Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 27, 365 days of 2011

Dearest Day 27,
Looks like my days will be filled with indoor shots for a while.  Due to lack of smoking I don't get to venture outside at work anymore, so I won't be getting many shots while at work.  I'm hopeful when the time changes along with the weather that I will be able to get some better, sunny, outdoorsy photos.  *fingers crossed* for such luck,. this cold weather is getting OLD, if I haven't made it clear enough, I HATE WINTER, COLD RAINS, SNOW AND AWFULNESS.  I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL SPRING, PREFERABLY SUMMER GETS HERE!  Got it?  Good!  So television is terribly boring, I don't have much interest in it, would rather not watch anything they are airing right now. Of course it's impossible to get outside.  I can't decide if I want to put a trunk rack on my car or go all out and purchase a towing hitch to put under my CAR!  I just don't know. I'm not sure which would be better or if it even matters?!  I just want to be able to take my bike somewhere, without having to actually ride it there!  Is that so hard to understand?  So I've yet to decide, be cheap and just go for the rack that somehow, I'm not sure how they do that, attaches to my trunk?  Or trailer hitch.  Ugh I don't know.  I will decide later, because now I'm off to chase my dahlin' daughter off to bed and make sure the Nintendo DS is closed and not in play.  She is so silly!  Well under roughly 3 blankets and approx 13 toys the DS was indeed open and in play! 

So it's day 4 of my quit smoking project *grumbles*. Today was for some reason harder than any of the 3 before. I'm not entirely sure, perhaps it was the going back to work and school routine, getting up on time, late as usual, and dragging my dahlin daughter out of the bed at the last minute.  I hate that she is like me in regards to sleeping habits.  Ugh!  How to train your child to get out of bed when it's time!  Hey she's back in the living room, for absolutely NO REASON!  *grumbles*.  Now to chase to her off to bed again, OMG, perhaps this is why she doesn't get up on time, maybe it's because she is to busy staying up late, running back into the living room to ask me, "when are you going to bed?"  "it's past YOUR bedtime"  Well yes dahlin it is past my bedtime, because you are not asleep yet and are continuously running into the living room to ask me, why Im not in bed yet?!!   *grumbles*

I need a cigarette, I refuse to smoke a cigarette though.  Makes me....sad.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day, I'm hopeful it's better than today!  To all of my readers followers and fellow bloggers, if you've helped me cope through this task of mine (quit smoking) thank you for your support and kind words!  I lub ya!

ps... I did my exercise tonight, I felt bad though ,because I cut it short out of frustration because Im getting bored with the routine.  I need some change and some other things to do. I'm bored with situps/crunches and pushups- the girly ones.  BORING!  I need a gym!  I need more money to afford the gym.  2nd job? I think so.. Now to find the 2nd job in this horrid economy! 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 26, 365 days of 2011

Day 26, whew, can safely say, glad that this day 26 is almost over, well as soon as I finish this post and catch up on my readings....
It was a very busy Sunday here in the land of Doria.  I was in no hurry to drag my smokeless arse out of bed!  I didn't want the shower that was awaiting my arrival.  Didn't really want to taste the morning coffee without my morning cigarette.  It's day 3 of my quit smoking project.  3 projects in such a short year, so far, is really beginning to become bothersome.  I'm still on board with all 3 though *pats self on back*.  So today, after the cat fight in the kitchen between the 2 "non-smokers" in this house, I made it a point, to get my arse in gear, I scooped everything off my daughters floor and tossed it on her bed.  Vacuumed it up and put her to work to putting it all away!  Moved on to laundry and cleaning my own mess of a bedroom.  moved to the kitchen and made lunch for my daughter and some leftover pizza for myself.  Then it was OUTSIDE time.  It's 60 fucking degrees, lets get the HELL out of this house.  I NEED SUNSHINE!  We went to the park, yay, took the fearless, princess, still nameless car so she could visit the car wash.  She is all shiny and purdy now! *high fives*.  So we are on the way to the park, YAY!  Then off to skating!  Bought my daughter new skates for birthday and have only had time to break them in once, now twice!  YES!  It was a lot of fun, before and after the busted knee, of mine, and rug burn on my elbow.  Ugh!  Plus my feet hurt!  GAH!  With all of that, it was fun! 

Like I said before, glad this day is done!  I would enjoy have many more like it, very soon. I'm sure it's not in the cards again for a couple of weeks.. Damn! 

On another note, the skating rink today, was like an 80's nightmare! I mean WHOA!  Where and when did all the 80's gear and clothing come back in style?!  We attended an 80's party last year and that too was a nightmare, but this was....different...  I guess. I'd imagine it was all 80's and then some.  I'm hopeful we caught a couple of snapshots in there today, one of which was definitely worth a thousand words, very 80's-arific if I do say so myself.  These KIDS were rawking the one glove bright colored tights, tutu looking things with sparkles and rainbows.  fishnets!  Shoulder shirts!  Neon colored tank tops!  You name it.  There was a whole group of them. I'm curious as to if they just choose to dress this way or if someone thought it was a good idea to toss an 80's party at the skating rink.  I.was.confused.  Is this happening everywhere?

Goodnight my fellow bloggers, readers and followers.  I'm off to bedsy!  Cya tomorrow!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 25, 365 days of 2011.

Day 25, and what a lovely Saturday it was.  I had to work today, BOO to that.  It ate up most of my Saturday but at least I made some extra cash doing it!  Can't complain about that, being I'm a broke arse this week!  La-La-La!  The weather was so super awesome today, yay!Work flew by, the smokers on the lot made me nuts, but of course, I can't smoke... Can I?  haah... It's day 2 of my quitting.  I've not smoked in 2 days, I'm still rawking the patch.  Had my thoughts this morning about not wearing it today, but I did.  I didn't have the urges to light up today, I felt a craving from time to time, but no real urges. I'm hopeful soon I will be done with that. I don't feel like wearing these patches for the eternity that they are saying you have to wear them.  I don't think I have to do that, I think I have more will power than that.  I ran some today, wasn't to bad, but I've not exercised in a couple of days. Erg!  I'm worried about a heartastroke or something wearing this nicotine patch.  The box as well as the information they included doesn't really tell much of warnings.  Could it be there aren't any?  So it's day 2 of my quit smoking.  I am glad for that.  Smoke free for 2 days!  That's some kind of record for me!  SPEAKING OF RECORDS.  I think I may have a record on my hair.  It's been red for the whole month of January, of a red nature.  Actually it may have been red back in December.  Holy Hell!  This is a record for me?  I've a couple of days left, should I go ahead and change it now?!  I'm kidding, or am I?! 

