Friday, December 27, 2013

My Very Merry Airmail Christmas, 2013

Good morning, well afternoon actually, my dearest Dingleberries. Christmas was quite an event, that's for sure.  I hope everything went well for you all out there in the blogosphere. I opened up blogger this morning so I could begin working on this post, here it is a few hours later and I'm just one the first part of it.  At least I finally got the picture above put in!  I consider that quite an achievement. 

So I could fill a post honestly of how things went and what the monkeys got for Christmas this year. But I'm going to save that for another post and to be honest. I hope to get it done before the New Year.  It's on my list and I'm hoping.  

So most of you are aware I linked up again with A Very Airmail Christmas this year.  This year it was in memory of Mama MB who passed away last November of breast cancer.  It was quite fun and  I hope we continue to do it for years to come.  There are some amazing and awesome Dingleberries out there. For those of you who participated in it this year,  thank you, on behalf of Mama MB up in the heavens. I hope the Christmas card brought you some smiles this year. 

My card came from Austrailia this year, check out Sophie, awesome lady :)

Hang in there my Dingleberries!!  

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sure doesn't feel like Christmas,

It's beginning to look a lot like .....  Christmas?  How many of my dear Dingleberries are ready for the upcoming holiday?  I'd like to say that I am, but Mr MB sprung it on me this morning that "we" needed to figure out the rest of the Christmas shopping.  Uhm, :clears throat: I was under the assumption that "I" was done with my shopping.  I figured out what all of my family would get and also what the kids would get for Christmas this year.  Honestly I felt that my part of the job was done.  Seems as though, my job is never done. 

We recently became dedicated to church and God.  This is hard for me at times, because I'm severely selfish and bitchy.  It's true!  Hence the whole " poo flinging" what did you think this meant?  Just sayin'.  So I'm a selfish brat who finds it hard to accept that I should happily do everything there is under the sun without help from anyone.  That when I ask for help I should happily understand when no one helps!  

As I said, this is hard for me.  

Mr MB, Granny MB and myself are arranged to be Baptized this Sunday.  This is hard for me to accept because I keep thinking I should be a new person before hand.  Am I misunderstanding that once it's done you're a new person.  I'm still going to think the same though, how can I rid my life and brain of all this selfishness I carry around with me. This guilt and anger and resentment.  How can I be Christlike with all of this I hang on to.  

I can't grasp an understanding.

What acceptance of Christ has brought me is a new and somewhat humble thinking.  I am so very grateful and love my life and family so much. It has helped me that I should ask for help sometimes. I shouldn't be to proud to admit that sometimes I just can't carry it all.  

So I've taken the good with the bad, at this point. Life will have it's ups and downs and before long I will level back out.  Right?

Yea so we also just married back in October, you all remember. All of my whiny selfish cry baby crap that I'm doing right now also falls under the whole wedding vow things.  So I'm like double whammy right now. I keep going back and forth with it should be a partnership, but I'm also in the wrong. I expect and expect the partnership to work at home with life, house, kids, cleaning. The likes of those. 

It's just a mess and honestly, typing it out, it isn't helping me work through it any better.  So let's get back to something that doesn't suck. Shall we?

Stupid holidays make me crazy! 

So I'm missing you all so much lately, I miss blogging, flinging poo. I miss all of that.  Boy monkey and of course Pokey keep me busy.  Last night Boy Monkey decided to outgrow his crib.  What  I mean by that is he is now so big (he thinks) that he's started standing.  He pulls up and stands.  So last night, I'm unable to get the tools I need or the help I need to provide a safe sleeping crib for him. Poor monkey slept in his play pen for a few hours and eventually ended up in my bed.  He thinks he sleeps better there anyway.  

It's shocking how different parenting is this time around. Boy monkey is quite literally the exact opposite of Pokey. It's mind boggling really. Yes I just said "mind boggling" When was the last time you heard that one? 

So we're quickly approaching Christmas.  I'm worried one gift for my dear cousin won't make it in time, stupid Hong Kong and their shipping issues.  Just goes to show you should allow more time for shipping when ordering gifts online for Christmas!  

