Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another week, 2012

 So I'm just at a loss on ideas for this post here. I thought perhaps it would let me kind of do my writings to the side of the photos, but it doesn't seem to want to cooperate. Go figure!  That's ok, it's a whole week again, it would be hard to wrap all that up in one sitting. I did want to get it down though so at least I'm caught up again. I've gotta get better at getting these atleast every other day. Something, this weekly shit isn't my thang I dont think. Not sure yet!
Day 53...Tuesday, February 28th

Day 54...Wednesday, February 29th

Day 55...Thursday, March 1st
Day 56...Friday, March 2nd
Day 57...Saturday, March 3rd

I'm going to keep this short, it's late, I'm tired and well it's Saturday. Most of my blogger homies are in bed or busy having fun with their weekend :)  I hope it's fabulous.  I'm hoping to do better with my posts next week!  Starting tomorrow!
Goodnight Dingleberries,
Hang in there!


  1. it was fun seeing all the different photos of you. Love the one with the little one asleep on your shoulder

    Hope you have had a lovely restful weekend

  2. Thanks Mynx! :) It was a good weekend, thought I would get lucky and it would stay warm. Yea, not so lucky! :/


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