Goodnight my readers, followers and fellow bloggers! I'm hopeful tomorrow will be as good, weather wise, as today was. I'm excited with this warm weather!  I hope everyone else is staying warm as well! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 24, 365 days of 2011.

Well hello there day 24.  And what a day it was, I'm sure my readers have seen me very busy today with posts.  I must fill my time with something, being as I'm not smoking.  It's okay though, gives me something to do, and you all should have that little red X in the top right corner in the event you just aren't interested.  But I know my readers wouldn't do that, cause we lub each other?

As I was saying... it was a lovely day.  I was so very happy for the nice warm day we had and so excited for the nice warm weekend we will have this weekend.  It sucks I have to work tomorrow, damnsonofabitchbullshit work!  With that being said.  I am still happy the weather is looking up, if only for a weekend, even if I will be at work.  Sunday on the other hand, we are going SKATING.  Yes!  My daughter loves skating and I bought her some skates for her birthday, she was excited about that. We have only had time to use them once  so far this year, glad I bought a couple sizes to big!  *pats on back*   My daughter got honor roll again this year, I r proud of her.  She really is so smart!  Yays!

I'm off to bed fellow bloggers, readers, followers.  I hope you all have a pleasant tomorrow and an awesome weekend. 

Funny news on television/news the past couple of days.  There is an escaped pot belly pig running through the woods along side the highway. The cops have been chasing said pig for the last couple of days.  It's making me giggle!

My left sinus is stopped up, damnit!  It's terribly uncomfortable.  Ugh!

Deja Rude?!

Deja Vu.   You ever have something happen, expectantly and for some reason you run this happening through your brain over and over again, so many times that when you think of it later its a lot like deja vu?  I feel so bad about a recent experience, I've meant to remind myself to blog about this event, however, it's so minor that it isn't even relevant. I feel as though I could have handled it differently, but wasn't able to.  Given the opportunity to go at it again, I 'd take the time out of my busy, distracted moment of cluster fuck and make sure to politely acknowledge what they hell the man was saying.  Story..  I was running my errands to the county court house and tag office when I ran into a fellow at the tag office that upon me entering the door opposite of the one he was exiting, he made the first point of contact and pointed out my Clarke Central jacket.  You all have seen my red and mustard colored jacket, I'm always wearing, in my photos.  I love this jacket.  I actually obtained it from my aunt, who got it from her brother, my uncle, who actually got it from an ex girlfriend.  He's mentioned, many years ago, me giving said jacket back to him so that he could return it to it's proper owner.  I was having no part of that jazz.  Made sure to tell him to kiss my arse, I bought this jacket.  Yes!  I said BOUGHT.  My aunt was having a garage sale way back when and this was hanging in the clothing section.  If I remember correctly, I picked this bad boy off that rack and paid her 2 bucks for it.  THAT MAKES IT MINE, BITCH!    So I ran into this man at the tag office, and he just so happened to catch me at a moment of frazzle.  I was rushing through the doors, folder in hand, racing to the windows so that I could rush myself back to the waiting office.  I get lucky sometimes and receive a little more help from the other lady in the office, who I must say RAWKS.  (She's my sister)  She helps me so very much, I'm so thankful to have her there with me!  So she was helping me, yet  again, while I'm off running through the city picking up and dropping off paperwork for vehicles I'm working to foreclose on.  My children as I call them. Lame, I know!  I'm coming through the door, fighting with the godforsaken cell phone and blue tooth.  Have I mentioned I repel technology?   That it (technology) genuinely HATES me and chooses not to work properly whenever it deems it so necessary!  Dear Technology, you suck!  So I'm fighting with this damn blue tooth, cussing under my breath, pondering exactly what it would feel like to rip this thing out of my ear, pull the cell phone out of the pocket, and THROW them as hard as I can into the hard tile covered concrete foundation floors of the tag office.  Awesome mental picture.  Pieces flying through the air, possible police officer running  through the lobby tackling me onto the ground and beating me with a stick of sorts!  Awesome!  But the victory within, of finally ridding myself of something, I secretly cannot live without( oops, well it was a secret.)  The satisfaction of knowing, if only for a couple of days, I will no longer be haunted with THAT piece of technology.  That I've somehow, if only momentarily, ridding my life of that damn technology piece of shit!  VICTORY IS MINE!  But only in my dreams, right?! So this man approaches me, in my disarray and points out that my jacket is a Clarke Central jacket.  Whoa!  All the way over here and homie knows a Clarke Central jacket when he sees one.  WOW!  Did I mention, I myself did NOT attend Clarke Central, but I've rawked said jacket since HIGH SCHOOL!  Our colors were lame red and black just let every other slightly rural place around us.  I mean what the flip, really?  What is it about the Georgia Bulldogs that makes every school within a 30 mile radius want to wear those colors, let me add, we were not the Bulldogs, we were the Panthers.  Why the hell would you use red and black for the panthers? Derp!  I'm so distracted by my current technology melt down that I totally blow off what he is saying to me, with a quick rude snapped "No" comes rolling off my tongue.  What the fuck is wrong with me?  I try to amend it, but he's confused, and only replies with it's the same colors, I'm trying to back track and try to make up for the horse shit that just fell out of my mouth and realize, it's too late. I left that tag office that day feeling like an idiot, a rude arse idiot.  One who can't put down the thing that makes her the maddest, the cell phone and blue tooth and have friendly conversation or just acknowledge someones curiosity and friendliness.  Damn... So this has haunted me since.  I have some mild hopes that I see this man again, so that I can try and be a better person.  A friendlier person who commends someone for speaking whats on their mind, unless it's you being a DoInCK to me or something, and goes that extra mile to be like, hey, lets talk to this person, because I know that school jacket and maybe I'm from there or something.  Weird... I know...  But whatever!  I'm trying to work harder at being a little slower, to be a little nicer and to try and make sure to greet everything with a smile and take into consideration it may have taken him a lot of guts to just up and out what he was thinking. It would me!  I'd probably be like, hey I know those colors and just not say anything. High fives to that nameless guy who reached out to make conversation and totally got blew off by a busy bitch!  MY BAD!