I hope everyone has a super flinging Wednesday.  We're almost to the weekend, for that I cannot wait.  Then again I'm not really looking forward to the mad dash to get everything wrapped up this weekend.  Ahhhhh my nightmare!

Hang in there my dearest Dingleberries, will be over before we know it!   

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

1st year,

So it was today, last year at 6:50 pm that my dear Mama MB passed away.... One of the saddest days in my 32 years of life.  Which is expected.  When you love some one as much as I loved her.  It's true, when I read a pin the other day that Mom is one of our first loves.  There are no words truer in this world.  I pray my children feel for me, if only a smidgen, the way I felt for Mama MB. The way I feel, the way I will always feel. She may be gone from this world. Gone from my sight and I can't "hear" her voice. She will live on forever, in my heart and memories. With each glance I catch in the mirror, through the eyes of my monkeys and from my family.

She left her mark on this world, that's for sure.  I can almost guarantee anyone who met her, surely could never forget her.

I sit back and think about it all the time, every day when I come down the hill and look up and see her house sitting up there. I know she's not there, my Dad is there and her pets are there.  It's a constant reminder though of how much I miss her.

This day last year, I had no idea how sick she was.  Papa MB didn't call us and let us know. I remember reading his text, that she wasn't' doing well at all.  I went down the hill, up the hill and to her house...

It was then it hit.  She passed that night ....

I miss her so much.  It's been a year. I still feel like she's going to come home from some vacation or that she won't be mad at me tomorrow and I can call and talk to her, lol. Not that I've any idea what she would be mad at me for.

Wish she was here to meet her first grand son.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts ...

Just caught myself searching through my album looking for my Monday Mash up picture, lol.  That would have been a flinging mess there wouldn't it?  Then again that does sound like something I've done in the past.  Shhhh, let's not say that too loud. Don't want my Dingleberries to know I fling those up from time to time.  

So it's not Monday at all, not anymore.  

Monday was my birfday and not the bloggy birfday. My really real birfday.  It's safe to say there was something, or someone missing.  But I guess that's expected.  You know last year the birfday came along and selfishly I prayed that Mama MB wouldn't pass on my birfday. How bad is that?  I think about it now and all I feel is damn, how selfish was that?  I hope I haven't already said this.  I don't want to be a broken record or something like that. No one likes that guy!  I sat at dinner last night, surrounded by those that I love and those that love me and I felt a little empty.  

Isn't it weird how we take things for granted?  I tried the last few years of Mama MB's life to not take those little moments for granted.  When it's all said and done, it's easy to think back to all the moments you did take for granted.  

I guess this is all coming out in light of the one year mark approaching...  

So it being Tuesday kind of throws a wrench in my whole " Mash up" that I'd decided to go with tonight.  I guess I can still share some  music?  Nah I don't think I will. 

Instead I'm just gonna carry on with my poo flinging tonight ! It's almost my bedtime. 

The little MB's decided to get sickly on me this weekend,  sick monkeys are really a nightmare. Just in case you were wondering!  Poor baby MB has some chest congestion and ran a temp all weekend.  Pokey decided to cough all weekend, luckily neither of them had any ear infections.  WE got lucky. I hope it stays that way.  Hoping I can get baby's lungs clear and we don't have any other problems! 

This is what it looks like after a breathing treatment.  His first breathing treatment. Poor baby monkey.  Guess he got his Nana's genes on that one.  :/  

There we have it, I will leave it at this.  Tomorrow is that darn Wednesday, gotta fight the camel.  

-Hang in there!  

Friday, November 15, 2013

Missed another birthday,

So I've gone and done it again, 3 years old around here. Can you believe it?  October 10, 2010. I started this blog, blogging about my little Pokey monkey in fact. That was a different time of my life. I had all the time in the world, or so it seemed. Pokey was my one and only. I had a boyfriend, but it was just that. Nothing serious if you'd asked me.  

As I said, life was different then.  I even remember the reason I started blogging. Isn't that funny?

I'm saddened that I forgot yet another bloggy birthday.  I guess with all that's been going on. I sat in the car this morning, fighting the metro Atlanta traffic to get my little Monkey to daycare this morning. It dawned on me that not only have I neglected my blog a lot. It's changed some... When it all started, I  blogged about my life and things that were going on in it.  I think to myself now, it changed, if only little bits and pieces.  

