Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday's Monkey Butt News

Well hello and Happy Thursday.

I was sad to see there wasn't much news for this week, but of course, there is always something somewhere for me to find...

This is week we've got a band with no time for monkey business..

Check this, I found a story tonight...  CLICK HERE

There is a band in AU called "One Proud Monkey"  Anyone ever heard these guys before?


Hey, check em out... Ya know ya wanna!

-Hang in there!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ahhh not again,

The news came in this morning... My aunt, that's my father's only sister, passed away this morning at around 12:15am...  

This is getting pretty frakin redonkulous if you ask me.. 

So in light of today's news. I will not be posting this weeks What I'm Loving.

Papa MB is really being put to the test with all the sudden awful that's happening in his life.  I just hope the old saying about bad things coming in threes rings true and this ends his loss.  

Please send prayers and thoughts into the air for Papa MB. 

Life sure does prove how unfair it really is lately.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Music For A Tuesday

I'm hearing this song in quite a few previews lately.. I'm hoping this means she's busy writing and planning another trip to the US. I know people need a break and respect that as well, but I hope she will be back soon.

I regret missing her in 2012 when she played Music Midtown ::Face palm::

I hope you're all having a fabulous Tuesday..

I've some rants and babbles I need to share, but right now (at work), may not be the best time to get it done.

Missing you all a bunch!!

-Hang in there!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Found myself alone, again.

I find myself alone, going over and over the moments of her death..

What were her thoughts?  Was she able to have any?
What did it feel like?
What did she see?
How did she feel?
What were her thoughts?
Was it painful?

I shouldn't do this to myself, but it's so easy.

Is it wrong or selfish of me to wish I hadn't been there for that?  That somehow, like the preacher, I was able to miss out on those last moments.

Yea.... that seems selfish to me, but it hurts so much to think back on those moments.... Those months... That year of her battle...

Life isn't always fair, I know. .

But I can't seem to get past the pain sometimes... My pain, not hers.  Because I know her pain is over now.  She's the lucky one, I might add.

I miss my Mama MB.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday's Monkey Butt News:

Happy Thursday my Dingleberries. I believe this is my first Thursday's MB post of the year. I believe I'd exhausted myself entirely at the end of 2012.  Still a bad year if you ask me and I'm searching out the sunshine in this year.  I've ran out of celebrity monkeys to share with you all I think. Of course for those who have hung in the longest and are aware of me forgetting any one in particular or perhaps I just passed it over. Please do not hesitate to share with me.. 

So this year, month, whatever I think I'm going to focus on monkey's who land themselves in the news!  Worth a shot anyway, until of course I stumble upon a forgotten or new to showbiz  monkey!  

A while back I watched one of my faithful Dingleberries share a lovely post of a Monkey in a fur coat. Cute story.  Anyone else catch that one?  Lil fella escaped from a car and was spotted hanging out in a shopping  plaza parking lot. Sporting a fancy fur coat it looked to me!  

So this week I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few options in the Google news for monkey.  
  • They're sending one in space, again, the Iranian's I believe.  They're shooting for next month, if I read correctly. Little bugger will be up there kicking it in space. Eww there is going to be poo  everywhere when he gets back. Those Iranian's better have an well paid house keeper! All those crevices and buttons to clean.  That minimum wage shit won't cut it!  
And let's pray his trip doesn't turn into anything like the US attempts in 1948. Sad day that had to be! For the little MB family!  

  • Now getting reports ... An Indonesian man reportedly chaining his monkey Neneng, forcing the poor fellow to dress as a doll and parade around town on stilts. A child I tell you!  

I hope this little bugger bites the shit out of his master and fills his face full of some good hot monkey poo!  


Look at their child sitting on the front of that death machine!  It's no wonder they struggle with love of the animals, they don't value their own lives enough. 

  • Look at this sorry bastard from Idaho!!  Attempted to steal a monkey from a zoo, the monkey fought back so he whacked  it over the head, it died later on. Firstly who and why do you attempt to steal a monkey from a zoo???  Only in Idaho!! 


