Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Mashup : Episode 8

So I've done it again. Gone and allowed myself to slack off on my blogging again. I hate when this happens, I hate even more that I'm missing out on everything that you are all up to as well.

Though with the weather we're having these days I imagine we aren't up to much lately. I don't want to see/read about snow sledding or skiing down any mountains or anything. I am hoping everyone is staying as warm as possible.

I've been staying busy lately, at work and at home. Seems I'm constantly making and cancelling appointments with Doctors for myself and Pokey.  No worries, we're fine.  Just a few things I've been slacking on for some time I guess.

I have gotten some more reading done though...  Loving that!!

We moved back in September and trying to find new a new dentist and all for pokey has proven nightmareish, but I think I've got i all lined up for now.  And am I glad!  So every Tuesday of the month in February I'm going to be late for work due to either appointments for myself or Pokey.  Woooo!

I'm still working on deciding what I'm going to do when the baby comes. I'm scared to say I won't be back. The job market is so scary these days and 3 months just doesn't seem like enough time to find something else.  Then of course I'm worried about taking off for the summer, will Mr MB be able to take care of everything with me out of work.  I'm hoping to get my personal debt paid down so he doesn't have to worry about that, but I'm still worried.. In general... It's what I do!!

Still missing my Mama MB.  Little reminders keep popping up lately. Reminding me that she's gone ... forever.  Just doesn't seem right. Like it's  a bad dream. But we've all heard enough about my problems!

How are you my friends?  Was your Monday a funday or what?

-Hang in there!


  1. Don't worry about missing anything I've done. I've written a post about washing your hands in the Mens Room. Not much more refined than that, I'm afraid.

  2. With the kind of weather vane for disaster you've had iun yer back pocket lately, I was getting worried. Glad to hear it was just being busy. I can commisserate, I'm still catching up my reading after a 12 1/2 hr day at work Monday.


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