I'm not being too hard on myself, because I know I'm busy. I know I've got a lot going on and I know I'm working to balance out a lot of things in my life.  With the new house, baby, marriage, loss. Everything ...

I'm working it out though and I'm so thankful for you all. For hanging tough like faithful Dingleberries.  

So, it's late, but better than never... I guess... Happy late Birthday to the Monkey Butt blog!  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Very Airmail Christmas, 2013

Hello my dear Dingleberries, 

Some of you may remember last year I shared and signed up for A Very Airmail Christmas, sharing Christmas cards with awesome folk around the world.  If you can't quite remember, click here and go check out last years.  Of course things will work the same this year.  

Last year Making Memories dedicated this to Robin, please go check her blog and see how special Robin was and how brave.  

This year, she's dedicating it in honor of Mama MB.  You all remember her passing last year, like my post says, we're quickly approaching the one year mark for her death.  

Please sign up and join in the fun. Mama MB is smiling above as we spread the Christmas cheer this year and every year. 

So again, go check it out. Leave some love for Rebecca and sign up.  Keep in mind, there are people across seas signing up, so just be aware that there is a chance you will have to send a card over seas.  

Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Mash up: Episode 13

I logged in a while ago with intentions of doing some reading, some comments and perhaps get a little MB post on.  A few hours ago, I found the picture you see above.  My occasional Monday Mashup post.  Hey , it's Monday... again.  Glad I'm not seeing and hearing that stupid Wednesday camel, but who doesn't hate on a Monday?  

It was a nice break to stop by and read a few posts today, I miss my Dingleberries.  I'd say I always mean to log in and do some reading, post a little and then something happens. I get distracted at work or too occupied on facebook to really just dedicate the time my blog needs.  

It's not smelly in the land of MB at all lately.  I really gotta work on that.

I guess honestly I never gave much thought at how busy life is with two children, with a home and job and school age kid.  It makes no sense really, because since Pokey was a year old I've  had  a job. The same job as a matter of fact.  Only since little Monkey does it seem to be slightly overwhelming.  I don't understand.  Not one bit.  How can this be? 

Here we are, already in the month of November. My birthday is this month as is Thanksgiving and the anniversary of my Mama MB's death. I remember last year, like it was yesterday. I as so scared, selfishly, that she would pass on my birthday. I remember praying, please don't let her pass on my birthday.  I'd like to think I'd come to terms with her passing.  That it had been long enough for the bleeding to stop.  It's still bleeding. I come down our street, every day and say Dang I hadn't seen or talked to mom in forever .... oh yea, I remember.  It's still really fresh and still bull that she's gone.  It all starts with Pinktober and just spirals down from there. Now we're working on Thanksgiving plans.  Sometimes, I miss the biggest part of what I'm thankful for. I'm still thankful for so much, still thankful for Mama MB.  Even if she is gone, I'm thankful for what time I had her for.  

Things have been going well, other than being broke as sin and trying to catch up on bills.  We're doing good. Lil Monkey is a talker and just so precious. Those of you who are my friend on FB know just how adorable my little Monkeys are :)  

Life is a strange and interesting place most of the time.   
Thanks for always being here my Dingleberries. 

-Hang in there! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Music for a Tuesday

Link up

I hate to love this one, but I love it.  I don't know why. It's all the craze and I never fall into it, but I've fallen this time.

It makes me laugh!!

Happy Tuesday Dingleberries, well what's left of it!!

-Hang in there

Friday, October 18, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wedding Bells: Mine

What I'm Loving Wednesday

So this had me laughing so hard, I almost fell out of my chair at work.
I'm pretty sure half of the employees around here thought I'd lost my mind. 

I've shared something with this kid on there before, every time it makes me laugh OUT LOUD.

So from me to you... Enjoy!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Music for a Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Dingleberries.

link up, I did.

My first Tuesday post in a while. Mr MB showed me this a couple of weeks ago and as I sat here Monday thinking about Tuesday and something musical for my Dingleberries.
What else than to share something that's pretty darn cool. 