  • Lastly, check this one out..  Actually he's no monkey at all, an ape in fact, but he can kick some ass. Kung Fu Monkey Fighting!  Awesome..   

Looks as though Mr Ape has a few people he needs to kick around.  By the looks of today's news anyhow.

-Hang in there!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mail box love, MB wall arts

Hello and Happy Wednesday again my Dingleberries! 
I'm here to share some of my recent mail box love with you all. When we moved and I started the whole "office" idea I also wanted to decorate my walls with awesome-ness from you awesome Dingleberries.. 

Let me just say, it's a nice start. I'm still working on the whole thing, but it's looking mighty fine to me so far!  
A few pics

I made this cute twine and clothes pin thing to hang my awesome post cards and card letters. My Christmas collections are not up there... yet!

Granny MB hooked me up with this.... shelf thing..I love my photos on there and Mynx has hooked me up with some awesome paintings that I'm going to hang as well!  You can see the blue art work in the picture!  Love it! 

Recently we did the air mail Christmas, I've already shared that one but also I've been blessed with some more awesome from Tim and Bea.  

From Bea

The adorable little wooden monkey makes my heart melt as does the sweet words written inside the pretty card that came along with it.  A much needed reminder that life isn't all crap in my times of need!

From Tim

Tim sent me this adorable picture of some ducks flying into the sun. It's very pretty and a much needed addition to the wall of monkey butts art!  

It's amazing I add all of these wonderful additions and I walk in there and just find all this extra space to fill.  That's more than OK with me though. I've plenty of times and you guys/gals rawk. No other words can say it better!  :)  

So my dears, this is what you have for the night.  

- Hang in there!

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Dingleberries!
How are we hanging today? 
It's stopped raining, momentarily, maybe my quack will ease up a little. Apparently the folks around here don't approve of my constant quacking in the office.... How can you not love that? I know... Confuses me too! 

So here we are again, back around to another Wednesday and I'm linking up with Jamie at This kind of Love, so check her out, when you're done here!  

I'm Loving ... The news is in, we're having a boy!  Scary when I think about it.  Pokey is 9. This is literally a case of starting over!  HA!

Not exactly looking forward to showers and registering at places.  Maternity leave.  Oh gawsh what have I gotten myself into?

I'm Loving ...  They've released pictures of the 2014 Chevy Corvette. I'm not your car person or anything, but omg this thing is fabulous! 

I'm Loving ... My sister shared some pictures the other day and I've found this one...  

and of course, can't forget.. 

I'm Loving ... 

There ya have it.. Happy Wednesday my Dingleberries!

- Hang in there!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Music For A Tuesday

I've been hearing this one on Pandora for the last couple of weeks and just had to share it.   :)  Hope you enjoy as much as  I do!! 

Happy Tuesday !

Hang in there

This just in ....

Got the news today,

We're having a boy.  It's times like these, for the rest of my life.. I wish Mama MB were here, I wanted so badly to call her and talk about names as soon as I left the Dr office.

Life just won't be the same, but we're excited none the less!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Mash-up: Episode 7

Good MONkeyDAY my dear Dingleberries..

I've found made a moment just now to draw my attention from facebook work and do a quick Monday Mashup post.  I thought to myself last night to drag the old lappy top out of the office and share the pics and posts I've been meaning to get around to. Whew, January is a helluva busy month and we're what ... about half way through so far?  Sheesh!!

How times flies...when you're having fun. Or whatever you call this I'm having!

Just a few things for today, because go ahead and check out my desk!

The things I should be doing right now! 

