Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday's Monkey Butt

Happy Thursday my Dingleberries. 

This weekly post has been the hardest for me so far this year. With no guarantee honestly!  But I had it on my mind this morning and decided I would put forth some effort being as I had a few minutes!! 


Ya get some strange things when you google Monkey Butt, just so you know!  But I did come across this one. It's a pretty sketch. Don't you think? 

-Hang in there!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Lookie lookie!  Two in one week? I must be sick or something...  Sorry Dingleberries ... It's been a helluva time trying to balance my life right now.  I'm working at it though... Still.. I know I keep saying these things, believe me I want them to be true!  

So, Happy Wednesday everyone. I'm linking up this week with Jamie over at LittleDaisyMay and sharing a few things I'm loving this week ...  Let me start by saying her baby and family is just precious!

I'm Loving .. red shoes...   I know I've shared this before, a different pair of shoes though, but something clicked earlier.. I just love some red shoes!!

and of course these for baby ...  Think Mr MB will let me get away with these for MBjr?

I'm loving these  ideas for  a baby's room.. We've not finalized anything as of yet. Hey don't judge me... It's coming together.... sort of. 

They're awesome right!!!???  

and of course, 

I'm loving ... 

Happy Wednesday again my dearest Dingleberries!! 

-Hang in there!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Don't look back

It's a heck of a day around here, first thing this morning the boss gets on my case because he neglected to give me enough information. It happens all the time...

I didn't take it well this morning and attempted without much success at keeping the tears back.  I cried a little today. Was so mad!!

Now those guts feelings of leaving this place soon are stronger than ever.  I'm scared though..

It's been so long now, the job market is so crappy.

There is always an excuse isn't there!  Few more months, yea it's time to let it go.... and not look back. .

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Rant for Sunday!

Happy Sunday Dingleberries ..

Just a quick rant...

It became evident tonight that Howard the guinea pig requires a name change...  Howardette!!!  Funny story, Howard was squeaking and running around his cage today and I asked Pokey to feed the little turd. Knowing he most likely needs some veggies and pellets in there.

"Mom, Howard looks...different"  As you can imagine that will make anyone get up from the couch to inspect... 



Meet Perry and Norman ...  So as you can tell, the lady who sold us our dear Norman was unaware that she was prego.  UGH!!  This was not a pleasant surprise actually, but wasn't really a surprise at all. Deep down I was worried that Howard shouldn't be THAT fat!  Just goes to show..
You can't trust these crazy, sometimes unintelligent Rednecks up here where we live!!!
This isn't the worst part though ... It's been raining for about 6 hours (so far). I'm not looking forward to stepping out in the mud pit tomorrow either...
The Guinea pigs are adorable though and Pokey is determined to convince Mr MB and I that we should keep them... Save me! 


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Music For A Tuesday

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday Dingleberries,

I've been telling myself for weeks now to share this one,  Where I Come From by Passion Pit. So far it's my favorite song on the BDpt2 soundtrack. . I say so far because the iPod thing insists on shuffling around and I don't always remember to just pick one album and go with it.  It's OK though!

So I'm sitting home this morning, waiting for time to pick Pokey back up for her Dr appointment this morning... I remember making the appointment, wanting to make the appointment because.....  I don't remember. I think I wanted them to check something, but I've forgotten. It bugs me when that happens!

It's nice not to have to deal with work this morning, ,though I wouldn't even be there yet if I were on my way.  Just the thought of not having to deal with it for a bit today is nice!  It's probably going to throw a wrench in my paycheck this week, but it is what it is. Something I should just get use to!

I'm still stressing the decision to take off the summer and possibly find a new job while I'm off, but I'm scared.   Mr MB and I have not sat down and committed to a conversation that would ease my worries.  I don't think we've ever done that before  ..  lol ... Oh well, I will figure it all out soon!   I guess it's my gut telling me to go with it, my head however is telling me to be afraid.  I know the gut feeling is always the right one .... but what if? 

Well there ya have it, I'm hoping to have some time to do some reading today, reading of your blogs that is.  I read a few yesterday!  Go me!  Go me! 

- Hang in there!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Mashup : Episode 8

So I've done it again. Gone and allowed myself to slack off on my blogging again. I hate when this happens, I hate even more that I'm missing out on everything that you are all up to as well.

Though with the weather we're having these days I imagine we aren't up to much lately. I don't want to see/read about snow sledding or skiing down any mountains or anything. I am hoping everyone is staying as warm as possible.

I've been staying busy lately, at work and at home. Seems I'm constantly making and cancelling appointments with Doctors for myself and Pokey.  No worries, we're fine.  Just a few things I've been slacking on for some time I guess.

I have gotten some more reading done though...  Loving that!!

We moved back in September and trying to find new a new dentist and all for pokey has proven nightmareish, but I think I've got i all lined up for now.  And am I glad!  So every Tuesday of the month in February I'm going to be late for work due to either appointments for myself or Pokey.  Woooo!

I'm still working on deciding what I'm going to do when the baby comes. I'm scared to say I won't be back. The job market is so scary these days and 3 months just doesn't seem like enough time to find something else.  Then of course I'm worried about taking off for the summer, will Mr MB be able to take care of everything with me out of work.  I'm hoping to get my personal debt paid down so he doesn't have to worry about that, but I'm still worried.. In general... It's what I do!!

Still missing my Mama MB.  Little reminders keep popping up lately. Reminding me that she's gone ... forever.  Just doesn't seem right. Like it's  a bad dream. But we've all heard enough about my problems!

How are you my friends?  Was your Monday a funday or what?

-Hang in there!