- Hang in there!  

Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Mash Up: Episode 12

Good morning my dear Dingleberries. 
It's been a minute since I flung any poo.

Mash up for this week?
Sure.  Why not.

  • So guess what .... MB got married yesterday.  It was fabulous. Of course you know I'm going to share photos of the glorious event.
  • Note to self, next glorious event that comes around, it may not be the best idea to hand the camera to the 17 year old.  Just sayin'.  I haven't looked at those photos yet, but I had a cousin tell me the camera has seen more of his girlfriend than I have. I'm a little worried about this.
  • I can't say enough, how lucky I am to have Mr. MB, my two little monkeys and my fabulous family, friends and church.
  • We truly are blessed.
  • I missed MAMA MB during all of this.
  • I miss my Dingleberries.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Done and done,

So I went in today for the Mohs Procedure, 

Yea.. It was terrible. 

Two layers of skin, they got all the cancer cells and then a quick slice behind the ear and I've got myself a skin graft.  

Didn't know this was what I was getting myself in to.  


Needless to say, I'm feeling blessed and thankful to have people who will help me out, but I'm really saying it really did suck to have it all done.
Imagine a stitching and strings and needles and tweezers and hands all right there at your eye. 

It's the cause of my nightmare tonight, I'm sure of it.

Back to work tomorrow, this should be interested. 

And I'm getting married in about three weeks.

This better heal properly. 

Also want  to say I'm sorry for my absence lately my dearest Dingleberries. 

It's been a heck of a time.

Hang in there my Dingleberries, 

I'm still here, promise.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lucky girl

Good morning world ... Well it was a few hours ago anyway!  Been up since 4 .. something this morning... ::yawn::

Feeling bad for all the negative thoughts and evil vibes I've had for my current bosses. They're insisting on paying for my procedure on the skin cancer thing I've got going on.  
Feeling blessed, to say the least.  

How's everyone this fine day?  :))

-Hang in there

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Ya'll tell me when and if you could ever get tired of seeing my two little monkeys!  They're not always as sweet as they look, that's for sure!  

Feel free to caption this one, just don't steal it :)  

So how are my Dingleberries?  Things are going, as well as can be expected  here.  I was intending on posting a random Monday post, but as you can tell, it didn't happen. ... Looks like it's been a whole week or two since I flung some poo at you. I miss you folks.   I thought for sure once I got back to work I'd be able to drop by more often, catch up on some reading and regain what was once "normal" for your dear MB.  Seems as though I came back to work just in time to be omg so busy!  There was a lot more catching up to do than and I thought.  On top of everything we're having one of our auto auctions this weekend as well. 

So where should I start... Oh yes, it's been some time, you know there is a catch up coming :)  

Getting back to work was to say the least, stressful. Not only did I have to get back to work, I had to find someone to watch my little monkey.  I've what you might call a serious case of separation anxiety.  Mr MB says I have it while I'm holding the little monkey.  Ahh that may be an exaggeration, but I doubt it.  So we went with the sitter, sweet girl from church.  Yea, so that didn't work out.  Little monkey started daycare Monday (yesterday).  I hate to do it, but he's close to me and well ... That helps, a little.  

It's all new and I'm still working to figure it out.. That's normal ... Right?  

I'm still wishing/wanting /hoping for a vacation, two kids?  Keep dreaming!!

Found out today, well, unofficially, that the bosses may have sold the business.  This irritates me because they haven't actually told us.  Which makes me hope that maybe it's a misunderstanding. I kinda hope it is, but I think if it isn't.  It's time for me to move on, perhaps this is the sign I've been waiting for.  Or maybe it means things will get better and I can make more money?  I'm not sure. I've also heard they have no prior experience in body shops or towing business... Um ....  It doesn't make sense?  The bosses are old though. They've hit their 70's, they need to retire and hang it up.  Is it wrong for me to be butt hurt that after all these years, we're like family, they haven't said anything officially?  

I'm ranting ... 

So as I said, I've  a lot of work to be getting done while I'm on the clock. That and the whole breast pump are really throwing a wrench in my internet life.   But little monkey is crashing out pretty early this week, so maybe things will work out for me. 

