Friday, March 30, 2012

Good News from Mama,


"My surgeon called me today, She said she got the complete breast cancer with surgery. She said all the tissue around what she took was cancer free, that is what told her she got all of it. She said she took 11 lymph nodes from under my arm, only 1 tested positive for cancer, so maybe this is a good sign, I feel good about it, I wanted You all to know- love you"  -Mama Monkey Butt

Words from Mama Monkey Butt :)  We're feeling good to have gotten some good news. Thank you everyone who said a prayer or sent a good vibe.  Thank you all for all the kind words.  Here's to hoping the Dr's will be full of good news in days to come. Chemo begins again in April. 

Friday's Fabulous Photo


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 101, 2012

Thursday, March 29th
Well hello again Dingleberries, I imagine you're all off in dream land or something along those lines. Perhaps cuddled next to your partner of choice or kicked back watching some television. I'm spending my time on the interwebs (again). What can I say?  It's my thang!!

So some of you noticed I picked another new idea for hair today.  Got a lot of great reviews and for Starlight, I know it's going to take some work to make it look as awesome as the picture and most likely 99% of the time it won't look like that. In case you readers hadn't heard, I effn hate my hair. Like all of the time. Doesn't really matter the color or cut. My hatred just kinda builds up for it. It's weird how that works. But I'm excited to try this cut. I don't think I want to part with my black hair though. I'm so undecided :)  Luckily I can decide that... later.  Right?

So it was a  weird kind of day. Busy for the most part.  Pokey was complaining of throat pain this morning. The gut wrenching fear hit me that she has came across strep throat again. It's picture day! It's the last day before spring break!  Tell me this isn't happening!!???  Pokey made it only until about 1pm today at school.  Nurse calls me for a sick Pokey.  That's a first this year!  Run her to the Dr office, a confirmed case of strep throat ::face palm::.  Damn!  So the complaining about only getting like 31 hours in of work this week, just went from bad to worse. I've lost an additional half a day and tomorrow.  UGH!! Oh look, here  comes the first of the month!!  Awesome!

In other news, tomorrow is Friday. We're doing the walk for MS on Saturday and an Easter egg hunt here in town on Sunday.  It's going to be an awesome weekend. Hoping I can get some time on my running or biking. After the breathing problems and anxiety attack the other day I hate to do my running with all this pollen. damn you pollen!!

So with this I leave you. Thanks for all the awesome comments today and look forward to getting some post on tomorrow as well, though it's unlucky till the end of the day.  Shall see!!!

Hang in there!

Help me with my new hair?

I think I want this hair.  My Dingleberries who have been hanging in there for quite some time know of my weak spot for Twilight, especially Ashley Green as Alice. I don't know what it is about Alice, but I'm in love with that fictional character. It's a sickness really!!

So with that I ask of you.  What are your thoughts?  I know you don't know me very well, some of you, but if you're following my progress on the 365 days blogs then you know me well enough. Can I pull it off?  I think I can.

Happy Thursday, did you check out today's Monkey Butt?


Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

Happy Thursday again Dingleberries,

In case you haven't noticed I'm really just scraping the bottom of the bowl with these post as of late.  I've a few left and am not giving up. Not going down in the night without a fight.. Hey I made a rhyme, go me!

So I received an unexpected yet awesome email this morning.  A while back on one of my random ramble rants of monkey post I shared this post.   Of course it was random, but I had a point to it. I'm sure of it.  Back to the point of this though..  So I got an email from a pretty cool blogger, whom I've linked it that same post up there ^.  This week however he is covering something not so Monkey. He's covering the "Chimpan-A and Chimpan-Zee" as he so put it. He also has a jingle, which makes me giggle " I hate every ape I see from Chimpan-A to Chimpan-ZEE"  Funny I think.  Ya know me though, I amuse quite easily. So after reading his post, which I LOVE.  I've decided I'm going to use part of it. He doesn't mind, I asked first :)  Ya know I'd hate to tear apart someones awesome job!  Duh!

So The Weekly BNote, written out by Darth Lawyer, very cool stuff, check him out... It's okay, I will wait!!

