Friday, March 30, 2012

Good News from Mama,


"My surgeon called me today, She said she got the complete breast cancer with surgery. She said all the tissue around what she took was cancer free, that is what told her she got all of it. She said she took 11 lymph nodes from under my arm, only 1 tested positive for cancer, so maybe this is a good sign, I feel good about it, I wanted You all to know- love you"  -Mama Monkey Butt

Words from Mama Monkey Butt :)  We're feeling good to have gotten some good news. Thank you everyone who said a prayer or sent a good vibe.  Thank you all for all the kind words.  Here's to hoping the Dr's will be full of good news in days to come. Chemo begins again in April. 


  1. This is Fabulous Friday~! So nice to hear good news these days! Peace ☮

  2. Fabulous Friday is definately a Good Friday! Now that Lent is finally almost over, I still need to lay off Ice Cream and lose some ton-age!

  3. Yay!! *Happy Dance!*

  4. That is the best kind of news. YAH!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Such wonderful news. Big smile here.

    Now fingers crossed that chemo goes ok


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