I hadn't forgot about you all, you're in my thought most days.  

Keeping it stinky around here, that's how I roll ... :)

-Hang in there!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Music For A Tueday ... and a little more

Happy Tuesday my Dingleberries.. I should have some Tuesday Tunes for you all but I'm at a loss tonight. In all honesty I should be asleep.

I took Leiko out, did I tell you guys we're fostering a new pup?  He's a pain in my monkey butt and a really bad idea to a house with carpet.  Yea so Leiko isn't quite house trained yet..

He's a sweet little pup don't get me wrong. Just takes some getting use to.  Papa MB had way to much on his plate. So we took him in.  

This seems more like a Monday Mashup post, it isn't though. It's still a Tuesday.

We've got open house tomorrow at Pokey's school.  4th grade already. This is going to be crazy.
Ya know she wants a house key?  I don't know what I think about all of that.  I think perhaps she or we all have lost our minds.  
Making arrangements for everything. It's been a crazy week already!  We've had a busy two weeks actually. But we're getting closer to getting it all wrapped up.
I'm going to miss my monkeys when I'm back to work, Pokey goes to school and E goes to the sitter. I'm already getting a little anxious!  

Oh and I've got a form of skin cancer, go figure.  The dermatologist wants to remove it, but being one of those Americans with no health insurance I've applied for care credit.  They approved me, but I've got to wait for the card to come in the mail.
From what I've read and their lack of urgency, it doesn't seem to be that big of a deal.  Shall see!

Let's see if I've got something up the sleeve for  music ... Wrap this up nicely won't it?

click me

Don't forget to hit the link above and go check out what everyone else is up to this week :) 

I've been thinking a lot about taking a trip to Washington lately. It's too bad I can't just go.  Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I'd chosen to travel and stuff before I had my kids?  
Then I realize, it will be so awesome to travel with my kids and awesome little family!  
Just wish I knew when it could happen!

Happy Tuesday my Dingleberries.
I hope it was awesome!!

-Hang in there! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday's Monkey Butt

Ok Ok so there is no monkey, but whatever ... IT made me giggle.  Happy Thursday Dingleberries!!

-Hang in there!  

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Music For A Tuesday

linky link

Heard this one on the television earlier tonight and I'm off to get it on the ipod so I can jam to it in the car. Loving this one, strange video though.  Hope you Dingleberries enjoy!  Happy Tuesday!!

-Hang in there!  

Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Mash Up: Episode 11

It's been a while since I've committed to a Monday Mashup and it was only last minute that I committed to blogging tonight.  Fact is E is asleep and I'm working to get this done before he wakes up yelling. 
That's his thing. 
He's spoiled ... Imagine that! 

So ....  
Check him out ... Cute right?  He's my little Monkey for sure!! 

* I had a bump removed from my eye lid a few weeks ago .. Imagine that it comes back as a form of skin cancer ::face palm:: I knew I didn't want to know what the heck that bump was.  It looks like he got most of the bump, but they want to send me to another Dr to be sure.  As the Dr that cut it off to begin with isn't comfy with getting so close to my eye. Struck me as a witch Dr with his snake bracelet! lol ... Oh well.  We shall see what becomes of that one.
* I'm still working part time-ish right now. Making very little money and it's really starting to affect my living. 
*I've opted to go with a sitter instead of a daycare facility for E.  It's a girl from church, I'm going to let her watch him. Figure he will get more attention there and well he won't be sick all the time like some day care babies.  I wouldn't want to deal with that.  I'm still worried sick about leaving him and can't stand the thought. Mr MB said he might be getting a better paying position at his current employer. That could be a good thing. Maybe I can work a little less and take care of these chirrens I got!  :)
*I'm really really in need  of  a vacation. Mr MB says we can do that next year. He wants to go to NY. I really really really want to go to Washington state and Oregon. I was bored and playing on the amtrak website the other day.  To take a train to Washington will take like 4 days. I imagine it will be impossible for Mr MB and myself to get off enough days to enjoy a trip like that and be able to spend some time there!  I guess we will do the NY thing first and then maybe the year after that we can go where I want to go.
I think it would be sooo awesome! 
*  So we're knocking on the door of August. Which I'm hoping time will stand still there. I don't want to get into September, October and November.  It's going to be a bad year for all three of those months! 
*Thank you everyone for your kind words and love for MB and Mama MB. I know she's here with me, in some way. I know she snuggles on Little E when he's laying quietly and happy.  I know I will see her again one day.  One day, in the future, I will find some peace in the fact that she's gone .I guess as of now it's just too soon for me.  Time does have a way of numbing the pain.  I look forward to finding peace in the good memories and not those last moments. 