Day 1....

I posted this pic the other day but in light of today's importance I feel it necessary to post again.  Today is the QUITTING DAY!  I affixed the patch to my right arm this morning, *cries inconsolably*. I miss my cigarettes already. But damn it!  I'm quitting!  It's just the day 1 talking there.  At first I was a little on edge with the patch.  Felt some nausea as well as anxiety.  But low and behold, I'm still here, no nervous breakdown (yet)!  I'm feeling....energetic? today!  It's a pretty good day,  sadly I am missing the sunshine I would soak up on my adventures, outdoors, to smoke the bastard cigarettes!  But I shall venture out later for lunch at which point maybe I can get some much needed sunlight then!

My last cigarette last night (see pic). I made sure not to search for the leftovers this morning, only ran to the kitchen, after throwing my clothes on and stuck the patch on.  Strangest thing, I awoke this morning, like 6:30 am before the alarm is set to sound, which I won't hear anyway, thinking about smoking. I never do that.  I think the thoughts of NOT smoking made me wake up and think about smoking. WEIRD!

So to the point, it's day 1 and so far there are only a few dead bodies piled up under my desk. Stay away from me today, I'm kidding. It's not so bad. My coffee wasn't very satisfying today and I think I can safely say I didn't really finish a single cup of coffee today.  What's for lunch and how will that be without my beloved?  I'm just not sure.  Am definitely hawngry right now though.  No worries, I'm not packing my face in remorse of my lost beloved.  I think I can I think I can!  I will ring out VICTORY when I'm done.  Maybe more like "FREEEEDOM"!

Good day my fellow bloggers, readers and followers!   My 365 days post will come later, if I can find the time to take the picture.

 Ps... I'm totally lerving the new Droid phone my sister now owns.. Any reviews?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bang Pow Boom!

Have you guys/gals seen this?  I just posted it on Facebook, but couldn't help sharing with you all as well!  I've got 20 bucks on Lohan!  Last night they said that Lohan had spent only 13 days in jail where Hilton has served like 23?  I'm not sure if the pampered "jail" for celebrities like these even counts for jail.  Put them in a high risk penitentiary for a couple months.  That may be considered murder though!  Something about the precious Hilton tells me that her puppy carrying arm won't stand up again Lohans fake lips!  On another note, is she going to want to risk damaging that oh so perfect face she carries around?  I don't think so.  Lohan just seems like more of a tougher bitch than Hilton. I hope to see this fight! I despise both of them and would enjoy nothing more than to see their faces all bloody and swollen, but of course, I wont get that lucky.  3 rounds of what, a minute?  Just isn't going to be much.  Too bad they can't rawk it like UFC or something.  HIGH FIVES!  See the link below for the full story.

Day 23, 365 days of 2011

Day 23 you say?
This was taken this morning before the sun shines the way that it is RIGHT NOW!  I am so happy to see the sun today.  You've no idea!  As you all know, I LOATHE cold weather.  I'm seriously thinking about relocating to South America next year for the winter.  Damn you winter!  Back to what I was saying.  We're suppose to see high 50's today, weather wise, I cannot wait for it to hit it's high!  So excited. Can hardly stand the wait!

So today I've decided to try and quit smoking, again. I've been over and over this in my head and my desire to WANT to quit is severely lacking.  I don't WANT to quit I HAVE to quit!  I was talking to my Mom last night on the phone and she reminded me that maybe I should spend the money to actually quit. I've told her of my wants and needs and well it's understandable.  Oddly enough, as I've said before, I enjoy smoking.  Odd I know!  I've smoked for so long that it just makes sense. Alas I've other things on my agenda this year and I simply MUST quit smoking. I'm hitting the Walgreen's today and picking up some nicotine patches.  The Internet advised me last night that they sell a weeks worth of patches.  It's cheaper that the other boxes.  I'm going to conquer my fear of anxiety and JUST DO IT!  Like Nike says!  Will keep you readers posted on how it's going for me!  hahahaha. I'm hopeful. I'M READY DAMN IT!  I CAN DO THIS!

The picture above reminds me of my goal. I'm working on building muscle right now, what a pain in the arse that is by the way!  So I'm doing a million crunches a day, because I'm such a weeny I can only do like 20 sit ups. I'm doing a million push ups, when my wrist allows.  It didn't allow last night so I walked myself to the door jamb and tried the pull ups.  Ugh!  I'm terrible at those also.  I'm such a weakling!  To the point, I'm doing crunches/sit ups and push ups as well as running/walking on my Gazelle.  Why is  it my belly isn't all ripped and shit. I mean its still looking like pudgy or something, hahah. Like when I sit or reach down my belly pudges up.  That's so frickin annoying.  hahaha... Oh well, maybe I should start doing a million and 5 crunches/situps.  hahah...  Grrrr!!

I'm done for now, have a great Thursday readers, followers and bloggers! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lovely random babbles...

2 in one day, who would have thunk it?  So yea.  I had originally planned on posting something awesome. However I am working right now and there are so many distractions, I seem to have forgotten. Don't act so surprised. I'd forget my head if were not attached.  So yea!

It's a day from hell here at work today. It's cold as shit.  Which I am terribly uncomfortable with.  Being a smoker, I prefer it be warm outside.  Damn no smoking policies!  They make me  mad!
I'm still considering quit smoking. Ugggghhhhh!  I don't know what it's all about, but I heart smoking. I know I know, it's bad for you, blah blah blah, makes you die, blah blah blah.  Whatevski!  I'd love to just stop, but that doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm thinking about the stop smoking methods, being the gum?  any takers on the gum? The patch?  My parents both quit on the patch.  My dad being a dedicated 3 day minimum per day smoker and my Mom, 2 packs a day smoker.  I'm only at 1 pack per day.  But for some reason, I have some weird anxiety about using the patch.  Like I'm going to have an anxiety attack just when I stick it on my skin.  I am scared.  and apparently WEIRD!  Anyone else use the patch, preferably someone prone to anxiety. It's weird Ive only had anxiety attacks while under the influence of marijuana.  Which I will add I have not smoked any of in many many many years.  I am proud of that fact!  Not that I was ever addicted to marijuana or anything.  Is that even addicting?  Physically I mean?   Back to the point... Then a friend of mines turned me onto this ecig thing.  Where you insert a cartridge, you can smoke it anywhere, it's only water vapor with nicotine included.  I'm not sure about this method either. Will it help me quit smoking?  Will I be able to do things, being running and shit, that I can't do now, because my lungs are polluted with smoke and tar?  Does anyone have anything smart to say about any of this?  Will I just try these methods, only to improve my lung function but still find myself in a ditch having a  heart attack from the nicotine addiction?  Ugh I refuse to appreciate the unknown!

