Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mail box love, MB wall arts

Hello and Happy Wednesday again my Dingleberries! 
I'm here to share some of my recent mail box love with you all. When we moved and I started the whole "office" idea I also wanted to decorate my walls with awesome-ness from you awesome Dingleberries.. 

Let me just say, it's a nice start. I'm still working on the whole thing, but it's looking mighty fine to me so far!  
A few pics

I made this cute twine and clothes pin thing to hang my awesome post cards and card letters. My Christmas collections are not up there... yet!

Granny MB hooked me up with this.... shelf thing..I love my photos on there and Mynx has hooked me up with some awesome paintings that I'm going to hang as well!  You can see the blue art work in the picture!  Love it! 

Recently we did the air mail Christmas, I've already shared that one but also I've been blessed with some more awesome from Tim and Bea.  

From Bea

The adorable little wooden monkey makes my heart melt as does the sweet words written inside the pretty card that came along with it.  A much needed reminder that life isn't all crap in my times of need!

From Tim

Tim sent me this adorable picture of some ducks flying into the sun. It's very pretty and a much needed addition to the wall of monkey butts art!  

It's amazing I add all of these wonderful additions and I walk in there and just find all this extra space to fill.  That's more than OK with me though. I've plenty of times and you guys/gals rawk. No other words can say it better!  :)  

So my dears, this is what you have for the night.  

- Hang in there!


  1. This is so amazing..
    A very special feeling you get when you receive some kind of thing from others...even the tiniest things make you feel special..lovely :)
    I'm back...exams over... :) ;)

    1. It really does make ya feel special to walk into a room full of awesome things from all over the world. I love my blogospere family. Welcome back, how did you do on your exams?

    2. Exams went well...
      Expecting some good position :)

  2. I have a board in the girlcave covered in cards and notes from bloggers and friends and it always makes me smile to see them. There is even one from you :)
    I am thrilled you are getting pleasure from my art.

  3. 2013 seems to have you kickin' chicken! I'm glad your spirit is filled with treasures you enjoy. Keep up the good work!

  4. Replies
    1. IT feels that way sometimes.. Still a work in process though

  5. love your garland! very cute and has a nice personal touch!!

  6. So cute!I want do that too. I've bought some clothespins and gliter, i just need to get busy.
    Hey, did you remove the reply/comment option to today's post? So i'm commenting to yesterdays post instead. :)

    1. Hmm, I'm not sure about the reply/comment thing... I don't know that I even know how to remove that! :)


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