY! Still trying to contain my excitement! :)It's a task, lemme tell ya!

  2. Bob has a new CD coming out next month. Going to try and get Ridgley to go too, we both deserve a night out. Last time I saw him there wasn't an opening act at all. He played about a little over an hour, then after a short break he played another hour and a half. It was a great show!

    Had tickets to see Dylan with Willie Nelson a few years back at the stadium near here, but a hurricane brushed the coast and dumped a lot of rain and the wind, caused the show to be canceled : ( That would have been a GREAT show!

    Once you become a home owner, you'll stay home a lot more : ) But it's worth it, we all need a place to live for our whole life, might as well be paying a for a home you can sell when you get older, rather than give the money to the O'landlawds! It's money in the bank once it's paid off! I have 10 more years.

    1. 10 more years??!?! That's super awesome. We're signing for 15 years, ooof! Could be worse I guess. I'm thinking if Dylan gets down this way it could be fun to go see him. I've not seen him before, might be awesome. I hope you and Ridgley can make it to the show for sure. Get your tickets yet?


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