  His email this morning was a pleasant surprise, because like I said, brain farts as of late.  He covers everything from Magilla Gorilla, which I remember back to friends singing the songs of the show.  Reminds me of better days I guess.

This week, I'm sharing with you, taken from BNotes  ....


I always LOVED Abu from Aladdin, Aladdin was one of those Disney Movies that I would have, still would call one of my favorites.  That monkey gave me many more laughs than most cartoons.  Prince Ali and that lovable genie.  How could you not love it? 

Anyone have any tales of Aladdin? Any fond memories? 

In other news... I posted many a week ago using Curious George as my Monkey of the week.  According to Bnotes here, George was no Monkey at all. Missing a tail and all, I never noticed. I'm so ashamed.. How dare they lie to me with "Curious George, A curious little monkey"  It's false advertisement I tell you and I can't believe I never noticed he had no tail.. what the frak?

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post Dingleberries, hang in there and a million thanks to B Notes. 


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 100, 2012

Wut Wut I made it to day 100. How fraking cool is that? Not that I ever  doubted myself or anything. Hell I managed to get this thang done last year, no reason I can't get er done this year!    That being said there was no way I could just skip my 100th day. Though I'm pretty sure it would have been a better idea...earlier!  Just sayin!
Wednesday March 28th
Pretty uneventful day at work. I pondered the idea of dieting, again. It makes me so mad, because I know, though not the healthiest of ideas I wish I could just stop eating. It worked back in high school it should work now.  Ugh!  My problem with that is, I really just like food!  Yummers!

So let's move on, I don't want o deal with that shit right now. Dinner  Pizza was good tonight. I've been wanting pizza for like ever. bwhahah.. Yay pizza!!

OH!! Before I forget again, I got another post card the other day. Don't ask me which day it was, but here ya have it!! My newest post card!  Yessssss!!
Northern Ireland
How awesome is that? I just got a post card, from a real life person from Northern Ireland.  Yays!!!  For those of you who are new, you can find more infortainment on the Post Card Campaign HERE!  And you can see more fabulous post from the lady sending me this awesome post card HERE.  So go ahead, check them out. It's okay, I will wait!

And there ya have it, Day 100. Wasn't it awesome!!  Dudes, I'm watching Zethura with a 12 year old Kristen Stewart, wtf... She looks exactly the same! Mr Monkey Butt says her mouth is always open.  I think he could be right, even at 12 years old.  BWhaha... Good night Dingleberries

Hang in there!

What my dog should eat?

So a few days ago one of the blogs I follow ran a funny one about pissing off one of the big time dog food makers, names, chains, whatever. I thought it was hilarious and reading his post reminded me that I'd thought about looking into what exactly our dog Max was really eating. Thought to myself, ya know I'm reading and worried all this time about what I'm eating and what MY family is eating. I need to worry about what our dog is eating as well. 

So Idaho this post is for you and being your so supah smart in regards to this matter, I'd like your input and or feedback on the matter!

Of course the bag tells you it's nutritious and delicious and the television ads show you pictures of a well groomed awesome behaved dog running and chasing kids.  Of course it's always the dog with the most beautiful coat of hair and color.
It's definitely not a dog that looks anything like this ugly bastard. Holy shit I mean HOLY SHIT!  That is the ugliest dog I have ever seen. I'm pretty sure he's won an award or ten for being the ugliest.  Anyway... How many of us would buy the dog food this dog is advertising?  Yea, I probably wouldn't!

OK OK to the point...  So while at the pet store while they were running one of their clinics. Yay Max is all caught up on his shots!  There was this rude ass bitch who forgot how to work that sensor there between the brain and the mouth.  Guess she thought it was a good idea to ask my if my child had ADD?  No you dumb cunt she doesn't!! Thank you very much!!!  <-- Of course I only wished I could have said those words!

So after getting a whif of an ole Max turd there in the middle of the pet store she asked me "what is he eating?"  lolz. I'm laughing, because this is all too normal for me. I've cleaned more poop that I care to share. Got to love the "Keep Gwinnett Beautiful and Clean" or whatever it's called.

