Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Mash Up: Episode 11

It's been a while since I've committed to a Monday Mashup and it was only last minute that I committed to blogging tonight.  Fact is E is asleep and I'm working to get this done before he wakes up yelling. 
That's his thing. 
He's spoiled ... Imagine that! 

So ....  
Check him out ... Cute right?  He's my little Monkey for sure!! 

* I had a bump removed from my eye lid a few weeks ago .. Imagine that it comes back as a form of skin cancer ::face palm:: I knew I didn't want to know what the heck that bump was.  It looks like he got most of the bump, but they want to send me to another Dr to be sure.  As the Dr that cut it off to begin with isn't comfy with getting so close to my eye. Struck me as a witch Dr with his snake bracelet! lol ... Oh well.  We shall see what becomes of that one.
* I'm still working part time-ish right now. Making very little money and it's really starting to affect my living. 
*I've opted to go with a sitter instead of a daycare facility for E.  It's a girl from church, I'm going to let her watch him. Figure he will get more attention there and well he won't be sick all the time like some day care babies.  I wouldn't want to deal with that.  I'm still worried sick about leaving him and can't stand the thought. Mr MB said he might be getting a better paying position at his current employer. That could be a good thing. Maybe I can work a little less and take care of these chirrens I got!  :)
*I'm really really in need  of  a vacation. Mr MB says we can do that next year. He wants to go to NY. I really really really want to go to Washington state and Oregon. I was bored and playing on the amtrak website the other day.  To take a train to Washington will take like 4 days. I imagine it will be impossible for Mr MB and myself to get off enough days to enjoy a trip like that and be able to spend some time there!  I guess we will do the NY thing first and then maybe the year after that we can go where I want to go.
I think it would be sooo awesome! 
*  So we're knocking on the door of August. Which I'm hoping time will stand still there. I don't want to get into September, October and November.  It's going to be a bad year for all three of those months! 
*Thank you everyone for your kind words and love for MB and Mama MB. I know she's here with me, in some way. I know she snuggles on Little E when he's laying quietly and happy.  I know I will see her again one day.  One day, in the future, I will find some peace in the fact that she's gone .I guess as of now it's just too soon for me.  Time does have a way of numbing the pain.  I look forward to finding peace in the good memories and not those last moments. 

So until next time ... 

- Hang in there!  


  1. August in DC? I've been there and DC is hot and humid at that time of year. On the other hand, August is the perfect time to visit the Northwest. I'm biased, I know.

    1. Ya know I was actually talking about the Northwest when I said Washington. Pokey wants to travel to DC I think, but I'd much rather see the Northwest!

  2. he is such a beautiful happy baby. I think the sitter idea is a good one although it would still be hard to leave him.
    Things will get easier
    sending hugs and smiles


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