Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Lookie Lookie we made it through Christmas. Let me just tell you there are some many thoughts and feelings I could share with you all in regards to Christmas, 2012. But this is a post of What I'm Loving Wednesday, not what really irks the shit out of me. I'm a Monkey Butt so you know it's not hard to irk the shit out of me, stand back though, cause I'm a a pretty good aim!  

So moving along, because I know you're all excited to see what I've got for the day.  Short and sweet, here we go!   Oh and don't forget, linking up with Little Daisy May

What I'm Loving Wednesday: 

I'm Loving:   That Christmas is over. Sure, we all know it's a "fun" time. Those of  us who are fortunate to have families to spend time with. Those who get to visit with loved ones they don't see often enough.  Those are all the great moments of Christmas. I love the season, the lights and the trees and decorations.  There are also things I don't like, but that's not why we're here!  

I'm Loving: That so far it seems as though everyone had a lovely holiday.  

I'm Loving: Not only is next Tuesday the beginning to a New Year. It's also Pokey's 9th Birthday. I can't believe she's turning 9 years old in a week. Where has the time gone?  I'm excited to have a smallish birthday with just close friends and family.  Hopefully minus the headaches... I'm hopeful!  

Here's to hoping the New Year is better than 2012. 

I'm Loving : That our poor buddy Turdius Maximas didn't bite my hand off as we painted his toe nails yesterday.  Mr MB wasn't loving it!

I'm Loving: The adorable necklace Mr MB gave me for Christmas 

Lastly, I'm loving this guy....  Hell who couldn't love it!

Hang in there!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday my dearest Dingleberries.  I was pleasantly surprised this morning to open my email and the wonderful message I found waiting for me there. From far away lands I've a Dingleberry who emails back and forth with me at times when she has the time.  Her words were so kind and her message so nice.  I enjoyed every moment of it.    So here we are again, making it through the hump and again, I'm linking up with Jamie over at Little Daisy May for this weeks, What I'm Loving Wednesday. So without further from me, let's get this show on the road!

I'm Loving .... We're like one week from Christmas, which means we are two weeks from the New Year, which is the birthday of my favorite little Pokey!  Come on 2013, we're done wit 2012 already!

I'm Loving .... This cute picture, I picked it up a few weeks from one of my favorite Zombie bloggers. How cute is it?

I'm Loving .... These funny ecards I found yesterday, I shouldn't but honestly I just couldn't resist! 

The last one is oh so true! 

I'm Loving .... My friends, family and that means YOU!  Yes, that's no typo. I mean you!  

I'm Loving .... Perhaps I'm a little closer to looking for a therapist!  

and lastly but never leastly, 

I'm Loving ....  This little guy

- Hang in there!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Music For A Tuesday

Another pick from Mama MB.  I doubt I ever mentioned it, but I wouldn't put it past myself.  I tend to talk a good bit about Mama MB, more so while she was still living..   Mama MB loved some Elvis. So much so she married on his birthday. She was so silly! 

Amazing grace, no matter who sings it always weighs heavy on my heart strings.  I don't know what it is, I guess because it's so common to hear it played at funerals.  I wasn't thrilled about it playing for Mama MB, but that didn't matter, because she loved  it. 

It's funny, it also reminds me of that old Steven King movie, Silver Bullet.  Weird I know, but at  one point during the movie. Someone's death I imagine, they play a version of that song.  Love that movie.

So there you have it, this weeks music. I hope you all enjoy Elvis. 

-Hang in there

Monday, December 17, 2012

What now...

One of the hardest things I'm facing right now is the lost feeling.  Everyday I grab my phone and I want to call her up.  She isn't there anymore though. What do  I do? Find someone new?  Start talking to the heavens when I'm driving?

Would people think me nuts?

I considered therapy, seriously considered it, last week.  The thought has faded a bit, still wondering if I should just give it a shot. 

I miss her, so much. 

Monday Mash-up: Episode 5

Good Monday dear Dingleberries ....  It's that day of the week again where we sit and look back at the last couple of days and attempt to figure out what the hell happened. I understood it all back when I drank and partied, but those days are long gone. Now it's a mystery where it all goes. Quite possibly a sick joke as well.