So until next time ... 

- Hang in there!  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ahhh to miss someone ....

This picture is dated a little over a year before she passed away.  Life is a messed up place sometimes isn't it?  I sit and think about all the things she has missed already.

I look out my kitchen window most nights watching for her to come walking through the woods from her house to mine ...  It's never going to happen ....  I hate that!

Life is hard ....  I miss my Mama MB so very much!

- Hang in there!  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We're still here!

Hello and Happy Wednesday dear Dingleberries ...

Time is rapidly approaching where my days of sitting on the couch, wishing I could play online and blog all day will come to an end.  That's right.. Pokey will be starting 4th grade early August. 
Wow time really does fly!  
So that means E will be off to a  baby sitter or daycare and I will be back at my desk. Part of me is terrified and the other part can't wait. Life will have some form of normal when that happens!  It's going to be weird of course, but I can tell you all about it when time comes!!  
It's been a strange summer ... Strange because I've been a stay at home mommy.  
That's weird, to say the least! 

It's definitely been a time to say the least ... 

Hope everyone out there is doing well.

Keep Hanging in there!!
Missing you Dingleberries a bunch!!  

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday's Fabulous Photos

Happy Friday Dingleberries ..

It's been a while again and I'm to the point of exhaustion I think. It's always a blast though.  I've gone into work a couple days a week or so and it's super stressful. I decided this week that wasn't going to happen. I went in on Tuesday and that was it. I logged in and did a few things ...

That's all they're getting from me this week.

I dropped in on a few of your blogs and it was nice to read something.  I'm so bored with sitting home and watching terrible TV.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Miss you all bunches!!

-Hang in there

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday's Monkey Butt

I miss you Dingleberries ...

But check out what I've been up to so far this summer...

I know!!

I've only gone into work 3 days in the last month ... I know!!

Happy Thursday, I hope you are all well!!

-Hang in there!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Dingleberries..

I've done it, I've logged in and linked up for a post on What I'm Loving Wednesday.

This kind of love

I'm Loving my favorite Monkies! 

That's right my Dingleberries.  The little sea Monkey has arrived.  OMIGOD.  All my anxiety and stress and worry .... Well maybe not the worry.
But it was all a waste of time...
Things went smoothly.
Thank you everyone for being so awesome,
Hope you're all here reading the fabulous news.
I'd love to sit and type that you can expect to see me more often, unfortunately, with lack of sleep and a new baby. Plus summer is here and I'm home with two kids instead of at work.
I will do what I can.
I hope when I do fling some poo at you, that you've hung in there with me.
Always thinking of you dear Dingleberries.
Till next time ..
-Hang in there! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Baby Names

Ten plus years ago naming my daughter was easy breezy. I'd known, for years what I would name my first born daughter.  Of course there were other names, middle names I'd slashed and changed and moved around.. In the end, she's named something I can live with ...

Next week, yes you read that right.. Sea Monkey will be here NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!  It's insanity. I'm sitting here thinking...      In a week I will be naming Sea Monkey and it's a name that will stick with him until he's old enough to change it.  I wonder if he will hate his name?

It's a weird kind of feeling, at this age of mine, to think about having kids and naming kids.

It's odd how much different this experience is compared to that of my younger years.

Oh well, one week left ...   Still stressing :)

-Hanging in there!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursdays Monkey Butt

Remember when we'd say "peace"?  Well apparently there is this new thing called "Deuces". People are saying "deuces" instead of "peace".  What happened to the world?

Happy Thursday my dear Dingleberries!!

-Hang in there!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's Wednesday. Why not share what I'm loving this Wednesday.  