To wrap this up, she gives me a bag full of samples of a certain dog food. Now all the scoping of labels and ingredients for the last few trips out I'm wondering.... Is it so bad that they seem to be making dogs more of a vegetarian type species?  Have you noticed that? There really isn't any meat in their foods. Is this bad for them?  I guess it makes sense to only say yes, because really. All of us need something from the meats. Whether it's the protein or whatever.  Dogs don't really get vitamins I guess.... Well not my dog anyway.

So Idaho and anyone else who knows.  Is it worth it for me to spend the 16 bucks for a small bag of this dog food or is there something better out there?  The labels say it has meat in it and the chicken aside, Max fraking loves it!  lolz..   Here's their page-----> Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's been one week, 2012

Day 93, Wednesday March 21st
Day 94,  Thursday March 22nd
Day 95, Friday March 23rd
Day 96, Saturday March 24th
Day 97, Sunday March 25th
Day 98, Monday March 26th
Day 99, Tuesday March 27th
Holy hell that's insanity isn't it?  A whole week, I've got miserable progress with this. I did manage to get it posted before tomorrow. It's my 100th day ya know!?

So lets get a recap.

  • You've seen my post on Mama Monkey Butt and her surgery dealings. Thanks so very much dear Dingleberries for all of your kinds words. I lerve each and every one of you dearly!
  • Pokey just stubbed her toe, she's not loving that.  She did go visit the dentist today though and we are with NO CAVITIES.  That is so awesome because OMG it's such a pain for her to get fillings.
  • I made the pick for the Peachtree Road Race. How fracking cool is that?  I think it's awesome!
  • I've adopted the work frak or fraking. I think it sounds less crappy than dropping the big F bomb. I'm thinking to reserve that for when it's needed. Ya know?  Don't want to over use the F bomb!
  • DodgeBall is one of my favorite movies....Evar!!!  It's made my top 20 for sure!
So with this I leave you. I need to muster the brain power to make a few other posts, so look at me go.  Hang in there Dingleberries.

Music for a Tuesday

One of my favorite ladies. Her voice is the most powerful I know as of late. The words are just as powerful. Who doesn't feel that way at times... That there's no light, that you need a revelation.  I know I do lately. Her voice and her words lift me up at times!  All the time.

I know there was quite the buzz going around with this video and  the man painted black.  I can't find the discrimination in the video. I will say I'm a little afraid of the voodoo man painted black.  Just sayin. I'd frackin run like hell if said voodoo man was chasing my arse! 

I blame Jack Nicholson and his puking of cherries in church for my fear of voodoo. 

You scare me Jack

Monday, March 26, 2012

Not for the weak hearted (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Mama Monkey Butt had an awesome surgery experience, or so I'd say. She may say differently, but I seriously doubt that. She went home Saturday, only one day later. Not even a full day I'm sure.  She felt pretty good, pain wasn't too awful. Sunday we were visiting for a bit and she seemed like she felt pretty good then as well.  For that we are sooooo glad.  She's such a fighter, so strong and so amazing. I'm floored at the bravery of this woman.  I will stop with my boring words though and share something she posted on facebook today. Mind you this isn't  a self portrait of Mama Monkey Butt, but take my word for it, her battle wounds look pretty much just like that of the beautiful woman in this photo!!!  


It's amazing what we go through at times.... 

"Peoples, I am alive, have went through the breast removal, went like a breeze! Hurray! But, let the truth be told, I am one breast less, that is not going to be pretty although I think I can manage that part. At least now, once I heal from this surgery, I can put a bra on, and Stuff it, just like us girls did when we were ten and wanted to look older, ha ha. At least then I can look normal again, but I want people to actually see what a person really looks like when this happens, this picture isn’t me, I don’t even have my tape stitches off yet, but I do have these hoses, that's scary. Something sucking fluid out of my body, and I see that bloody red streak from left to right, where the surgeon put my skin together. But it's not fun to look down my body and see such a flat depressed part of my body, where once before I was attacked by a monster, I was personally satisfied with, I'm going to miss this piece of my body, today I wondered where my breast was, I wish this had not of happened, but more than anything right now, I wasn’t the young ladies of this world to hear these words coming from a common person, and not some professional's mouth. Please don't hate me for posting this, and I'm going to block Carlin sis, I don't want her seeing such things, but I do want it seen. I Love You All."
-Mama Monkey Butt

Friday, March 23, 2012

The monster has been removed,

Mama Monkey Butt  had her left breast removed today.  That "monster" is gone.  They removed a plum size mass of nodes under her arm area.  Those are gone.  There are more nodes infected as well as her lung.  The battle isn't over.