  • I'd love to be able to dedicate some time to blogger on the weekends, to stay caught up with my readings and postings. It just never seems to work out for me. Weekends are quite stressful and Monday seems to be the day I escape from it to get a break. That's bad isn't it? 
  • Next week is Christmas!  NEXT WEEK! We're all well aware of that aren't we?  No need to remind us of the soon to be brokemas!  I'm broke already what am I talking about. There has  to be an easier way to make it through the holidays.
  • We're missing 2 of the strongest links to our family unit this year. It's going to be a rough holiday, but I'm attempting to make the best of it...somehow.  That's what they would want, right? 
  • I want to move... again...already. That's bad too, I know. Mother wouldn't approve. But she isn't here now, she can't be mad at me. I want to move across the country, to escape everything here and be alone.. With those immediately close to me. Perhaps next year we could "rent" the place out to my sister and I can escape this world.  Though by then I'm sure I will have move past this idea. 
  • Still missing Mama MB.  

You can't read it that well, but it's our temporary thing until everything else is complete.  

  • It's a normal work week this week, but it can't get by fast enough. I'm looking forward to a couple extra days off next week!
  • No school starting Wednesday. I imagine she's so excited!
  • My heart aches for those lost at the shooting last week.  It's a sick and sad world we live in sometimes.  I can't fathom what that crazy person was going through and the fear those people must have felt. So very sad!  
  • Dr appointment on Wednesday,  another waste of gas I'm sure... But I do have a list of questions for them this time, so maybe not a complete waste. I hate that their nurses are dummies over there.  Ugh! 
So there we have this weeks mash up. I think I've covered enough for this week.  With hopes of posting more throughout the week.  How was your weekend?  

Hang in there!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt

It was a very shittastic day and last night was nothing better either... I'm tired, will attempt to give more details tomorrow!

Hang in there

What I'm Loving Wednesday

So hello again my dearest and loveliest Dingleberries.  It's another cool day here in this oh so peachy state of Georgia.  There doesn't seem to be any sunshine though (again). Afraid the peaches may just die on us if we are careful and then what will Georgia have to offer?  I guess just us sweet Georgia girls.  ha ha.. So now that the lame is taken care of.  It's time to link up with Jamie over at Little Daisy May and oh my have you checked out her oh so adorable baby?  You must. Such a cutie!  

So with all honestly I'm actually at a loss for what I'm loving today, but I didn't want to fail you and well we're so slow at work today I figured it would kill sometime.  Right?  Sounds good yea?

I"m Loving: And I can't ever stress this one enough, I love you guys and gals. My true and faithful Dingleberries.  It's been a strange couple of weeks and you all hung in here with me.  It's not over yet, don't get your hopes up. But I'm trying.. I'm so thankful for every kind word and comment you leave me here. It really does make my day!

I'm Loving: That's it's the Christmas season around here and as I was hoping, the weather has cooled off some. I hate the cold weather, we're all well aware of  that little fact. I mean really how many monkeys do you see living in the cold?  Yea they have fur but aren't the mostly found in lovely hot countries and forests or something ? I think so... So I'm loving the season and the fact that I signed up for the oh so awesome and heart wrenching Airmail Christmas. How many of you signed up for that?  Well I did and my Christmas card has been mailed to who I can only assume is a sweet lady over in Illinois. Exciting to send a card to someone unknown, most exciting thing I've done all week!

I'm Loving:  THe good memories I have of my Mama MB.

and of course,

I'm Loving these guy, look how adorable!

Hang in there!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Music For A Tuesday

Happy whatsleftoftoday Tuesday ...

I actually thought about this post alll day today but oh my gawd we were so very busy at work.  Was a nice change from the super slow Monday I had. 

So it's late now and I need to get my sleep on, but this is one of the songs for played at Mama MB's funeral.  One of her picks..

It's  a good song, goes back to the Oh Brother Where Art Thou movie.   Good stuff! 

