Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Slice of Excitement, hold the Drama, please

So here I am, once again, neglecting my work, just to sit and babble on about the random thoughts that go through my mind.  Lucky you! 

Today I'm in the mood for a slice of excitement.  My title leads to imply I'm enduring some form of Drama, but really, no I'm not.  I cannot remember the last time I really had drama, perhaps I blocked it out so that I wouldn't have to remember the last time I had drama. I don't really care for drama, but really, who does?  If you like drama, go hang with a few of the people in my family, you are bound to come across more drama than you can handle!

Today is just an off Tuesday for me.  Blame it on this sore throat, damn you bicycle, or these contacts that just don't seem to fit right here lately, or just the battle in my head telling me when and when not to smoke.  I hate you cigarettes!  It is officially safe for me to say, I WANT TO GO HOME!  I'm in no mood for today. 

I think I'm getting me a sickness... Sonofabitch! 

So back to excitement... I'm thinking I'm in need of some serious EXCITEMENT!  I'm to chicken to jump from an airplane or bungee jump or something scary like that but I am up for a good party and some great friends. Maybe a nice road trip or simply just a vacation.  One of those where you go away for a while and come back when you're ready.  That's something Ive yet to do in this lifetime... Bucket list maybe?  Oh wait... I don't have a bucket list!

Good day my readers/bloggers.  Have a better Tuesday than me!  :)


  1. Hey girl... two things.

    First... 16oz of water with 1 tsp of cayenne pepper... mix, gargle and be amazed at how it cures that sore throat! It's not as harsh as it sounds. If your tongue gets too tingly from the pepper.... swish your mouth with plain cold water but don't swallow it, you want the pepper to linger in your throat. Cayenne is an anti inflammatory and kills bacteria. I use this ALL THE TIME.

    Second thing... instead of quitting cold turkey...why not try a method that I used for the week prior to when I quit? Every time you want a cigarette... delay it for 10 minutes... then, when that 10 minutes is up, delay it for another 10... and so on until you JUST CAN"T delay it any longer. It tricks your mind a bit, because you aren't NOT going to smoke you're just gonna get to it in "a minute" and therefore your mind is happy with that. I was able to limit myself to 4-5 smokes a day for one week.... the following week.... is when I quit cold turkey. Worth a shot, no?

  2. *hug*
    We all have bad days sometimes. I'm sure it'll be better tomorrow.
    Holidays seems like a good idea, I know I need a time out but I can't afford it (don't have the money for it and don't have time for it). Do it, go away for a while; it'll be good for you. :) I support you.

  3. Jobonster, OoOoOo thanks lady, Ive been popping these cough drops and tehey aren't helping. I will try that, thanks! And the smoking.. Thats also a good idea, Imma try just waiting a lil longer before smoking... You're the best!

    Starlight- You're so sweet! Thanks for all your kind words and comments! I can't afford a vacation either, I want to run away to Europe for about 6 mos, whatcha think?

  4. Take me with you?? I felt the same way today...

  5. lol... I can pick you up on the way Kristen!

  6. Did you try the cayenne trick? Did it help with the sore throat?

  7. Yes maam and it did help! You're the bestest! Now to rid of this runny to stuffy sneezing and blah feeling... Any tips?

  8. Do you have a Neti Pot? If not, invest in one (I bought mine for about 12 bucks.... ). It clears the sinus cavity.... and flushes it of the crap that gets caught up in there! lol. I love mine. It won't instantly take away your cold symptoms (runny, stuffy, etc) but it will help to get rid of them a bit more quickly.

  9. Hmm Ive never heard of a Neti Pot. I googled it though and that's pretty cool! I do not have a neti pot! :(


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