I've so many things I could be doing. Something within  tells me NOT to do such things.  To continue to sit here, being bored, blogging my boredom to you bloggers.  Oh. How. Lovely.  Lovely, that's a nice word. "Oh you look so lovely", "Oh how lovely", "Isn't that just lovely?".  So yea, I've no idea where that came from.  Derp!

So I'm done with this one... Cya later bloggers!

Day 22, 365 days of 2011

So it's day 22 we're at huh?  Well that's just FABULOUS!  So, BAM here we go...
It's so very cold today. To be honest, IT SUCKS!  I want summer back.  Hell I may even settle for Spring at this point!  It's not fair for me to be so cold.  Makes me look forward to my damnation to Hell, at least there I can't complain about the cold right?  So for your viewing pleasure, my distraction, on this oh so cold day here in Georgia.
Oh yes, please dispatch the windowless van with free candy spray painted along the sides playing ice cream truck music and abduct me to a place like this.  Is that to much to ask for?  I mean really?!!!  Have a great day readers/followers/bloggers. I'm trying my best.  Seems like every time I turn around someone is trying to ruin that for me!    
(ps. the thermostat in this place reads 68 degrees.  Ugh. Arsetards!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bored again?

That picture above says it all.  I'm drawing a blank tonight.  Yes... It's no fun.  I'm bored on Facebook also, again.  It's funny how that works. Should I blame the mid January thing?  Hang on I rack my brain for ideas. Nope!  Still none!  That 70's show is on television.  It isn't one of my favorite shows.  It actually doesn't even fall in my category of television.  I didn't act like them at their age or did I?   hahahaha.. He just walked in on the parents making sexy times.  I must say. I never did that.  Nuff said. 
So lets review... There is Mom and Dad on the left there, just finished making their nakey times, lol.  I don't watch this show.  So I'm not sure about their names. I do like the guy that always wears the sunglasses, he's kind of a cutie pie.  Ashton Kutcher is pretty HAWT now, not then! 


The guys of this show are definitely not HAWT (cept cutie in the sunglasses) What is up with that?  I didn't live in the 70's, but if that 70's show is suppose to be like the 70's. Really?  I mean really?  I hope not all folks in the 70's were like those kids.  Remember Dazed and Confused?  Mmmm Matthew  McConaughey, so tasty, but yea, that was based around the 70's also.. Right?  I'm slipping on my thoughts, damnit.  There were those nerdy kids in there, remember the blond guy with the red haired chic and that black hair guy that totally got his arse kicked by the Pontiac guy?!  Those kids were kind of like these kids!  Dazed and Confused, unlike That 70's Show was an awesome movie. I watched it a couple of weeks ago and it made we want to plan a huge party in a field somewhere.  Someone crushed that dream by telling me the cops would raid the party. Party Pooper!
    I'm working on going through all of my photos so I can blog about my other tattoos as well as Kristen's comment on my previous post today.  I lub you readers, thanks for staying with me! 
Well readers/followers/bloggers. I'm out of ideas for tonight. Sorry to babble on randomly with this nonsense!  I hope you all had a wondermus day!

Day 21, 365 days of 2011

Day 21 huh?

Bring  it on! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 20, 365 days of 2011.

Day 20!

Nuff said!

A dumb Day

Good day bloggers, readers, followers... It's a Monday here!  I'm feeling a bit inadequate today.   Lacking the insight I see flowing from others today.  It's a bummer.  I've noticed for a while now, I've got a secret envy in those who are smarter than I am.  I blame my lack of interest in furthering my education. Whatever it is, it's getting under my skin today.  I'm aching for some knowledge as well as other things right now. I'd love to run off and pass my physical tests that I've yet to apply for.  I've posted before, I'm wanting to become a police officer, but as you all may imagine my scrawny arse can't seem to get the training done that I need. I need a physical trainer.  Of course there isn't enough hours in the days to take on some other responsibilities right now.  It's depressing.   Perhaps I'm just too busy to keep up with those intellectual conversations.  I've no real opinions on intellectual matters or rather do I care to be able to hold a smart conversation with a smart person.  It is my own down fall.  I'd imagine is the only draw back to having such smart friends.
I did spell check and didn't misspell a single word up there, guess I'm smarter than I thought.  haha...   All of that was drafted earlier while I was at work, bored, again.  It was  slow day today, not that I am complaining about that!  ha!  Now I'm home, with Facebook open and wrapping up this blog so that I may post my day 20!  I hope you all had a great day! I've refrained from intellectual conversations and being around smart people all day!  *high fives*  Maybe I should read a book. I miss my readings.  If only Facebook didn't call my name each time I grabbed the book.  Shucks!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 19, 365 days of 2011

Hello day 19!  It was a good day!  I had my niece for the morning, her mom came a little early and hung out drinking coffee for a while before she headed out.  That was nice.  I know I don't spend enough time with my sister, I need to somehow find time to do that more often.  We work together Monday thru Friday but that doesn't count as hanging out and just sitting and chatting.  Although we do catch ourselves chatting on facebook, while at work only a wall away from each other.  Crazy I know!

So for updaters, I went to see my Mom today.  Ah yes!  That was fun!  I enjoy going to visit with my parents. They live in what I call my home town.  We moved around some when we were young, but I completed half of 8th grade and my entire High School career there. I love the small town and the people.  It's always welcoming to drive through and just look at everything they keep changing.  It's funny how that works.  I guess they are trying to stay caught up with the times, it's unfortunate!  To the point, she did not approve of my having Mom tattooed on my arm..  haha.. She said she will divorce me if I get anymore tattoos.  She's so crazy.  Later on in the conversation we talked about other tattoos and she said I should get a dragonfly on my ankle.  I guess she just wants a divorce!  She is so crazy.  But I guess that's one of the many reasons, I heart my Mom! 

Anywhos....  All in all it was a good day and pretty good weekend.  For that I am glad, I know tomorrow I will be right back to work.  Again!  It's not fair.  Not really anyways.  But then again, what would I do if I didn't go kill time at work?  Just kill time at home? With now money!  That doesn't sound fun at all!

