Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Mash-up Episode 6

Happy MONkeyDAY my dear Dingleberries...It's a hectic day here in the land of working at a towing company.  I don't think I've met the requirements for a mash up post, but you know I'm going to give it a shot. It wouldn't be the Monkey Butt blog if I didn't at least try.

It's good to be back, I'm struggling with my reading a bit, but I'm at least doing my best at attempting to read those of you who are regular visitors  here. I plan on getting back to my normal self... It's just not in my nature to let things go so easily, especially not some things that I truly enjoy!

  • I've quite a few shout outs and thank you posts that need to be posting as well. I've received quite a few things in the mail, which has melted my frozen heart and made me smile.  You Dingleberries really don't understand how much I love you all! So keep hanging around, I'm hoping to get them back to going tonight. One at a time of course... Perhaps I can squish em all together. That doesn't seem like the MB way though does it? 

  • I signed up for the gym!  Not for weight loss mind you, I'm hoping my readings will prove correct and it will help my stress levels some... 

  • Working on resolutions that make sense for me this year. Shocked a little to see that I didn't fail too miserably with my resolutions for 2012.   I will save that post for later though. I'm sad a bit that I didn't get to post my year in pictures for you.  Bummer.   I guess most of it was pretty much boring or nothing picture worthy!  As if! 

  • I've started reading again.. I'm working on the Twilight Saga (again) DON'T JUDGE ME. Also picked up the Bible. I obtained a list thing at church that is suppose to help you read through the Bible in order.  It's going.. I finished a whole weeks worth last night... Yea I was 6 days behind.  But I'm hopeful.  To at least keep my reading up. I love reading.

  • Pokey got her wish and we're the proud owners of an adorable new guinea pig..  Pokey has named him Howard. Honestly we're not sure of it's sex. We picked him out from a very scary looking shed in the back of someones house. It smelled so bad in there and those three little guinea pigs broke my heart. There was no way I couldn't take at least one of them home with me.  Was just glad to get away from the woman telling us she'd been sick for weeks now with the flu or something. IF she'd been hanging in that shed too much I think I can understand where the sickness comes from. So far he seems like a good fit. Pictures to come later. 

So I'd say that's a good mash up for this MONkeyDAY. I know there is more.  Stuff that's been stored away and filed up for when I could get back in the swing of things...   

As I said before, I hope you're all hanging in there today... Enjoying a Monday.. 


  1. It sounds like you saved Howard from a not-so-fulfilling shed life. :)

  2. Not a bad Monday. Due to a number of reasons, I didn't go to work today (the boss is good with it. Whew!). So, I'm reading and writing. And watching my kitchen getting done.

  3. Aww you should feel good that you saved Howard from a depressing life in the shed.
    Picking up the bible is also something that i want to improveon doing more. I have the app on my iphone and ipad that i use in church but its not the same as my lovely book with pages.
    Working for a tow company? wow i bet you hear some stories! My mom and uncle used to work for one many years ago here in Dallas. It was crazy!

  4. I'm glad to see you writing and I feel positive vibes, which is great. :) Exercise is great for your body and mind - when I regularly walked (every day!) I felt much better and didn't have insomnia. You don't have to do much, just an hour or so of walking does magic.


  5. Welcome Howard. Please break in MB gently. She's had a rough time lately.

  6. Sounds like you have been a busy little monkey! The gym does help with stress a lot. I don't think people really get that concept until they are involved and going regularly. As for reading through the Bible... I've done that several times. It's a good program that keeps you on track if you stick with it. I love guinea pigs! I used to breed them to sell until I found out people used them as food for their snakes. That sickened me and I had to stop. Glad you stopped by today. As you know I can't find anyone unless they come visit 1st. This eye thing really annoys me for that reason. :) Have a great day my friend!

  7. A big welcome to your new family memeber "Howard" He sounds like a cutie.
    As for reading and posting, I m a weeny bit behind myself.

    Big hugs lovely lady


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