Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 59 & 60, 2012

I put 2021 as my year there for  minute. How weird would that be?  I'd be what.... like 40 years old or something?  Wowza!  While we're there, Pokey graduates some time around then.  Damn!  So lets get this started...

Monday, Day 59. March 5th
Tuesday, Day 60. March 6th
So it's been one of those days, well two of those days I guess. My head is fucked up from some pollen or another and it can't be the bee pollen because I haven't taken it in a few days and am actually NOT taking it because I'm worried it may make this allergy worse.  I don't know what the hello is going on, it's awful though.  Sit through some random, you know you want to!
  • My head has been pounding all day with this sinus headache and Excedrin though it would be a good idea to pull my favorite sinus headache medicine from the shelves because of packaging! PACKAGING.  That shit isn't funny!
  • There is a damn white tree here in GA, it's probably else where also, but I'm blaming this white tree for my headaches.  Why must it bloom!  Bastard allergy tree!
  • Max lost his danglies yesterday and he's been whining ever since.  Mr. Monkey Butt has also been freaking out since yesterday.  They're like two peas in a pod I guess. Boys will be boys. No offence ;) I'm hoping the puny little Max mans up soon and gets over it. I know it hurts and I'm really sorry he has to go through it.
  • All animals, like people handle their pain differently and have a different idea of what pains are the worse.  So yea, apparently dogs getting the danglies removed is painful and funny looking. That sack looks funny all empty. I hope that goes away, lolz. eww!
  • I went running today, again, .6 miles and almost died. My lungs just aren't ready for this cold weather and these allergies aren't too pleased with me doing it either. It's cold outside ya know? 
  • I can't do my cancer run this year, but I think I'm going to sign up for this Womens run at the end of the month. Gawd I hope it warms up soon
So Dingleberries, with that I leave you. I think I posted something earlier and I guess today was music day as well.  A pretty good choice and I hope you all enjoyed it.  Hang in there!


  1. allergies are never fun so i am feeling very sorry for you.

    Hope you are feeling brighter soon

  2. Not sure if those trees are Magnolia trees or cherry blossums. Doesn't matter, pollen is pollen! Not good at identifying plants.

    Thanks again for the blogger award. Now you have put me to work LoL

    I have to read the post again to remember all I need to do! Now, get well~!


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