With that being said... I'm done blogging...  Shall I clean or just sit on my arse for the rest of my Sunday, oh the decisions!

Day 18, 365 days of 2011

Derp!  I was not able to get back online last night due to my dahlin' niece being here with me.  Kids, small kids, seem like a full time job, they need all the attention and if you look away for only a single moment it could all fall apart?  haha.. It went surprisingly well with her.  We had a little fit with sleepy time and then in the morning with wakey time. But it was fun!  I didn't break the baby, whew!  It was a good time. I think I most enjoyed just helping my sister out in her time of need. Those of us who have children, know those children were once small children, may be still small children.  It's good to know someone is there to help you when you need the break isn't it?  I'm glad I was able to help her yesterday, she told me this morning they went out for dinner and went home and fell asleep.  Nothing wrong with catching up on a little of the lost sleep that comes with parenthood.  I'm glad I was able to help... I've already said that!  :)

So it's Sunday...morning....  Almost 12 to be exact and I'm making my plans to run out to see my Mom today.  Gonna break out the supah awesome tattoo for her to see...  I will post later exactly how that goes.  If she's pissed she's definitely going to pose a pissed off photo, haha... 

Everyone have a great Sunday, I believe I'm on track now and will post my day 19 later!  :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What?!!! No makeup!!!???

Random thought of right now...

I just realized I didn't wear any makeup out today, eeeep!  Ive always got eye shadow on, I've slacked off on the mascara, stopped wearing it entirely, but not the eye shadow. I just realized I didn't put any on today. What a shame. I always like my eye shadow. Damn!!

My niece is coming to stay the night with me tonight, eeeep again, she is only 1 year old and sometimes I have my doubts with small children .  I shouldn't!  I mean my child made it through 7 years with this mess of a mom, but for some reason, I just doubt my abilities when other peoples children are involved. 

That being said, I should get my arse moving and blog my 365 post.  Eeeeppp!  Must make time after I get the lil' bugger in bed tonight!

Life is good award!

It's Saturday morning and I'm bored with facebook again, no one online, that's no fun!  So I stumbled into my blogger this morning to see, what if anything, I may have missed while sleeping.  Low and Behold it wasn't much, did catchup on some readings this morning.  Only 2 so far today, readings that is.  I make my way into comments and into this fabulous girls blog only to see she is passing awards to her readers/followers, Awe shucks!  I am one of those.  She is the sweetest.  Check her out here Starlights Crazy Thoughts .  She's an awesome writer and follower of mines!  :)

So lets check this one out, shall we?  And here we go.... weeeeeeeee!

Let me start by saying, Yes, life is good!  I lub my life.  It has it's ups and downs, just any other normal human being.  But it's fun how that works. What is the saying?  Gotta take the bad with the good.. Something along those lines?  Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.  So this lovely but chilly Saturday morning, I'm sitting on the couch, killing time with facebook and my games.  *boring* Although I am listening to an awesome  play list one of me dearest friends made for us ladies.  Awesome chics like La Roux, Bat For Lashes, and Lykke Li.  3 of what maybe my favorite chic singers, EVAR!  I find myself listening to this EVERYDAY at work, the other day it wouldn't load for me and it was probably one of the worst days this year.  haha. If you find yourself so inclined and have yet to hear the awesomeness of these lady, you should check them out! 

So, onto the rules and the name  of this game for awardness.  Ha! ::

1. First, thank and link back to the person that gave the award.
2. Answer the 10 survey questions
3. Pass the award along to other bloggers whom you think are fantastic.
4. Contact the bloggers you have chosen to let them know about the award

Check for number 1!

Moving on to number 2....  Dom Dom Dom....
1.      If you blog anonymously, are you happy doing this?  If you aren't anonymous, do you wish you started out anonymously, so that you could be anonymous now? 

No, my blogs are not anonymous.  I'm fine with this. I usually find myself blogging on eventful and not so much days.  I try to squeeze in other ideas, but I usually don't take the time.  So to answer the 2nd half of the question.  No I wouldn't change a thing!

2.      Describe an incident that shows your inner stubborn side.  

haha.. I am definitely very stubborn, rebellious and hard headed. You can tell me what to do, but damn Skippy you better know, I do it if I want to, unless you're my mom, then I do what you say, when you say it, cause you are meaner than I am, can out run me and beat my arse for sure!  I know I have many many incidents to show my stubbornness, but for the life of me I can't name it right now. 

3.      What do you see when you really look at yourself in the mirror?  

Ah, now how to answer this without sounding conceded.  Oh well, screw it.  I see what I can call a very lovely lady? (don't answer that) I use the question mark for the lady part?  I mean what do you call oneself at this ripe age of 29?  Am I a lady if I don't burp fart and sit all proper-like?  Or am I lady just for using my manors?  Oh well, who cares.  I see myself as very pretty.  It has truly took my entire 29 years to see this!  That in itself is an accomplishment for me.  I see a lady? maybe I should use woman?  Damn I don't know.  I see a person who has conquered all the bullshit handed to her, taking the beatings, the loss the suffering.  The sadness, all that life can throw at her in such a short 29 years. I've taken it in stride and conquered it all.  I am working hard to raise my daughter right, to keep her safe. To make her smart. To wipe her tears and hug her tight when she's mad or sad.  I stand up for my friends and family, those who are deserving. I put nothing before my family/friends. I'm oddly lacking affection towards others and enjoy this.  To cut it to the point. I SEE AN AWESOME, CONQUER THIS BULLSHIT WORLD WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE, PRETTY AND SUPER AWESOME MOM! So there!  Call it what you will!

4.      What is your favorite summer cold drink?

Milkshake YO!  I love the Jamocha shake at Arbys and of course I love chocolate shakes and occasionally I find myself order a strawberry shake for the  hell of it.  They are pretty tasty!

5.      When you take time for yourself, what do you do?

I read, books, blogs, whatever.  I play on facebook, A LOT. Sometimes I ache just to sit alone, in the quiet and think about whatever.  Ya know?

6.      Is there something that you still want to accomplish in your life?
This is a stupid question, just sayin'!   Who really doesn't have anything left to accomplish?  I mean really, sorry... Stupid question... Now to answer it,  yes there are a lot of things I'd like to accomplish in my life, derp!  I've no bucket list or anything, I just kinda come up with ideas randomly and run with them!  hahaha... I'd say for now, I'd like to rawk this exercise thing and get myself into the police academy!  That's what I want to accompish RIGHT NOW!  How's that?