It's been 2 weeks (yesterday) since she passed away.  Still sad, wishing she was here now.  I keep reminding myself of all the wonderful memories I have of her, but I'm haunted with the memories of her passing...

-Hanging in there! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursdays Monkey Butt

How are we today?  Hoping everyone is hanging in there.  So today I'd thoughts a good bit today what I would use for today's Monkey Butt. It's been a couple weeks or longer since I've even completed this task on my blog here. Epic Fail much?  Yea, kinda.

But I came across this lovely jewelry!

Flying Monkey Earrings
You know the ones, from The Wizard of OZ.  I love em (the earrings, not the monkeys from OZ). Some of you are thinking, hey she's covered the wizard of oz monkeys for Thursday before. What the fuck Monkey Butt?  Let me just say in my defense, that wasn't about jewelry ;)  That makes it OK right? For those who didn't catch that post, click HERE. It's good for a giggle. Good to see I'm still as shot out as I was back then.

I'd totally rawk either of these pieces of jewelry, those flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz are still the scariest friggin monkeys ever!  ha ha.

There ya have it, Happy Thursday Dingleberries!

Hang in there!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Dingleberries, 
Here it is about 3:15 pm on this cloudy Wednesday here in the great big state of Georgia.  Don't get confused now, I don't want to say Georgia is either GREAT or BIG. It just fit nicely there in the sentence. Don't you agree? 
So it's been a week or so since I've done anything for What I'm Loving Wednesday. So today I felt the bug, I decided it was time. Time to get back to it, it may not be anything blogworthy, but it's an attempt. On my part, to remind myself that there are still plenty of other things for me to love.  

So welcome back Dingleberries and join me for a What I'm Loving Wednesday. 

Don't forget, I'm linking up with Jamie over at Little Daisy May, go check her out!   She and her hubs have just welcomed an adorable addition to their sweet family. So a shout out congrats to them from the land of MB.

I'm loving...  How lucky I am to be oh so lucky to have some of the best friends, family and blogofamily there is out there. Ya know we lost Mama MB. I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for you all. Don't think you've seen the end of my depressing, please just shoot yourself in the face and get it over with posts, but I'm working on that demon because Mama MB would want me to keep my tail up! 

I'm Loving... The holiday season is near, things are going to weird this year, of course. But I'm hopeful for somewhat of a happy season. Fingers crossed.

I'm Loving... I made it to the recorders court yesterday and was able to file a continuance on the speeding  ticket I got last month. It isn't due today, instead they've moved it to Jan 2nd. Go figure, but it gets me through the holiday....

I'm Loving...  We've a Christmas party we're planning to attend this Saturday, it's been a minute since we got out anywhere, hoping it will be fun!

I'm Loving....  The beautiful sunrise I see each day that Mama MB would have loved

Almost done..

I'm Loving... These potential boy names ... Dorian Archer and Jordan Westley. Though I've been thinking today about Dorian Eastley or Easton and/or Dorian Asher. 
Girl name has already been chosen. Rebecca Kylene.

And of course

I'm Loving this guy, too cute

Hang in there! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Music For A Tuesday: Johnny Cash

Ya know my love for Johnny Cash, needless to say when I discovered Mama MB had Johnny Cash's version of You are My Sunshine on her list of to be played. I was more than a little happy.  They played Johnny Cash- You Are My Sunshine as they rolled Mama MB's casket from the church that day. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Mashup : Episode 4

Happy Monday. 
I know, those words don't go well together, unless you're lucky enough to not have to work on Mondays. But then wouldn't Tuesday be your Monday? Or something like that. 
So it's another day in paradise around here today. Monday tends to start with a bang, which was me running late as hell this morning. Dearest Pokey isn't one for mornings.  Which makes things a bit hard. I feel so bad when we fight!  Guess that's normal parent stuff though isn't it. 

I keep flashing to all these good and bad memories I have of Mama MB. Which is coming a bit of way from last weeks posting. I'm attempting to calm things down a bit, for myself and my readers. I know it's not a pleasant environment to visit lately.  It's been a week today ya know?  Or tonight I should say. She passed at 6:50 pm last Monday. Hard to believe. I've been by her resting place everyday since then. The flowers are still so lovely.  Dying off a bit, but we will have something more permanent for flowers soon enough.  

