Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What my dog should eat?

So a few days ago one of the blogs I follow ran a funny one about pissing off one of the big time dog food makers, names, chains, whatever. I thought it was hilarious and reading his post reminded me that I'd thought about looking into what exactly our dog Max was really eating. Thought to myself, ya know I'm reading and worried all this time about what I'm eating and what MY family is eating. I need to worry about what our dog is eating as well. 

So Idaho this post is for you and being your so supah smart in regards to this matter, I'd like your input and or feedback on the matter!

Of course the bag tells you it's nutritious and delicious and the television ads show you pictures of a well groomed awesome behaved dog running and chasing kids.  Of course it's always the dog with the most beautiful coat of hair and color.
It's definitely not a dog that looks anything like this ugly bastard. Holy shit I mean HOLY SHIT!  That is the ugliest dog I have ever seen. I'm pretty sure he's won an award or ten for being the ugliest.  Anyway... How many of us would buy the dog food this dog is advertising?  Yea, I probably wouldn't!

OK OK to the point...  So while at the pet store while they were running one of their clinics. Yay Max is all caught up on his shots!  There was this rude ass bitch who forgot how to work that sensor there between the brain and the mouth.  Guess she thought it was a good idea to ask my if my child had ADD?  No you dumb cunt she doesn't!! Thank you very much!!!  <-- Of course I only wished I could have said those words!

So after getting a whif of an ole Max turd there in the middle of the pet store she asked me "what is he eating?"  lolz. I'm laughing, because this is all too normal for me. I've cleaned more poop that I care to share. Got to love the "Keep Gwinnett Beautiful and Clean" or whatever it's called.

To wrap this up, she gives me a bag full of samples of a certain dog food. Now all the scoping of labels and ingredients for the last few trips out I'm wondering.... Is it so bad that they seem to be making dogs more of a vegetarian type species?  Have you noticed that? There really isn't any meat in their foods. Is this bad for them?  I guess it makes sense to only say yes, because really. All of us need something from the meats. Whether it's the protein or whatever.  Dogs don't really get vitamins I guess.... Well not my dog anyway.

So Idaho and anyone else who knows.  Is it worth it for me to spend the 16 bucks for a small bag of this dog food or is there something better out there?  The labels say it has meat in it and the chicken aside, Max fraking loves it!  lolz..   Here's their page-----> Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance


  1. Natural Balance is a good food, but slightly overpriced. They have floats at the rose parade, and run ads at zoos & baseball fields. When you buy a bag of food, you're paying for all that marketing.

    Step 1 - You're in Petco. Get out of there. 90% of their stuff is either garbage or overpriced. Find a local pet store (mom & pop-type) and see what the clerk recommends. An average worker at a small pet store knows 100 times more about nutrition than anyone at Petco.

    Brands to check out that are both nutritious and inexpensive (when you think cost-per-feeding):

    Premium Edge
    Taste of the Wild
    Earthborn Holistic (what I personally feed)
    Eagle Pack
    Diamond Naturals

    Any of these brands are high quality, have varying formulas/flavors/prices, and can't be found in a Petco or Petsmart. Google some of those names, and look at their websites. Most will have a 'store locator' section which will tell you where to buy.

    Good luck! And BIG PROPS for taking steps to feed your pets a healthier diet!

  2. I'm feeling better now about feeding my dog my leftover tater tot casserole last night.

  3. Dick Van Patten? As in Eight Is Enough Dick Van Patten?

    Dang. Everyone has a product out these days!


  4. I feed Woody Petigree, he has a nice coat, strong as an ox for 55lbs and a lot more energy than me!

  5. Duke ate Petigree too and for a large black lab he lived for 16 years.

  6. LoL That is one butt ugly dog! He's scarier than Cujo!


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