Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh the things we would go through....

So as some of you may well know, we had some bad weather around the country (again) here recently. I've slacked off on my news watching. It depresses me from time to time.  This morning however it was unavoidable. I'm walking around my room trying to pep talk myself into getting dressed and ready for a new day. Today, unlike yesterday I wasn't forced awake at 6 friggn AM with a pounding sinus headache and the desire to choke someone or something.

Back to the post... So this morning I kick on the news to check the weather, it's the only thing I want to see (sometimes).  Preferably only as long as they have some good news to tell me. I think that's why  I hate the news, they never have much good news. It's always just Bad! 


So this woman, Indiana woman, Stephanie Decker lost her legs in the tornado's last week.  How terrible is that? This turns into a heroic story. Stephanie and her children were in their home and they raced to the basement. She tied her kids in a blanket and covered them with herself. A human shield of sorts. 

Some of us are parents... How many of us would actually do this for our children? I gamble to say all of you, or else you wouldn't be following me.  Then there are some of us who would do such a thang for Joe Schmo over there just because you are that kind of people.

So at 7AM this morning, I'm standing, thinking about getting dressed for work and listening to this story on the news. Listening to this woman talk about tying her children up in a blanket and laying on top of them. The house is shaking because the tornado is tearing it apart.  Parts of the house are falling on top of her. She talks about feeling the beams and pieces fall on her back and on her legs.  Her children are crying for help and she's laying there pep talking herself that everything will be OK. 

Someone comes and rescues the children and she is left alone, all alone With only her thoughts as she is waiting for someone or waiting for death.  She's back and forth with it until someone comes to save her.

She lost a part of both legs but she is alive. Her kids are safe and I'm crying again.  What a sad but awesome story of bravery and the things we will do for our kids and others for that matter.

Anyone else see this story?  Today or any day?



  1. Like you, I have been trying to avoid much news lately. Same Sh**, different day!

    This is a choker of a story that gives me a lump in my throat.

    It's been said before, "There is no love, like a Mother's Love."

  2. WOW, that certainly puts things in perspective.

  3. I don't watch the news, but scan yahoo news and saw the amazing story. News depresses me too much. It should be called "bad news and sometimes good news but not often."

    Great post, my friend!

  4. I hate those mornings when you're standing there crying and bawling at some poor soul on the damn tv news. I too hate the news. Never a good thing on there! Gawd!


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