It's a Monday around here for sure, staying pretty busy with calls and people insist on getting on my nerves all day long with their broken down cars. Like they're the only people who break down or something?  Sheesh!  
  • The owners are still out of town, apparently the town they're from doesn't do funerals on Sundays?  Perhaps this is a North Carolina thing? Any of you folks from NC know if this is in fact the case or are my bosses losing their minds?  So they've a funeral for today (Monday) at 2pm for the boss ladys Mom.  I swear,. as crazy as she makes me and for all the bad things I say about her. I shed a tear or two when I heard her Mom passed. It broke my heart, I guess because it's so fresh that my Mom has passed....
  • Speaking of... I didn't/couldn't tell them Friday before they left that my Grandmother also passed away, I didn't want that to weigh on their thoughts as they were out of town on their passing.  One of of the other ladies at work lost her ex Father in Law Thursday night as well, he lives in FLA and wasn't having a funeral like the others, so I am unsure what she will do, if anything, with his  passing. I imagine she also didn't share her news with the bosses before they left. 
  • Papa MB tells me he's broke, I'm broke, his brother and sister are also broke as well as their mother. There is no money set aside for her funeral and honestly, we've no idea what their options are. Papa MB has come down with some sort of sickness, flu perhaps. I'm staying away. I can't take chances of getting sick right now. With everything that's going on, they'd be burying me by the looks of it!  I can't believe all the loss the people around me are suffering. It's crazy!!!  This was all suppose to be done in 2012. Not so soon in the New Year.  
  • So as I was saying, we're still waiting to see our options and how much money can be obtained for her funeral expense.  Looks as though they may be forced to cremate her remains due to lack of funds. I can't believe her family let it come down to this!  Makes me sad .....  The woman never liked me, but I can't help feel bad about the situation! 
  • Shall we move on to something that won't make you want to shoot yourself in the face?!  Sounds like a fabulous idea to me. 
Some of you are well aware of my good friend Tim over at A Blast From the Past. His sister was diagnosed with cancer just last year.  He informed me the other day that her cancer is shrinking with treatment. This makes me so happy. He's a super awesome guy and his sister  is a fighter!  Hang in there Tim's Sis. You got this!!  

Mr. MB found this ecard thing the other night, it had me LOLing. I can't help but share it!  

  • I've got to work again tonight.. . Ugh.. 
  • But we're going in for the Dr appointment tomorrow and we should find out what we're having, baby monkey wise...  
  • The weather was nice over the weekend, but I was working .I couldn't enjoy it as much as I'd liked to. The Mayans right have gotten something right though. Maybe the world is changing, we will have warmer weather year round?  I can hope, can't I? It's crappy and rainy today and from what the news people said this morning, sounds like  it could last all week..   Yay!  :/ 
  • Ok Ok.. I have to get back to work.. Stay warm, cool or dry. Whichever it is.
Hang in there!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Ding Ding...

Round 3, 4 and 5 for the land of Monkey Butts..  4 is so minor in comparison to 3 and 4.

  • The boss lady here at work, her Mother passed away yesterday ..... 

  • Mr. MB's Mom called last night and their old dog isn't doing so well. He could very well be on his last stretch of life..

  • This morning, shockingly, Papa MB sent over a text message informing me that his mother has passed away this morning ..

Please pray for Papa MB and our families in this another time of loss and saddness. I know how I felt losing my Mama MB, I can't begin to imagine what Papa MB is going through right now ...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday my dear Dingleberries.  I'm here enjoying the weather, wishing the sun would shine and that I could sit at home bored rather than come to work and do stuff. Like that would ever happen. Coming to work each day is actually my break from work at home. I swear, and I try not to bitch (all the time) especially on Wednesdays, but dammit. I come home and am faced with more work than I deal with here at my JOB.  It's really starting to piss me off a bit and the place is about to be poo covered, because I'm seriously about to just start throwing shit!! Not flinging like my normal style, straight up THROWING DOWN SOME SHIT! So stand back!! 

So let's move on to something.... more pleasant, shall we?  It  is What I'm Loving Wednesday after all!  As always I'm linking up with Little Daisy May for this weekly ramble session. Check it out... 

I'm Loving ... (and I meant to share this one last week and didn't)  That I'm done and over with that whole speeding ticket thing I went through last year. It was due in December and I ended up getting an extension until Jan 2nd of this year. Was actually able to get it all paid and taken care of before the end of 2012.  So that put all of my bad for 2012 and left it there in 2012. 

I'm (still) Loving ... 2013    ... As you just read above, I'm glad to get the bad out of my life.   Now to keep it there..  

I'm Loving... the weather today.. It's ... nice ... out. Plus they're telling us the weekend should be nice to!  It's safe to say, my MB arse will be out this weekend... We're taking Maximus out with us and also there is this cute music for all ages thing. I'm excited!  :) 

And can't forget, I'm Loving .....

