Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Did some reading

Goooood afternoon my dear Dingleberries.

Just a quick post today. I've been working on posting it for the last few days and just haven't gotten it done. I've also been meaning to located my check book... Haven't done that either.


So, how's things?  Everyone hanging in there?  Staying warm or whatever your current temps are?  It's getting warmer here. If the rains will stop we'd be in heaven.  Or the next best thing anyway.

So I read a few blogs the other day, didn't get to any responses, but at least i read something.  I will say that they both kind of stuck.

One of which, like myself .. She was open to sharing her life and her world with the world. Now I love my Dingleberries but like she said ... There are a lot of creeps in the world, creeps that I don't want googly eyeing my kids and my home and stuff... So I'm going to be careful.  All these years and now  I'm going to start.  Go figure.  Ya'll still get to see me though, so don't sigh that sigh of relief just yet. haha..

Second blog I read this week ... A girl found a challenge of going without unders.  Now I don't know if her intentions of going underless was to save on laundry or if it was something else.  But I thought to myself, now I just have to know what that was about.  lol ..  Now this girl led the exact opposite  life of myself, consisting of dresses and outfits that I myself would not wear myself. But more power to her for sporting all that she sports.  So, call it TMI or call it what you will. I'm currently trying out this underless idea .... Day 4 to be exact.  Thoughts? 

-Hang in there

Friday, April 3, 2015

Life is ... Discouraged (but at least it's almost Easter)

It feels like FOREVER since I've logged in, even longer since I've posted anything.  I don't exactly love that. I use the excuse sometimes that there just isn't enough time.  Well then I come across this picture on the Facebook that says something like, "you make time for the things you want to make time for"  Thanks a lot, stupid facebook sticker.  I shouldn't say that, forgive me. It's accurate in a sense, I guess.  I imagine I could NOT log in to facebook and log into and post here instead.  This would be ideal,

So for that.... I am sorry my dear Dingleberries.

I'm going through some more discouragement and frustrations right now, never a dull moment. People should learn to hush their mouths, but I assume I could take a lesson in that one as well.

Hmmm, but I'm not going to say anything else about that there.  What's the saying, complaining don't do no good or something?

I hope you Dingleberries are having a super fabulous Good Friday and that your Easter ROCKS!

Don't forget... It's not just about the bunnies, no not even the chocolate ones!!

-Hang in there!