7.      When you attended school, were you the class clown, the class overachiever, the shy person or always ditching?
High school was the last school I attended.  What can I say?  I was a lazy pot smoker back then, I hated school and wanted no part of staying in it after graduation.  It was more fun for me to go to work and have money and freedom without worrying with failing school or anything. I considered myself very lucky to graduate high school. See the part about hating school! haha...  I was definately no clown, no over achiever, only ditched one time, they gave me saturday school for that, I never did it again, lol.  I know for sure, I was a pretty shy girl until maybe like 12th grade, but I still had some shyness then also.  So there you go, I was the shy person! 
8.      If you close your eyes and want to visualize a very poignant moment in your life, what would you see? 
Ah yes, well the one to best suit this one would be the loss of my grandpa.  He passed away back in 2007.  It was so very devastating and really unexpected.  I was unable to function the day they called me, it was a battle to get myself to work. I wanted to crawl back in bed and just stay there. It was sad.  I knew I should comfort my mother, but I am the one of our family that doesn't  like to show my weaknesses.  I don't want her to see me cry and it was so very hard. I just stayed away that first day, to toughen myself up before having to face my mother.  It was a hard time for me.  Nuff said!

9.      Is it easy for you to share your true self in your blog, or are you more comfortable writing posts about other people and events? 
Yes I think it's easy for me to share my life with a public I've ever actually known or met.  I mean it's not to personal of a blog.  I do leave some things to myself, somethings just shouldn't be shared.  But ya know, that's everyone. But I also find myself blogging about others and their events...  Or do I?  I think it's just my rambles of whatever is on my mind that day!

10. If you had the choice to sit down and read a book or talk on the phone, which would you do and why? 

Please give me the book.  I love to read and I've been so lazy with it here lately, there are days when I just want to ignore the phone ringing and keep my nose in my book.  That was be the best day ever.  A vacation from the phone with my book, oh to dream!
So there we are, I answered 10 questions for ya... haha.. Oh fun.. Now for the finale!
I am required to pass on this award. I liked Starlights idea of just passing it on to her readers. I know my readers, they come back often and comment on my posts. I also read their post and they are wondermus.  I enjoy it greatly, so... If you are a reader, a follower and a commenter.  Then I am most likely doing the same for yours.  So if you haven't already been blessed with this award, take it NOW!  You deserve it and I love to read your posts.  So there!! Have fun!  I promise it's a lot of fun!!!  Have  agreat day and keep up the blogging. I get bored ya know?  Need lotsa stuff to read, so GET TO WORK!  Happy Saturday readers and Thanks again Starlight! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 17, 365 days of 2011

It's becoming obvious the days that I forgot to take my pictures huh?  You see these, me sitting on what appears to be a couch.  Yes!  That is my couch. I love my couch.  Got my cozy blanket wrapped around me also, awes! 

It was a pretty good Friday!  I am  glad for that, it had it's busy moments but it was OK.  

Had lunch with my daughter at school today. She was so surprised and just loves it when I come to lunch.  It's a lot of fun, but oh lord that food is pretty nasty most of the time.  I don't know how they do it.  I guess they just don't know any better, right?  She should though, as picky as I am! 

I've decided to not take the time and spill out all of those ideas I had yesterday, saving them, yet again , for another day.  I'm tired what can I say! 

I simply must share this though! I must say!
I LOVE MY NEW TATTOO!  It looks so awesome, I'm so proud to RAWK this bish day and night, foreveski!  My mom will be mad at me, haha, but she can't stay mad forever, I did after all, have her name PERMANENTLY added to my arm!Give me a break, will ya?   I know, I know.. It isn't her name, but I don't call my mom by her name.  Does anyone?  I call her MOM!  So booyah!  Those are the words she will hear from me if she drops the "that's not my name"  Whatever WOMAN!  Just love it, because I do and you know it's purdy awesome!   And for those who are curious!  Arm tattoos are the easiest tattoo I've ever had.  The back hurt like hell, both of mine hurt like mad. Not this though, couple times around the side there, but that's all.  I'm in love with arm tattoos everyone!

Well tonight I leave you with that.  I'm ready for some sleep, *fingers crossed* I manage to get some!  It should be a good weekend. I'm hopeful anyways!

Can ya stop now?

So I'm bored at work, for the moment.  As you may have read it has been a terribly hecktic week here at work.  I've a few random thoughts for today:

1.) I'm openly admitting that my expectations are too high for PEOPLE!  So far in this day I've met no one who has met those expectations.  By that I mean, KNOW when you are being an arsehead!  Or a dumbarse!  Or just annoying!  JUST KNOW!  <- saying that I must ask. Why/how can they
 NOT KNOW they are being said things?  I mean really?  I KNOW  when  I am being a bish or a dumbarse or just plain annoying.  And usually I am doing  it on purpose, just to piss your annoying, dumbarse self off.  So there!  Could this be why it happens to me?  What is it KARMA!?  Karma, That's awesome! There are time when I hope karma is a thing, but then again, I fear what she may do to me when she finds me!  hahahah..

2) I plan to actually run off to the tattoo parlor TONIGHT. My nerves are already on edge.  It has happened both times I've gone in the past to get a tattoo. I'm a nervous wreck and usually want to barf when they actually start with the needles.  I'm hopeful with the size of the tattoo it won't be to bad.  Hope that the arm isn't a bad/painful spot for a tattoo.  My first arm tattoo. Awesome!  I blame the adrenaline, but I am just not sure if it's that or I'm a big giant SISSY!  Oh I can't stand a sissy!  (Unless it's my sister, who carries around the nickname of Sissy, I lub her!)

Lastly.... I think I still have those random blog thoughts stored away in my noggin, from last night. I'm hopeful at some point tonight, after the parlor maybe that I can babble to you dear blogger about those thoughts! *fingers crossed*  As I've already said, I AM AT WORK.  I must stop my fingers from typing and do something  productive in regards to work.  hahah... Yea right.  It's only about 30 minutes left in this day.  Ha!  Good day my readers, followers, and fellow bloggers.  Have an awesome friday night!  I shall try!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 16, 365 days of 2011..