I miss her so much. 

In regards to Mama MB and my trials I'm thankful for every single comment you dear Dingleberries leave for me. I know, deep down, I wouldn't make it through these times right now if it weren't for the friends and family that I have, but also each and every single one of you!  I know it's a rough time and I know these things are hard, but you all keep me going!  So again, Thank you!

In regards to the baby MB. Well I'm pretty fed up with toying with baby names. We aren't sure if we're having a boy or girl yet and I think my gut on the boy name.  I'm not feeling the grand parents names we were talking about. They're just so.... not me.  Don't mean to offend anyone, but I can't see myself calling my kid Joe or Jo-Jo or Joseph. I just don't like it. Plus it's the middle name of a boy I dated in HS and things didn't go so well with him.  It's bugging me! 

I'm reading a bit more lately, picked up one of my Kindle books, "The Missing Link"  not too shabby at all if you ask me. Don't get me started on the things I've yet to finish before picking this one up though!  keeping up with reading here keeps my busy enough during the day.  I've simply giving up on bringing reading material into the office!   

So we're mashing it on up over here aren't we?  I'm trying to wrap it up, wanted to say one more thing.. But Spoiler Alert Beware: Walking Dead
I was actually able to watch last nights mid-season finale on AMC. Wow that show keeps me on the edge of my seat. I will say I'm going to be pissed if they kill off Darrell.  Just saying, he's a total hawtie!  I'm thinking they won't though because I think the end showed him and Merle going back to the prison. Or something like that.
I can't wait until February!  To say the least.
Anyone else watch it last night?  

Also am working on picking up Christmas cards for this year.  So go ahead and send over your mailing address if you're interested.  I've already got a few of yours, so looking forward to it. 

With all of that I'm going to leave you. I think I've done enough for one day. Tomorrow am planning on getting back to our regularly scheduled poo flinging. Can't wait can ya?

Hang in there!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thought provoking

Warning... This post is of a religious nature, for those who don't approve, please come back tomorrow for something else!

 Some of you know I've been.... struggling... with religion this past year or so. Mama MB called upon God in her time of need, when she found out how sick she was.  She then found a church and reached out for guidance and support. With time I took to going with her and Papa MB. Figured it would be nice to spend a day doing something they enjoyed. I found it rewarding...

Mama MB got worse in worse in recent months leading up to her death. I rebelled and became very angry with God.  I quit going, not only because they weren't going anymore, but because I couldn't find it in myself to understand why this God was taking my Mama MB from me.  I was very angry.

Pastor said today, that God comes back and takes the dead from this place.  This earth. Does this mean they (the dead) are stuck here also until God comes back to take them from this place?

I want to believe, I'm trying so. I do believe... I think...  I keep telling myself she's in a better place.  I keep telling myself this.  Her pain and suffering is over, this much is true. That much I am glad for.  I'm glad she isn't suffering from her cancer anymore.  For that I am glad, but I'm just a bit confused as to why he said the dead will leave this place when God comes back. 

What does this mean?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

She's not there

I keep hoping things will get easier, that the hole in my chest will magically heal itself. That Mama MB will be sitting on the couch with her coffee each time I walk through those doors.

Pokey and I brought Papa MB out today for the Christmas parade.  We also went to visit with Mama MB and stopped in by the Kroger.  Not a bad day I'd say, but there is still that empty feeling where ever I go.

- hanging in there

Friday, November 30, 2012

When I'm alone

Back to work today, it's a rough day for me... I'm alright, until I'm alone.  It's an hour commute each way to and from work and the trip out for lunch.. I just want to grab my cell phone and call her up. 

This sucks... 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

RIP, Mama Monkey Butt

We laid Mama MB to rest on Wednesday, November 28th, 2012.  It was a very sad day and the day that confirmed it all. No pinching needed, this is not a dream. My Mama MB has left this world.  She is soaring now above us all in her heaven.  With her Dad and as Pokey says, our poor little deceased Rhino (the guinea pig).