Check out Little Daisy May when you're done here.. Happy Wednesday my Dingleberries!! 

I'm Loving ... Mail box love 

Never mind all the mess there, check out the awesome mail box love that I got this week.  I love my blogger friends :)  Thanks Holli!

-Hang in there! 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rainy Saturday

It's Saturday here, already.  The time seems to be going by quite quickly as well. I'm saddened by this because that means before I know it, it will be Monday again.

Lets not talk about that .

So I missed out on posting Thursday's Monkey Butt, but I did manage to get in a purdy picture for yesterday!

Pokey's softball team won last night, I was worried at first, thought they would get beat but they pulled through and tightened up.  Won 10 to 6 and Pokey got the game ball for getting on base every time she was up to bat. She still hasn't hit a ball. They always seem to walk her.  She did score for the team though, so proud of her.  Hoping I can muster the guts to sign her up for fall ball as well, it's going to be soooo cold!!!

Only about 3 more weeks and Sea Monkey will be here...

Time to get some clean up time on.  Have a great day Dingleberries!!

-Hang in there!  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Music For A Tuesday


Happy Tuesday Dingleberries.  I'm on a roll this week, Monday Mashup yesterday and some tunes for today. Next thing you know I'll have something lined up for the rest of the week!! That would be weird right?

Regardless, I've missed you guys/gals. My dearest Dingleberries!  

I hope you enjoy today's music 

Pokey has testing this week, fingers crossed she does as well as I know she can.  She's so smart!  

Don't forget to hop over and visit Holli and Leslyn for this weeks music. Sign up and link up while you're there. You know you need something else to do today!! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Mash Up: Episode 10

Good morning my Dingleberries..

It's been a while right?
 Been a while since I've logged in, been a while since I've done any reading and even longer since I've posted a Monday Mashup.
Monday's aren't my favorite thing, I know that applies to the majority of the working folks!  Wonder what it is about Monday's that make them so crapola?  

* I'm so very tired lately and lazy.

* We've been busy with church and softball and work and everything else these days.
The weather has been so nice I just want to stay outside, damn work always making that impossible!

*Baby day has been set.  May 15th at 12pm .... Eeep!  I'm a little worried.
Having a lot of anxieties as of lately. Not sure if it's related to this or just everything in general. Just when I think I can handle it I think about something unpleasant, go figure!

* I read a post today from the oh so awesome Lizard Happy earlier about peanut butter on hamburgers. Though it doesn't surprise me that us crazy carefree Americans will give it a shot.... That sounds gross!

* Last week there was a bomb at the Boston Marathon and an explosion in Texas. Me being a lazy arse MB didn't log in and post for the world to see how sad I felt over these awful things.  I'm glad they caught the asshats responsible for it.  My thoughts and prayers still with Boston and Texas.

* One of my old friends got himself unhooked from the devil drug Meth and now has found addiction with Heroin   How do I end up friends with these people?  I love him to death and wouldn't want him to die of either, but come on dude.  Don't be dumb in the first place.  Ugh.  I don't know how to talk to them, ya know.. text and all. I will not go see him or call or anything, but the occasional text. Just seems like a friendly thing to do.  Gives him someone to talk to I guess.
Deep down I feel sorry for the guy.
Is this bad?

* I should get to work ... or something.  My back is starting to hurt badly (again) and I still need to be asleep. Ugh Mondays!!

Till tomorrow!!

-Hang in there!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday's Monkey Butt

Every day, every waking hour that I see, he's on that phone. Paying no never mind to those around him, not caring at all that his prego girl friend has some serious issues, emotionally or hormonal  (don't fear, there's nothing seriously wrong with me) or that the precious 9 year old needs some training with softball.

Then of course, today for TWO hours you ignore me you expect me to just think that you're working?  How does this make sense?  It seems as though, that phone and whomever is on the receiving end of it is far more important than anything at home.

So I'm to believe that doesn't apply at work?

My Monkey Ass!!!

Watch out for the monkey poo, cause the shits getting deep here...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Music For A Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Dingleberries.. It's our favorite day of the week again... ha ha..  Like Tuesday could be anyone's favorite. But it is a day for me to attempt to remember to link up with some awesome folks and share some music for the week.

