Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Music For A Tuesday

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday Dingleberries,

I've been telling myself for weeks now to share this one,  Where I Come From by Passion Pit. So far it's my favorite song on the BDpt2 soundtrack. . I say so far because the iPod thing insists on shuffling around and I don't always remember to just pick one album and go with it.  It's OK though!

So I'm sitting home this morning, waiting for time to pick Pokey back up for her Dr appointment this morning... I remember making the appointment, wanting to make the appointment because.....  I don't remember. I think I wanted them to check something, but I've forgotten. It bugs me when that happens!

It's nice not to have to deal with work this morning, ,though I wouldn't even be there yet if I were on my way.  Just the thought of not having to deal with it for a bit today is nice!  It's probably going to throw a wrench in my paycheck this week, but it is what it is. Something I should just get use to!

I'm still stressing the decision to take off the summer and possibly find a new job while I'm off, but I'm scared.   Mr MB and I have not sat down and committed to a conversation that would ease my worries.  I don't think we've ever done that before  ..  lol ... Oh well, I will figure it all out soon!   I guess it's my gut telling me to go with it, my head however is telling me to be afraid.  I know the gut feeling is always the right one .... but what if? 

Well there ya have it, I'm hoping to have some time to do some reading today, reading of your blogs that is.  I read a few yesterday!  Go me!  Go me! 

- Hang in there!


  1. Hey there- my cuz and i created a link/blok hop on tuesdays for music. Jump over to my blog and link your blog. Today's post is perfect!

  2. gut is always right!
    even those hard decisions.
    good luck with everything :)

    trish @ tales from ... 

  3. I don't know how things are where you live, but jobs are in short supply here. Follow your bliss Doria, go with that basic instinct.

  4. Yep, go with your gut girl. It always serves ya well.

  5. By virtue of my post-Navy profession, I have the summers off already.
    I really should get a job from June to August, though.
    I've been telling myself that since 2005.

  6. Always trust the gut. Most often, it's your brain in disguise. Meanwhile, what you think is your brain talking is just doubt.

  7. Ahhh! So funny, I just came to your blog from the comments section of another blog because I saw the name, 'Monkey Butt,' and I had to click. My husband calls me 'Monkey Butt' all of the time as a nick name. Awesome!

  8. Missing you...you have stopped posting regularly...anyways...go what you feel is good and right...go with your gut ! :)

  9. Yup - I'm in the gut gang, too! Sorry I've not been about much, Doria, some health issues....!


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