I miss her so much.  She was a part of my everything.  For weeks now I've cried many a tear worrying over the "what ifs" those what ifs are confirmed and though I thought it would be harder, I thought I could run away from it all.

But I can't, for the sake of those that I love. I can't leave this place.  I just can't fathom the loss of losing everyone around me as well. For something so selfish as weakness. 

I miss my Mama MB. I miss her more than I've missed anything else in this world. I've lost my mind on many occasions and this loss is far greater.

I want to again, thank you all. With everything that is left of me.... For your kind words, for being here to read my words. To share with me your stories  of loss as well.  You've no idea how much you people mean to me and the times you've helped me through so far in this short lifetime of ours. 

Thank you... 

- still hanging in there

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Still awake....

Mama MB looked so pretty tonight, the flowers were beautiful and her dress Papa MB picked was quite stunning on her as well. A beautiful white casket and a place full of friends and family, we are so blessed. 

I've so many thoughts.. So many memories.. I'm attempting to hold my tongue for now. While I'm still a  mess, I don't want to make it ... bad. 

Thank you all. I've a network of friends and family, I love you all. I wish you were all here, wish you could have known Mama MB like we did, I do my best to tell you all how awesome she is. 

Her funeral is tomorrow....  It's going to be harder than today I think..


Mama MB lost her fight with breast cancer tonight.  It's a sad day and she will be missed. Thank you all for always being here to listen to me.  Love my Dinglberries and I know she always appreciated your kind words!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Mashed up Monday

Happy Monday Dingleberries!  We're back at work this morning, waking up with a head ache and wanting to puke all over anything that stepped in my path this morning.  We're lucky to have made it in at all.

Pokey has decided she also doesn't approve of the 6am alarm clock. I think we're on the same page right now. Waking up that early realllly sucks and it's cold outside. I think I will stick with carting her to school myself. Means more sleep for my lazy arse, her's too. Also means we don't have to wait in the cold car for the bus lady to arrive. It's like a win win.

So this shall be a sort of Monday Mash Up kind of post for you all today.  Thanks for stopping by for real, so sorry for my slackness lately. With the holidays and birthday and my being so very broke lately. It's just a depressing time for me right now. Still looking for a way to buy everything my darling Pokey has on her list for Christmas this year. The lack of money this time of year is the most depressing part and it never fails!  Always broke. There has to be a better way!

33 hunnnnnndred dollars for the diamond version of this ring.  Only 220 for a topaz version.  Isn't it sooo pretty!  Love it!  Maybe they will finance my broke ass?  lmao!! 

Mr. MB's mom picked me up this pretty necklace for my birthday. I'm wearing it now, it's been a long while since I've had  a necklace. The last few I had came from Mama MB.  I still have pieces of them, but my darling Pokey managed to rip them right off my neck when she was little. Kids are good at that aren't they? 

I'm officially caught up on The Walking Dead. Or at least  I think I am.  I'm on edge wanting to know where they are going with it. This is why I hate being caught up, then I've nothing new to go home to.  Kinda sucks from time to time.  The mid season finale is coming up soon as well.  Why do they do that anyway? Mid season finale.  That's silly!  How dare they make us wait like that?!!?!  So far it's good though, I'm surprised at who is there and who isn't and still crushing on Darrell. He's such a hottie!

So I'm sure most of you noticed last week I totally bombed my postings.  That means I didn't get them posted. I think I got Friday and what Tuesday? Which are OK, but I missed out on the Monkey Butt Thursday and What I'm Loving Wednesday  which honestly I don't think I've finished in a couple of weeks. Pretty epic fails there on my part.  I've gotta do better. You all know my excuses though and sometimes they really are valid ones!

