Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 63 and 64, 2012

Day 63, Friday March 9th
Day 64, Saturday March 10th
Mr Monkey Butt worked today and Pokey and I spent the day doing pretty much nothing. Bought a piece of furniture, thinking it was a coffee table only to discover it was an entertainment piece, but turns out I was about to pop the back off and it works just fine as a coffee table ::Exciting::  Hit up the home improvement store and found some extra shelves for my book shelf aka DVD holder.  I swear I can't stand and unorganized mess. I know I'm a cluster fuck of a mess at times, but I make it work, there is an organized feel to it if it's mine and since November I've been staring that that mess and it finally made me mad. I had to fix it.

Got all the laundry done, yay.  Wasn't able to go skating but made a worthless attempt to get Pokey on her bike today and it didn't much work out.  What happened to kids? I remember being a kid and we LOVED to ride our bikes. Like everywhere.  If the training wheels aren't on her she has no interest. She's 8 for gawds sake!

Birthday party tomorrow and some grocery shopping.  Fun Fun Fun... Another weekend just flown right by. It's no fair I tell you. Weekends should be longer.

Enjoy your Sunday, Hang in there!


  1. busy busy lady. I know all about kids and bikes. My boys hardly rode theirs. Not even to school. Preffered to walk

  2. You are a busy bee. Hope you'll have a nice, relaxing Sunday sweetie :*

  3. You look like you are feeling better in the pictures. Keep up the good work!

    I have a weeks worth of cleaning to do here today, groceries, laundry cut my hair blah, blah, blah.

    Whew, I'm going to need this extra hour today : )

  4. @ Mynx Yerp I always manage to stay busy. I can't stand it after it's all said and done but when I'm not doing something it makes me crazy. I get bored and restless and pretty much just bitchy! GO figure. Maybe we will get to bike riding soon. ::fingers crossed::

    @Starlight, we managed to relax a little before the busy part of Sunday came along. Thanks lady!

    @ Tim, Id like to think I feel better but i still have this cough. It's really anoying!!! I just want it to go away!! ahhh we had to do the same thing today. Arg!


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