Well hello my bloggers, readers, followers today!  It is  my day 16! *high fives*  I'm feeling pretty accomplished so far.  It's cool!  I've gone 16 days and still counting.  I had a lot of thoughts for my blog tonight, but it appears as though I may have to save some of them for tomorrow! (have been on the phone with my mom for like an hour or something, she still doesn't know about the tattoo... Im planning to surprise her!  hehe)

*pats on back* I managed to accomplish my exercise tonight. YES!  I've slacked off and haven't done any since my cold a few weeks ago!  Ugh I felt like crapola and knew it was way past time for exercise. Isn't that odd how you just start to ache all over and just know "hey the exercise did make me feel better, the aches and pains were fading"  And why is it at 29 years old that I have aches and pains?  Sometimes it's a pain in the arse to even get out of my bed and get up?  Neck pain, at times, back pain, MOST OF THE TIME, and well just the "I don't want to get out of bed, dammit"  Why why why?  The alarm clock, when I hear that thing, is EVIL.  It's the devil and I'd love to smash the thing against the wall and laugh at the pieces as they fly apart!  HA!  But alas, my alarm clock is also my cell phone.  I'm like most people in this world, simply could not live without that cell phone.  Ugh!  I wonder if I can take a vacation this year and leave the cell phone off the whole time, unless of course there is an emergency!  That would be AWESOME!  That is a new years resolution for me, take a vacation from the CELL PHONE!  Not the work. Not the alarm clock. Not the typical monday thru friday struggles of juggling life, work, daughter, everything.  Ahh to dream in La La Land! 

Goodnight my readers, followers, bloggers.  I hope you all have a wondermus night and FRIDAY!  Im hopeful I will keep my blog thoughts through the dreams and morning battles with alarm clock!  Cya tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 15, 365 days of 2011

Day 15!  And what a day 15 it was!  Feels like a day 15.  Ugh!  Work was busy as hell.  Finally cleared my desk of all the shit that has been piling up this year, very frustrating.  I'm usually very organized and filed, it has taken me 19 days to get that done!  I'm never that bad.  Oh well.  It's done now.  So, I'm done with it! I slacked off/forgot/whatever about my photo, again today, didn't remember until tonight after putting my daughter in bed for the 14th time.  Why is is children just can't seem to plant themselves in that bed and stay there?  Or perhaps it's just my child that cannot seem to achieve such things?  After battle 16 of the night, I then blew my lid and turned the television off in her room. TV is the devil!  Among other things, but tonight, it's TV.  I'm sure if I sneak back in there, I'm sure she has it back on.  *grumbles*...
So, I'm moving on to other topics.  See my Coke cans. I don't know what possessed me to being my collection of them.  So far I've got how many, lets count, from left to right, 7 Coke cans.  They are the Christmas cans, if you didn't already figure that out. I actually started this collection the year my daughter was born!  2004, and I'm up to 2010!  Yay!  Now the reason I'm blogging about boring old Coke cans... Well I pulled them down for dusting, haha, dusting, I hate dusting.  It sucks!  It's evil and Id prefer to have a cute french maid parade around and do the dusting for me.  (No, Ive no homosexual tendencies, I promise.)  But I'd rather to never dust again... Back to the point... One of them leaked out onto the top of the book shelf.  Um, how is it possible for a never opened or damaged can to leak on top of the book shelf, I am as stumped as you.  Whatevski, I've cleaned it up and actually tapped 1 hole into the bottom of the can to release all the liquid.  Now I'm stuck as to how to get ALL of the liquid out of the can.  *turns green and tears shirt off*  That being said, I'm open to ideas. 

And lastly, but definitely not least, I've decided to up and run off to get a new tattoo this weekend.  yippie!  It's not my favorite thing to suffer through the stabbing needles or whatever you call it, I don't really like the pain and I usually run to the bathroom at the beginning. I think it's the adrenaline?  So low and behold... My next tattoo...

For my mom!  She  is going to hate me and be so very mad at me, she hates me getting inked.  I don't know why,  but  I mean how can you be mad at this?  Just look at her and give her those big blue puppy dog eyes and say "But Mom, I got your name tattooed on me!"  She will have no choice but LOVE it!  I will say Im excited, that's why I'm off this weekend to get it done! 

I'm also feeling the ache to change my hair again.. I'm not fond of the color anymore, or is it just a bad day?  Ugh...

So my readers, fellow bloggers, followers.  Have a great night! I'm off to handle facebook!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 14, 365 days of 2011.

I actually started early this morning, it started off well and then my daughter and I went into fight mode as she rebelled to leaving the house.  *grumbles* To keep it clean, she didn't want to go to school today. What is up with that?  I don't remember hating school at only 1st grade.  What the hell is going on with these kids today? ( I say that like an elder sitting there griping with my cane in hand, haha)  I can only imagine what middle and high school should be like.  I fear she may not be as much like me when it comes to school. 
You know this is a picture of me when I was just a dahlin' babay don't you?  Oh come on, you can believe that, can't you?  I wouldn't, it's a scam. I'm really more like the lil' red devil sitting on the opposite shoulder.  It's true!  I will admit it!

So as I was saying, my day 14.  It's about 4:30pm right now. I'm doing the *happy dance* in my seat waiting for these next 30 minutes to pass. And what is up with that?  It gets almost time to go and it's like the clock just stops and laughs at you!!  Asstard.  That's what I'm calling the clock now!  An asstard!  So there *sticks tongue out*

I came into the living room this morning, after taking this picture, actually and my daughter takes one look at me and says "You do not look pretty".  *heart break sounds* I was crushed.  She really does love me readers, I promise she really does.  She has this thing, where if I  dress nicely or look just  a little to cute, she HATES it.  I mean really hates it!  She will MAKE me change my clothes and look crappy. She uses the excuses of "You look prettier than I do"  Say what the hell are you talking about child, but she doesn't understand that just isn't possible!  I guess Mom ( aka ME) should get off my lazy arse and go buy all new clothes that are in every way cuter than mines!  Girls!  Gotta love em! 

Well readers,bloggers,followers.  I must leave you with this.  I am sure I will blog more later.  This is my escape from Facebook right now (it was being a piece of shit). 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 13, 365 days of 2011

Day 13 already and Monday Monday Monday!  Back to work I went.  Lucky daycare was open today, I'm not sure why I ever doubted they would be.  It's just government that's closed on Martin Luther King Jr day, isn't it?  Oh well. I would have to say it was a good day all in all,  I was glad to be back on a normal schedule. Got a couple of updates today!

