Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

::gasps:: Another award? For little old me?  That's so sweet and how fun this should be. First I want to thank the Dingleberries that always seem to hang in there ;)  Then of course I want to thank "The Cat And The Coffee Cup" and "The Ramblings of Charlie Brown" for the awesome award they've both passed on to me. Rather than do this twice though, I'm doing it once and thanking them both! 

Now I can't think of a Kreativ bone in my body, but I guess it wasn't up to me to decide that I deserved this award and keep in mind I'm thrilled to tackle the rules of the game.  So here goes :


I must now tell you 10 (ten) random things about the Monkey Butt and tag 6 (six) awesome bloggers like myself for this award.  Sounds like fun right? Wait until it's your turn and you have to come up with these.  Yea, lets see how much fun it is then!  :))

  • I love zombies. You read that right, ZOMBIES (and vampires) that eat your brains and the likes. I think it's funny how they've evolved from slow moving brain eating to rip you apart, pull out your inards and pretty much chase you until you fall.  Call me weird, whatever. On that note though, in the event of a zombie apocalypse I'm probably going to be one of the first ones infected out of sure bad luck!  How effed up is that?
  • I hate new music. The music of today.  I turn on what use to be radio stations I loved and they're all full of stupid music that makes me want to jump off very tall buildings
  • I don't have much tolerance for whiny ass puny anything.  Man up world, stop pissing and moaning about how bad your life is.
  • I've decided to stop bitching about how shitty my life is, how I want to be something, do something better and actually work to obtain said goals, but managed to live while doing so. No sit and piss and moan about how I wish it could be now. Note to self, shit just don't happen.  You have to make it happen.
  • If I say I think I take on to much at one time and take on too many projects. I'm lying. I love the challenge.
  • I manage to drop every idea I have the moment I begin to doubt my abilities. I think Im going to stop doing that
  • Facebook really sucks here lately. I don't enjoy the new layout and well no one really has much of anything to say these days.
  • I've decided running doesn't suck as much as it did when I smoked
  • I hate when the shower curtain isn't closed.  you know what I'm talking about when you or someone else gets out from their shower and leaves it open.  Makes me CrAzAy!
So that covers my 10 (ten) random thoughts of the Monkey Butt kind. Nothing really worth a shit, but whatever. That's why it's random. Who else would come up with mindless random bullshit. Oh wait, we all did that when we accepted this blog.  yay I'm not the only one. Now the harder part, tagging 6 (six) blogger friends to tackle this as well. That will take me a minute as I'm sure the ones I tagged yesterday are still cussing me for it :)  Plus I'd hate to tag some of the same people.  Yikes!

As I as was saying 30 mintues ago, this part was hard :)  So without further ado here ya have them! (In no particular order of course)
  1. Lex at Dorkisms Very cool place to be on Tuesdays with her random Tuesdays!  :) 
  2. Starlight at Crazy Thaughts Very awesome lady whos writing is always beautiful :)
  3. Just Keepin' it Real, Folks Awesome lady and fun blog. :) 
  4. Froken Lila I love her posts, she's a lady from the other side of the world and it's fun to see all the neat stuff she shares :)
  5. Sandola Actually she's my baby sister and she isn't on blogger much, but I'm hoping she will at least partake in this adventure! 
  6. Learning to Hope A lady and her tale of her sick husband suffering with brain cancer and her tale of courage :/


  1. So two things: First off, new music doesn't suck. New POPULAR music sucks. I can't stand the radio. Nothing but garbage. The real music is being made by people that get no recognition, which might make me sound like a hipster douche, but there's a lot of great music out there. It's just not on the radio.

    Also, you rock, because we too love zombies. Our new novel is actually a comedic twist on zombies taking over Las Vegas.

  2. Ummmm my lovely quick finger sister...Now I gotta thunk-up 10 things about mi-self to blog? I don't understand the task at hand...Please help me out! :)

  3. @ A Beer for the shower- Thank you, you are correct there. New POPULAR music is what sucks! THE RADIO SUCKS! I can't wait to check your zombie book then. sounds awesome!!!

    @Tim, awe thanks! :)

  4. Many congrats to you blogger friend, and thank you SO much for this honor!!! My wheels are turning to think of 10 crazy things about myself. Hahaha

  5. Congrats on the award! Also, I totally hear you about music. And zombies. There's something kind of neat about the undead, but, yeah, I probably wouldn't do too well in a zombie apocalypse...

    Thanks for passing the award on, btw! Making me feel all special! :D

  6. Congrats on the award sweetie and thank you so much for passing it on to me. I'm honored :)


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