Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 101, 2012

Thursday, March 29th
Well hello again Dingleberries, I imagine you're all off in dream land or something along those lines. Perhaps cuddled next to your partner of choice or kicked back watching some television. I'm spending my time on the interwebs (again). What can I say?  It's my thang!!

So some of you noticed I picked another new idea for hair today.  Got a lot of great reviews and for Starlight, I know it's going to take some work to make it look as awesome as the picture and most likely 99% of the time it won't look like that. In case you readers hadn't heard, I effn hate my hair. Like all of the time. Doesn't really matter the color or cut. My hatred just kinda builds up for it. It's weird how that works. But I'm excited to try this cut. I don't think I want to part with my black hair though. I'm so undecided :)  Luckily I can decide that... later.  Right?

So it was a  weird kind of day. Busy for the most part.  Pokey was complaining of throat pain this morning. The gut wrenching fear hit me that she has came across strep throat again. It's picture day! It's the last day before spring break!  Tell me this isn't happening!!???  Pokey made it only until about 1pm today at school.  Nurse calls me for a sick Pokey.  That's a first this year!  Run her to the Dr office, a confirmed case of strep throat ::face palm::.  Damn!  So the complaining about only getting like 31 hours in of work this week, just went from bad to worse. I've lost an additional half a day and tomorrow.  UGH!! Oh look, here  comes the first of the month!!  Awesome!

In other news, tomorrow is Friday. We're doing the walk for MS on Saturday and an Easter egg hunt here in town on Sunday.  It's going to be an awesome weekend. Hoping I can get some time on my running or biking. After the breathing problems and anxiety attack the other day I hate to do my running with all this pollen. damn you pollen!!

So with this I leave you. Thanks for all the awesome comments today and look forward to getting some post on tomorrow as well, though it's unlucky till the end of the day.  Shall see!!!

Hang in there!

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