Happy Wednesday my Dingleberries!

-Hang in there!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Very Airmail Christmas: 2012

Good afternoon my dearest Dingleberries, don't be mad. I warned you yesterday that I was back. By that I meant to annoy the ever living shit out of you. So feel free to fling some poo!!

As most of you are well aware I signed up for A Very Airmail Christmas in 2012. Hoping some of you did the same. It was a heart wrenching experience and really hit home with me at the loss of my dear Mama MB. This project all began way far away from me at the loss of a very strong woman who also lost her battle with cancer. One of her last wishes were that strangers from across the world would mail Christmas cards to each other.  What a wonderful idea and way to spread the cheer across the world.  
My heart goes out to her family and loved ones.  It's not easy. 


It was a good experience and though  I wasn't able to share it with Mama MB I hope we can do it again next year.  

My card came all the way from Edinburgh, wishing I had a link to her page so I could pay her thanks.  Beautiful card and I loved that she actually purchased/sent out cards that funded cancer research. I will remind myself to do exactly the same thing next year.. 

Because you know what?  There is never enough research being done to stop this monster!!  

-Hang in there!

Music For A Tuesday

This was live in 1980!  Very cool.

Now I've never listened to much (if any) Grateful Dead.  I quite enjoyed this though.. I hope you all do as well, Happy Tuesday!!!Thanks Tim for the music this week!!!

-Hang in there!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Juggalettes for Life?

source .. story here

Check the story, if you're so interested..... It made me sick, physically. I felt sick to my stomach. I know there are exceptions to all rules. I know there is bad eggs and good eggs and the likes.

This bothered me and made think, long and hard

I was bored this morning, how that happened I still can't be sure.  In my boredom I logged into my email, finally.  Some years back when the love flowed better in my veins I indulged in quite a bit of the Psychopathic Family.  Have I mentioned this before?

I've had a weak spot for ICP and Twizid since my days in High School, my "juggalo love" you might call it.  I've been to many a concert and painted my face like the rest of my brethren and sistren.   Yes on occasion I'm guilty of speaking like a dummy.  It is what it is, we're all guilty at times.

I'm in my email today and I'm clicking through, ending up on the Psychopathic newsletter I must have signed up for years ago... Towards then end of the newsletter I read that a lady, juggalette if you will,was going through divorce. Her soon to be ex husband took their daughter and would not return her. Actually went as far as telling the cops and judge that the child's mother was a violent juggalo. From what I've heard, gathered and read... Juggalos are now considered gang members?!?!?  In the end she actually lost custody of her child and isn't allowed to participate in the child's life without the fathers permission..


I will give them one thing... The music isn't for children, I've never let my child listen to anything by any band on their label. It's just not right ... But it makes me laugh sometimes...

Is this bad?

Never in all my years did I even think that they would consider a group of people who enjoy a certain band or bands gang members?  It blew my mind.   Then I read what that guy said and was just even more bothered by it.

I don't know why it's bothersome to me, I just hate to think that people look at me that way!  I enjoyed their music for many years and will occasionally still listen to some of it. I haven't been to their shows in a few years, but that's not because I don't want to.  Life happens, sometimes I just can't.

I do remember the disappointment I felt the last time I went to a Twiztid show and there was a child walking around with his parents drinking Red Bull. I died a little inside that night...

I worry now driving around with my hatchet man sticker on the back of my car. On more than one occasion I have received unwanted attention from people who also enjoy their music.

Perhaps it's time for me to grow up and put away my childish things?  But at the same time it just doesn't seem fair to me to lose and give up the things I once enjoyed because I'm worried what people might think.


Monday Mash-up Episode 6

Happy MONkeyDAY my dear Dingleberries...It's a hectic day here in the land of working at a towing company.  I don't think I've met the requirements for a mash up post, but you know I'm going to give it a shot. It wouldn't be the Monkey Butt blog if I didn't at least try.