1)  I found a hiding, forgotten pair of Cons in my closet this morning, my awesome red with white stars.  Oh how could I forget those?  They are so cute.  That puts me a 9 pairs of Converse!  *high fives*

2.) My mom spoke with the neurosurgeon today and they have set her an appointment for tomorrow in which, I'm assuming, she will be going in to meet with and discuss what's going on.  This is of course an assumption.  I cannot for the life of me think that they will expect to do anything tomorrow, with no warning and no notice of such thangs.  So we shall see what they say tomorrow.  I'm anxious and stressed at my wits end.  It's affecting my sleep.  Deep down I know all will be OK and she will come through this on top, just as she always does.  She rawks and she is my super hero.

I'm playing catch up with reading all of the blogs everyone is posting, I'm almost caught up.  I've discovered one of them doesn't allow comments, or has some error that won't let me comment.  It hates me!  Stand in line blog, a lot of things hate me!  hahah

I hope everyone had a fabulous day, whatever day it is for you!  :)  Happy Monday and ready for a Tuesday.  Need. More. Sleep. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 12, 365 days of 2011

So, it's day 12.  Wow!  Still going strong.  I'm not getting bored with the project, but I am wondering if you readers are losing interest? 
This is not one of my favorite pictures so far, I so enjoyed the sun today. It was a happy time, my daughter and I had a blast outdoors.   Back to the point.  So I've every intention of sticking with my project.  However, I'm not sure how interested you readers are in it.  But alas I've nothing much else to talk about other than myself and my life.  So, here we are.  Hope you find it as exciting as I do.  haha..

So today was one of those days. I loved the weather and the fun.  I've missed the warmth of the sun, it seems as thought it's been so long since the sun shined.  There was still snow on the ground, where the sun doesn't hit much.  My daughter made me a cute snowman, here he is.  It's teeny tiny, I know, but none the less awesome!
It was like pulling teeth to even get her outside today, for whatever reason.  I did get all of chores done. All for Saturday and Sunday, so *high fives* to me!

To top off the day I got some exercise in when my daughter and I went for a walk, that was a lot of fun!  We walked a long ways, per her request, I thought for sure Id be breaking my back carrying her home, but nope!  Not this time!  It was awesome fun!  At least the whole day was not a mess! 

Goodnight my fellow readers bloggers and followers.  Looking forward to what fun pops up tomorrow!  I hope the same for all of you! 

Small, Invisible Bum?

So since the freeze here is what I'm seeing outside under the stairs by our building.
Yes I know, it is pretty dirty out there. I have yet to get off my arse and get outside into the storage closet to get my "outdoor" broom. Yes I have more than one broom.  Doesn't everyone?  I think so!

So yes, I've been looking at this each time I walk by. What is that you say?  Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Okay, so we've a better look at this one, I think.  Looks a little better to me, I've added some text and lets take inventory, shall we?  Okay, so you see there is a pack of QT matches. - check.  We've got numerous pieces of bread and of course a whole piece of bread.  Then there is the cigarette butt and what's that?  A bed?  So what I've been trying to determine, all week, what do we have here?  Is there some unknown Bum, invisibly small bum sleeping outside our apartment?  I'm opted to think it's a smoking animal of some sorts. Lucky us he doesn't smoke very much, I'd hate to come out tomorrow with a collection of cigarette butts.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 11, 365 Days of 2011

Hello my fellow bloggers, readers and followers.  It's been a good day, I'd say.  I did some laundry and the dishes, not all the chores on my list are done, but at least I can say I did something!  Right?!  I was out and about some of the day today.  It's usually my weekend alone, but I agreed to allow the ex hubby to take our
daughter to a birthday party today.  She hated this idea, even though she was super excited throughout the week.  Funny how kids work isn't it?  Oh well, we managed and although she insisted she would not have any fun and that the little birthday boy and her little girl friend wouldn't play with her and apparently knows she sucks her thumb she would have no fun!  But SHE DID HAVE FUN!  (I knew she would, she always does) I also had 2 events for today, but declined them both, something about trekking the miles to either place, didn't suit today.  I will admit, I was wanting to be lazy.  And it worked.  That doesn't happen often and I appreciate every minute of it when it does happen.  You'd think Id be over being lazy after the horrid weather we dealt with last week, but I'm still accepting any chance I have.

Princess aka Devil Cat is in heat....AGAIN!  It's every 2 weeks with this awful cat.  I've never had a female cat this long before.  As you all may have read before, I'm not really pet friendly.  Something about taking care of pets, it drives me nuts. I've surprised myself with this one though, I have not given up on her and have kept her this long.  My next plan...As soon as I get past this suffering from lack of money due to holidays, birthdays, and lack of work due to weather, I'm getting this bitch darling kitty spayed.  For real! 

So my random thought of today....  I bought a new shower curtain a while back, I loved my old one and didn't want to replace it, but it was time!  Past time!  I was looking for one just like it, I thought  it was so pretty and had it for what seemed ages.  It was girly and flowery, I loved it.  Now low and behold, this is what I'm looking at now!  It's....nice... And earthy. I do like it, but it just doesn't seem like me.  I've no plans
on shopping for a new one. I also broke down and bought  one for the 2nd bathroom in the apartment.  My daughter is 7, she doesn't take showers or anything, but i thought it might be nice to not be looking into the tub overtime I went in there.  The one in her bathroom, which is shared with her, and the mens/boys  of the house, (1 only here every other weekend), her shower curtain is more my speed.  It's pretty colors and squared I think. I love hers.  But this is what I get to look at.  It's nice, like I said, it actually allows more light to seep through than the previous.  I also think it goes nicely with the wall art in the bathroom. So, it works.  I will replace is one day, but not today.  Today it looks like this.  What is it?  Bamboo?  Oh well....  There you have it, my random thoughts for the day.. Or thought! 

I've more random thoughts now that I think of it.  I'm going strong for now, with my 365 days project, but I've slacked off on my exercise.  This is frustrating for me, because I know it is what I want to do.  I'm thinking positive for tonight, I shall get  it done!  No doubt.  I've slacked off with being sick and cold and lazy, but NO MORE!  I shall do this! 

Goodnight my bloggers, thanks for reading... :)