Mama Monkey Butt is on a road of recovery right now, but before we know it she will back in the chemo chair again and last we heard from her Dr she would have chemo every week for 3 weeks with a week off and then 3 more weeks before a scan.

The chemo has to work this time, it just has to!

Friday's Fabulous Photo

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's surgery time,

Update time on Mama Monkey Butt and her breast cancer battle.  Of course she's still surviving, fighting like a true champ.  The time has come though for them to do surgery.  The Dr's are worried that because the chemo isn't helping she may set up a case of gangrene. I know pretty much not a damn thing about gangrene other than the stories I hear that they use maggots to eat away the gangrene. If you ask me that's pretty damn nasty!  Just sayin'.

So the words right now are that nothing much as improved to put it bluntly. They're going to remove her breast, Friday.  2 more days and it will be gone. 

My aunt was my informant this time and she had a lot of... information for me to take in. For that I am glad.

I've a lot of thoughts I'm working through right now and I can't seem to get them straight and in line for a blog post, so for now. I'm leaving you with just this.  It's a battle this cancer wants, it's a battle it's getting. Because Mama Monkey Butt ain't no fool.  This shit won't get her!! Not a chance!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 92, 2012

Tuesday, March 20th
Happy Tuesday Dingleberries, I hope you all had a very awesome day!  It wasn't too bad I guess. Another day at work. Ran 1.9 miles, burned 133 calories and only took about 30 minutes. 3 laps around the apartment complex! I'm a little proud of myself and am going to keep it up, because I just have to! 

Peachtree Road Race is in July and I have to be ready, now if they don't pick me, then whatever. I plan to do other runs and stuff. It's going to be awesome!!

Cya tomorrow Dingleberries, Hang in there!

Yay Spring!

First day of Spring, AWESOME!!!

Music for a Tuesday

I asked for suggestions on todays post.  Luckily I have awesome facebook followers that can lend me their eyes and brains !  Oh!  While we're talking about, check this LINK and go like my facebook page.  I know not all of you are, so go ahead.

Back to it, one of my followers After The Gold Rush suggested some Allman Brothers Band. I've shared them once or twice before, Tied to The whipping post recently. Good song as well. This one is probably one of my favorites as well. I will always have a spot in my heart for Allman Brothers.  I need to get my pictures out and share some Macon photos. Lovely place, I'm dying to visit again! 

So with that I leave you, enjoy this weeks music, Hang in there!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Week, 2012

Day 69, Thursday March 15th

Day 70, Friday, March 16th

Day 80, Saturday, March 17th

Day 90, Sunday, March 18th

Day 91, Monday, March 19th

Happy Monday dear Dingleberries. It was a loverly weekend, never long enough but still fun regardless. Family from Florida came up for a visit; always nice to see them. It's been years.  Went to the Gladiators game on Friday. Awesome fun..  Oh!! made our first trip to IKEA. It was.. how do I put it...AWESOME!  I love that store. I found me a wine bottle rack, finally.  Some awesome artwork for the bedroom and a cool  plastic thingy to hold the plastic bags!  Very awesome. 

Hung out with the ladies on St Patty's Day, had 2 green beers; my first actually.  It made my head ache. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the beer or the food coloring.  Whatever. Taste of India never fails me, the food is so amazing. For those of you who may one day travel to Athens, GA. Make sure you stop in for A Taste of India....YUM!  The ladies were awesome and lovely and preggers (not all of them)!  A great time!!! Sad it had to end!!

Monday (today) was just that... A Monday. I managed to do some reading. Not enough I'm sure of it. Not only did I neglect blogger this weekend, but also Facebook. I had a lot of catching up to do :)

I need a new hair cut, color, both...Something..