Happy Tuesday Tunes folks...

We just finished up Spring Break and I'm hearing  a great deal of complaining from a lot of people in regards to the pollen. Just a few more days people, it's suppose to rain on Thursday!  :)

Arcade Fire- Wake up

-Hang in there!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Music For A Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Dingleberries ..

It's that time of week again, we love it don't we?!

You know you do, don't deny it.

This week, thanks to Pandora I'm sharing this one here .... The Animals-  House of the Rising Sun.

Every now and then I enjoy a good old song. This one came from the 60's.  Calling it a traditional folk song. Just goes to show, I know like absolutely NOTHING about folk music!! Pretty good song though. Hit number one in more than one country. Not to shabby I guess.

Have a fabulous day and don't forget to jam out.  Go ahead and link up with Tuesday Tunes while your bored..

-Hang in there!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mmmmm chocolate

The photo says it all .. I'm eating every piece of chocolate I can find today and looking for eggs in the process.

Hope yours is as rawking as mine!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursdays Monkey Butt

Happy Thursday my Dingleberries..
Today I had this fabulous idea I would Google "Easter monkey"  Yes of course.. . Why wouldn't I?  Of course I expect to find monkeys all dressed up for Easter or something of that nature. Guess what?  I did find that and you aren't going to get our of  here without seeing it.. Or something like it anyway!  Of course!

OMIGAWD look how cute it is!!!  Why is it I never come up with these super cute ideas? It's monkey shit I tell ya!  

But this isn't the monkey for this weeks Monkey Butt post. Oh no no no, while Googling I was able to find more than just this adorable little fella!!  Yepparooni!

"EASTER MONKEYS: A Legendary Cleveland Band that took the path less traveled"

An interesting article found HERE

Now I come right out of the 80's and never heard of these guys growing up. Guess that's expected. I'm sure there were a lot of things I missed in the 80's and 90's growing up. You know Barbies and New Kids on The Block are far more interesting. 
Turns out, if I'm reading this right, they never released their record. They never got their album played on the radio. They did play a few gigs from what I'm reading and people loved them. 
Wonder why they never went big ... ger than they did? 

"They were so powerful that I felt hypnotized when I saw them," says Jim Lanza, who hosted a radio show in the 1980s on WCSB FM/89.3. "I'd never seen anything like them before -- and I haven't seen anything like them since."

I'm going to invest some time at some point to take a listen to some of their music. I saw a few  post of it on the you tube  Again, work gets all up in my way of doing all of my interwebbing!  

Happy Thursday Dingleberries!!

-Hang in there!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I'm Loving Wedneday

Good morning Dingleberries, 
I've thought and thought about what I'm loving today. What with a my grumpy start and all this morning (nothing new there I guess)  It's  just a roller coaster lately 
Life and everything that comes with it. .

But this is a post of What I'm Loving .. Not what  I can find to bitch about at this moment.. .So sit back and enjoy while I try to entertain a post for right now...  

Linking up with LittleDaisyMay so go check her out as well!!  

Happy Wednesday Dingleberries!

I'm Loving...
Spring Break is next week. I'm not able to take off and go anywhere (unfortunately) but we're excited to take Pokey to Six Flags again this year... We've had a blast the last 2 years we've gone.  Here's to hoping our weather is better come next Wednesday!

I'm Loving...
I'm 30 weeks prego this week. They're taking the baby MB in just 7 weeks.  7 weeks!  That doesn't seem like  a very long time. As you can imagine, I'm a bit of a nervous wreck with this matter!

I'm Loving... 
We finally  decided on paint colors for Pokey's room and Baby MB.  Now to find someone to get working on them.  Papa MB says I shouldn't be painting.. What? 

I'm Loving... 
We're almost over the hump for this week. That's right, we're halfway through Wednesday.  Pfew, I'm tired already.  

I'm Loving..
Easter is this Sunday.. I can have chocolate again .. I'm so excited! 

and of course .. 

I'm Loving... 

What are you loving?

Happy Wednesday Dingleberries!!

-hang in there!