It's good to be back, I'm struggling with my reading a bit, but I'm at least doing my best at attempting to read those of you who are regular visitors  here. I plan on getting back to my normal self... It's just not in my nature to let things go so easily, especially not some things that I truly enjoy!

  • I've quite a few shout outs and thank you posts that need to be posting as well. I've received quite a few things in the mail, which has melted my frozen heart and made me smile.  You Dingleberries really don't understand how much I love you all! So keep hanging around, I'm hoping to get them back to going tonight. One at a time of course... Perhaps I can squish em all together. That doesn't seem like the MB way though does it? 

  • I signed up for the gym!  Not for weight loss mind you, I'm hoping my readings will prove correct and it will help my stress levels some... 

  • Working on resolutions that make sense for me this year. Shocked a little to see that I didn't fail too miserably with my resolutions for 2012.   I will save that post for later though. I'm sad a bit that I didn't get to post my year in pictures for you.  Bummer.   I guess most of it was pretty much boring or nothing picture worthy!  As if! 

  • I've started reading again.. I'm working on the Twilight Saga (again) DON'T JUDGE ME. Also picked up the Bible. I obtained a list thing at church that is suppose to help you read through the Bible in order.  It's going.. I finished a whole weeks worth last night... Yea I was 6 days behind.  But I'm hopeful.  To at least keep my reading up. I love reading.

  • Pokey got her wish and we're the proud owners of an adorable new guinea pig..  Pokey has named him Howard. Honestly we're not sure of it's sex. We picked him out from a very scary looking shed in the back of someones house. It smelled so bad in there and those three little guinea pigs broke my heart. There was no way I couldn't take at least one of them home with me.  Was just glad to get away from the woman telling us she'd been sick for weeks now with the flu or something. IF she'd been hanging in that shed too much I think I can understand where the sickness comes from. So far he seems like a good fit. Pictures to come later. 

So I'd say that's a good mash up for this MONkeyDAY. I know there is more.  Stuff that's been stored away and filed up for when I could get back in the swing of things...   

As I said before, I hope you're all hanging in there today... Enjoying a Monday.. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome back...

As most of you well know I went through some things there at the end of 2012.  Here we are a brand new year and there is no guarantee it's going to be any better than the last. But you know what?  I can take steps to attempt to make it the best I can. I'm not over the loss of Mama MB but I know now that it's completely normal... I haven't given up on the thoughts that therapy could do me some good. Me being me I've gotta exhaust my own abilities before I seek outside help.

I've missed you all in the last month or so...

Dare I hope to say that I'm back in the swing of things?  Still sticking true to my blogging and life in general. Forgive me and for those who have hung in here through my struggles...  Thanks!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursdays Monkey Butt

Happy Thursday my Dingleberries ...
I'm not going to get into the story that brought me to this post this week. But I think it's worth the watch. I've never actually seen Clerks 2  ... Or Clerks for that matter, but whatever!! 
Did you know there is also a fan page on facebook for this "Taking back Porch Monkey"  Where do they come up with this shit?  Like really?!!!??!?


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday folks.  It's about 9:30 here right now, so I'm running late, but what's the saying? Better late than never?
So far, I'm two days into 2013 and have no idea when the last time I posted was.  Without looking oif course, but that's OK. I've hopes to do better with my postings.  To get it all together.  But it's OK, right?
So I'm keeping up with What I'm Loving Wednesday. I enjoy this weekly post, it's fun for me... At times. 
So here we go...
It's What I'm Loving Wednesday!
This weeks post is super easy and short...
I'm loving, 2013.
Two days in and so far it's not too shabby. I miss Mama MB so very much, things are still fresh though. I'm glad we're to a good start so far.
Pokey's 9th birthday bash was awesome! 
I've so many great friends and family members. I'm really quite lucky to be me.
I'm back to reading and as soon as  I finish up I'm wanting to start picking up new things..
I've made my New Year's Resolution..
It's so easy..
Try new foods! 
How can you go wrong with that?!?!
So my dear Dingleberries.. There you have it. What I'm Loving.  I plan to get caught up, i've lots of updates and shout outs to share and plan to get them all done asap.  It's January, never fails at being a busy month for me.  Kind of like December I guess! 
Hang in there!