Cya tomorrow  bloggers!  :)

Hang in there!

Bang POW Boom!

Pokey knows how to photo bomb some shiz :)

We had a blast at the Gladiators game again, although I did notice our party kinda came and went a lot. Doubting very seriously we saw very much of said hockey game.  But it was nice to get out for a bit. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Have a run but first have a walk....

Sometimes I make my own self proud. I was more shocked than anything this morning.  Shocked that I didn't chicken out and stunned that I didn't forget.  That seems to be my thing these days!!

So for starters.. I registered myself in the Peachtree Road Race lottery this morning. GO ME!  GO ME! GO ME!   This is really cool to me. I'm hoping I'm one of the sixty thousand people randomly chosen. I'm worried only because:
  • I've no times to give them from other runs/walks. It didn't say this was a problem, it just helped determine your wave.
  • I didn't donate anything
Registration runs until the 22nd of March and notification emails will be sent out on the 26th.  I hope I'm chosen. I think a few of my lady friends are going to  sign up as well. I hope we all make it! And I hope we all make the same wave ::fingers crossed:: !!!

In other related news... My lady friend and  I have started a team for the walk for ms.  It's all exciting news this lovely spring days we're having!   I'm loving it.  The warm weather. It's making life so much happier for me, lolz.  Funny how weather can do that huh?

So in this news, yerp, we've signed up as a team and are recruiting a few folks.  Trying to fundraiser about 250 bucks for this one. So if any of you dear Dingleberries are interested in donating anything, please feel free. It's for MS and as most of you already know, my Mom also suffers with MS. It's in remission right now and we've other battles to work through, but it does affect many many people. GO ahead, donate a little, donate a lot. We'll take what we can get. Get active, sign up for a walk.  It's going to be AWESOME!!!


Have an awesome day Dingleberries, hang in there!

Oh, The Ides of March

"Men at some time are masters of their fates: The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings". - (Quote Act I, Scene II).



Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

Gordo aka "Old Reliable" weighing in at about 1.5 kg, standing only 1 foot. This South American Squirrel Monkey may not look like much but he survived a trip into outer space. Launched  into space on December 13th 1958. He traveled over 1500 miles and about 300 miles up.  Brave little fella he was. Sadly he was lost after the crash landing in the South Atlantic when due to technical malfunctions the parachute didn't open, after only hours of searching they never recovered either.  Very sad. It's said they believe he was alive at the time of impact.  Bet his little butt was flinging poo all over the place.

But the good news.... Old Reliable here was alive and weightless in outer space. How cool is that? The flight lasted only 15 minutes and he was weightless for like 8 of those. I don't know about you, but I think it would be pretty cool to be weightless in outer space for about 8 minutes! Anymore than that and I might toss my cookies ::barfs:: That and I'm afeared of heights! 

So with this DiscoveryMonkeyButt I've given you some edumacation for the week. I bet you already knew all about Gordo and his super awesome fabulous trip to outer space in 1958!

I found this funny picture. (here)

more thanks for JIMSMASH!!!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 67 and 68, 2012

Tuesday, March 13th

Wednesday, March 14th

Happy Wednesday Dingleberries, I'm quite proud of myself for posting a few random tid bits of postings the past few days. Of course I didn't get back online last night and post Tuesdays post.  Friggn typical of my day I guess. In my defense I was pretty tired for some odd reason last night.  So I'm using that excuse.

SO some random thoughts for today.. 

  • You know I've given up on my damn Run for the cure thoughts.  Yalls remember I wanted to do the run for breast cancer, the three day thing. Turns out people who are broke arses like me and can't afford health insurance can't sign up. Sucks but hey that's just how it goes I guess. So now I want to embark on the Peachtree Road Race.  Sounds awesome and  it's only like 6.5 miles or something. There is also an Atlanta Track Club I'm thinking about joining.  All this running stuff, has me pretty excited.  I was reading on there today they have Jr races as well. I wish I could get Pokey motivated enough to do some of this with me. We took off on foot yesterday for a walk around the neighborhood and her ADD kicked in and she just wanted to go home. Girl doesn't have ADD by the way! <3
  • It's Pi day.  I'm sure you all saw my post earlier about that. Who would have thought they would dedicate a day for the math league's.  Awesome! I suck at math!
  • There's more, I know there is......
  • Tomorrow is Thursday and I'm scared  it's going to be one  of those shitty post again. I think I'm running out of Monkeys :/
  • I think peanut butter is the source of my stomach problems as of late. Think it could also be a cause of my fattness? 
The weather  is changing here. We're hitting the and close to the 80s like everyday. Sure there are chances  of rain like all the time, but still. 80 DEGREES! That is soooooo awesome. I love love love love warm weather. Damn I can't wait for summer.... 

