Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 100, 2012

Wut Wut I made it to day 100. How fraking cool is that? Not that I ever  doubted myself or anything. Hell I managed to get this thang done last year, no reason I can't get er done this year!    That being said there was no way I could just skip my 100th day. Though I'm pretty sure it would have been a better idea...earlier!  Just sayin!
Wednesday March 28th
Pretty uneventful day at work. I pondered the idea of dieting, again. It makes me so mad, because I know, though not the healthiest of ideas I wish I could just stop eating. It worked back in high school it should work now.  Ugh!  My problem with that is, I really just like food!  Yummers!

So let's move on, I don't want o deal with that shit right now. Dinner  Pizza was good tonight. I've been wanting pizza for like ever. bwhahah.. Yay pizza!!

OH!! Before I forget again, I got another post card the other day. Don't ask me which day it was, but here ya have it!! My newest post card!  Yessssss!!
Northern Ireland
How awesome is that? I just got a post card, from a real life person from Northern Ireland.  Yays!!!  For those of you who are new, you can find more infortainment on the Post Card Campaign HERE!  And you can see more fabulous post from the lady sending me this awesome post card HERE.  So go ahead, check them out. It's okay, I will wait!

And there ya have it, Day 100. Wasn't it awesome!!  Dudes, I'm watching Zethura with a 12 year old Kristen Stewart, wtf... She looks exactly the same! Mr Monkey Butt says her mouth is always open.  I think he could be right, even at 12 years old.  BWhaha... Good night Dingleberries

Hang in there!


  1. congrats on 100 days and aren't the post cards hazel sent just beautiful.
    Must remember to do my post about it tomorrow


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