Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 58, 2012

Sunday, March 4th

I had a thought the other day...... I really can't wait to have an "office" you know? Like the home office thing I hear everyone talking about. I just know it, one day I'm going to be all growd up with a house and an office and all of that awesome stuff.  What I really want is walls that I can cover with all of my favorite ideas from my blogging life.  Another reason to think more on the whole house purchase. I'm in no way ready, but one day the time will come!

In other news, it was a pretty good weekend. The weather wasn't very nice to us.  Of course no snow or anything awful like that. It was coldish though. I've awesome news to share from Saturday. I can't go public with that just yet though.  That's right, you all have to sit and wait. Don't you just love the whole anticipation thing?  I don't, I hate waiting for news. I know I've already shared that I've go some though.  Sorry!!

We saw "The Lorax" today.  Good movie, pretty good message as well. Made me want to come home and plant some trees.  lol.  I guess that's what they are shooting for though. I must say I don't think we're those people anymore. The ones who just cut cut cut.  I'm always hearing of replanting trees and stuff. So I think that story did us all some well.  yay Dr. Suess!

Finally got some pictures on the walls as well, framed the fabulous painting I got from Mynx a while back and am thinking of the perfect spot to hang it as well.  I'm patting myself on the back and tired as sin.

Back to work tomorrow, Max gets his "danglies" chopped off and I've got to get up early.  Will catch up on my reading at work!  Goodnight Dingleberries, Hang in there!


  1. I am sorry for Lorax, but not as sorry as I am about Max getting his 'danglies' snipped. Poor boy!

  2. It was a boring rainy weekend with possible snow flurries today. I need to get outside and rake up all the sticks, turds and stuff to get ready for a grass cutting. Well mostly weed mowing, the rope grass grows great here!

  3. Does Max get to say goodbye to his danglies? One last leg hump?

    Also, I'd rather not be a 20-something year old guy going to see a Dr. Seuss movie alone, so I'll take your word on the Lorax.

  4. lolz, Max never got to use his danglies, so I'm hoping he doesn't miss them much. No leg humps for him. bwhahahaha...


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