I went running yesterday in my fivefingers and OMG was it awesome!! So So So awesome.. Very cool running shoes and would definitely recommend to anyone else who wants to pick em up.  Love em!!!

If I'm bored all day today then I think I could be spending a lot of time with you today dear blogger.. :)  but Im going to leave you all with this today because the sun shine up front is making my brain not work and only thinking about that lovely sunshine!!!

It's pi day,

Happy Pi Day 2012, go ahead... Eat some pie.. It's ok ;)

The kitchen is closed...

Lazer Beams
First let me start by saying this picture made me laugh out loud and I mean literally! It was just that funny! Secondly we're gonna talk about babies and not where they come from. Sorry if you were excited about that tidbit.

So my baby, who is not so much a baby (or so she would say) is 8 years old, already.  Don't ask me, I've no idea how that come to be. Just yesterday she was laying with her face smashed against the webbing of the play pen and BAM she's almost as tall as me and a helluva a lot cooler than I ever was, am or will be.  Like  for serious, I go to lunch with her most weeks and there are kids all over the place saying "Hey pokey" (of course they don't call her that).  Kids that aren't even in her class, I'm like who the hell is that kid!??  tee hee.  She is a cool kid though and as sweet as can be. From what her teacher tells me. Why doesn't she act like that at home then?  Damn!

<3 My girl is sweet <3

Back to the post.... So here lately I see all my friends and their babies or they're expecting babies. Yesterday at the ear Dr a girl comes in with her 'baby'. He wasn't a new born or anything. He was big enough to hold his toys and drool, though I doubt he could walk or anything. I spot Pokey checking him out. 

You all hear me bitching and moaning about how fat I am. How I want to lost weight and blah blah blah, lets leave that alone. Well Pokey tells me when I say something that I'm having a  baby because I'm getting fat. Awe that's so sweet huney, to think she thinks I'm having a baby instead of just being fat. Pretty flattering, but it's not true.  I'm NOT having any babies.

This makes me feel bad, a little. Mainly because I catch her spotting kids, babies and just aweing them. It's terrifying to think she will grow up and want one of those!  I can't fathom the idea of making any more babies though. I mean to think about it makes me cringe, makes the bile in the deepest depths of my stomach curdle up and topple to the top!  It's disgusting really.   Does it make sense for me to feel guilty? I know with all that I am that it isn't something I want. To put my whole life on hold, again so that I can play mommy to a baby?  Really?  I mean, I'm in my 30's already.  I've no real career, I've no money for childcare for a baby and well I've overloaded as  is it. Work, home, life. Where the fuck is there any time  for more kids?  Pokey and Mr Monkey Butt both this it's a sweet idea, I think perhaps because they don't know the work that goes into it. The constant worry I have even with my 8 year old, imagine doing all the worry with babies again. Let alone the stress. I've said it  before, I will say it again. It's too late for me. The age, the lack of things, it just isn't right for me.....

Those  of you has more than one, how do you do it?  I may never know. 

But I salute you and genuinely am looking to hear every ones thoughts on this one :)  Hang in there Dingleberries.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On behalf of my ass!

It's been a minute since I posted anything much at all in regards to Mama Monkey Butt and her battle with breast cancer.  Here I am finally getting around to it. I shouldn't put it off, but really there wasn't much to update. She's still getting chemo treatments every 3 weeks and running to and from the Dr for blood work and CT scans.  The norm I presume.  So this week Mama Monkey Butt had something to share on facebook and with her permission of course I'm sharing it with you. Her trials and feelings in her struggle!  It blew me away to see her share this I was so happy to see her come up and speak her mind. To share  her feelings on the subject. To talk about her fears. I don't see her enough nor do I talk to her enough and it KILLS me inside knowing this.  She has since deleted the post on facebook, but I managed to get my hands on it for all you Dingleberries to read on!   So I will stop my babbles and get on with the sharing!  Enjoy!  Hang  n there Dingleberries!

"Had some chick call this afternoon wanting donations for breast cancer. I ask who she is, she tells me she is calling on behalf of "American cancer society", but doesn't tell me who or what group she is with. I ask her, "so you are not the American cancer society?" She tells me "no", she is calling on behalf of, that scares me. I tell her she could be john doe from right up the street wanting my card number. she tells me curtly, "That's fine, if you don't want to help women with breast cancer. That's fine." and hangs up. I want to tell her how I feel, I have this monster, was a b cup, now my left arm wont lay down and rest easily beside me. Have an open, nasty place on the bottom of my breast where this monster has eaten its way to the outside of my body. I wear and change a gauze, many times daily. For the fear of getting an infection from this open place, and these people that call, and just because I wont give my card numbers to a person that I cant verify is truly who they are saying, get cold and hang up the phone on me. I hope I've done no wrong, of all people, I'd love to help somehow. I don't have a lot of money, but I don't like being made feel like I don't care about this monster that I am fighting right now for my very own life! I hope some of those people who work at these sites, see messages like this and possibly see how they make people like us feel, just because we wont willingly hand our identifications and numbers to people over the telephone. I hope I survive, I look forward to this look. Never thought I'd be saying those words, girls- Beware "

The world never ceases to piss me off, in amazing ways.  But leave it to a telemarketer to be an asshat.  That's OK we will prep mom for the next one!  Ah yes we will! 

Music for a Tuesday

I heard this one last week and just loved it! 
Enjoy dear Dingleberries,
Hang in there!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 66, 2012

Tuesday, March 12th
Monday already... Yippy!  Called it last night, totally overslept this morning.  The sun wasn't up when I got up and it messed everything up.

Mr Monkey Butt said my coughing woke him up last night and it doesn't seem to be getting much better. I feel a cough coming on and nothing I can do about it.

Pokey is still awake, whistling the tune of something or another and not sleeping. It makes me nuts!

I just want to go running.  It's dark and I can't. It's no fair!
Vibram fivefingers
Pokey and I now have a pair. Hers were an awesome price if I might say so myself. Only like 27 bucks. For anything in a kids size that's a good price :)I love these shoes. We went walking in them today and it was awesome. Didn't get my run on today and can't wait to try them out tomorrow :)

Will post more tomorrow, Pokey had her ear Dr appointment and it went OK.  She hasn't lost her other tube yet. Back again in 4 months.  yippy! 

Goodnight, Hang in there!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 65, 2012

Day 65, Sunday March 11th
Happy Sunday Dingleberries. Woke this morning to the sun shining through the blinds.  We don't have any curtains in our room. Something about that pleases me greatly.  It wasn't warm out yet and time had changed but I wasn't complaining about sleeping later than I should.  Was actually happy before I realized it was almost 9am not 8am.  A list of things to do as well and I think I got them all done.

  1. Went to the pet store for shavings for the guinea pig (Rhino) ---- check
  2. Birthday party at 2pm---- check  * WE weren't even late
  3. grocery shopping --- check
  4. Pokey a bath ---- check
Got all of those things done today and it wasn't to sufferable.  Although we did go to Abba Dabbas for shopping before groceries and I finally got the toe shoes I've been wanting. Yes I've already forgot what they're called.
I love these and  they're pretty comfy. I plan on running in them and made sure to purchase the ones designed for running. I'm excited to run tomorrow and jumping for joy that I won't be racing the sun down and well hopeful that the weather will be nice and warm!  ::fingers crossed::  Besides, these shoes make my toes look adorable!  :)

Goodnight Dingleberries. I've lost an hour of sleep already and it's way way way past my bedtime. Looks like an oversleeping for tomorrow, shit!

Hang in there!