Mama MB made it through Thanksgiving, she's still Hanging in there!  I think she's getting some bed sores and hoping Papa MB doesn't forget to mention it to the nurse. Perhaps they can offer a bit of advice for us in the matter. Still no foods for her, she's drinking water....sometimes.  We're down to just the liquid morphine right now. She hasn't taken much of anything else, that I'm aware of.  So if it's working, I guess that's what we can be thankful for. She's such a fighter. Sometimes I wonder what she's hanging on to. What's keeping her going. Ya know?  If it were me, I'd given up a long long time ago I'm afraid.  It's hard!  Other than you fine Dingleberries, I've not many people to talk to, not and actually get any support from.

So I think there were a few more things  I was going to bore blog about today... Sadly they're lost to me right now. For some reason I just can pull them from my memory. I think perhaps it has something to do with how random this post has become.  That's OK though, that's what Monday's are for. Right?

Hang  in there!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Music For A Tuesday: Rehab

Happy Tuesday Dingleberries,

That extra sleep on Sunday really did a good thing for this Monkey Butt. I'm feeling, better. Didn't want to get up this morning, but that's expected. It's work... Ya know work isn't always the greatest thing one can do during the week. Wishing I was one of those lucky ones who had the week off, with pay?  Is that asking too much?  Well it would be here!  They don't like paying us most weeks.  Selfish bastards!

So it has taken me all day to decide what I will share for my musical Tuesday.  Of course I've decided to go with one of my favorite bands!

Rehab, this song is called Waho by the Hoti and the way they've put it up there looks like a Waffle House song. Perhaps there is a Waffle House located next to the hotel they're talking about.  I am not sure, I keep myself away from Northside and most of Atlanta actually... I get lost so easily ya know.  One way streets and dark alley ways, scare me.  Don't judge me!!

So Rehab came to Athens this past weekend, Saturday actually. The day before my birthday and well I'd hoped that I would be able to see them. I'd not committed though because well.. I'm prego and well something about a bar filled with ... smoke ... and booze. Sounds like a birth defect waiting to happen...

That was evil.

I do love drinking though and quit smoking a year ago this month. Look at that, I'd forgotten already!  It's been a whole year. Expect a post about that later too!!  ;)

OK OK, back to it... So like I was saying, I'd made no concrete plans to go see Rehab. I was secretly just hoping and wishing to go see the Breaking Dawn part 2. Which I did, so life was complete, for another year!

So don't tell the Rehab band that I bailed on them this year for something.... a little less tempting in the bad side!  Don't need any birth defects ya know?!

So till next time, Enjoy!

Hang in there!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Airmail Christmas-Join the Sleigh!

Spread the word my Dingleberrries and read the story!  It should be a lot of fun, so go ahead. SIGN UP!!

Would you like to take part in a Christmas card exchange with other bloggers and the twitterverse this year?

Thank you Sam for designing this for the Christmas card exchange!

Please read this post by clicking here. And if you want to spread Robin's message then please please take part.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has sent in their addresses already. We're so thrilled with the people who have hopped on board and been so generous. Be rest assured if you haven't received the address of who your're sending a card out to yet - you will! Everyone will have someone by the beginning of December!

Last chance to enter is 28th November midnight GMT. Holly and Laura Anne will then match names and send you the address by the end of the month.

Make sure, if you can, to let twitter and your blogs know about this. The more the merrier!

Here's to wishing everyone a a 'Very Airmail Christmas' this year!

Monday's Fun Day's

Monday's Fun Day's? Sounds like an oxymoron to me with what looks like a few grammatical errors there as well. For those who get their panties wadded up, please forgive me for the errors!  I know not what I'm doing!   It made a cute jingle though.

Can you believe it's the week of Thanksgiving?  I'll get to my birthday stuff in a minute. This week is posta be the oh so hectic get a turkey together and spend lots of time with the family.  Well we've all been seeing a good bit of everyone as of lately. What with Mama MB being so sick and all.  Up until recently when there was a huge falling out with the family, they were there... DAILY. Now it's not so busy.  For that I am kind of glad, because Mama MB seems to be suffering a little less without all the  noise and people coming and going.  Gotta take the good with the bad I guess... .Or did I just use that in the wrong place?    Regardless, we're talking about Thanksgiving, all the while my aunt.  Her husband killed himself in 2007 and some time ago her mother in law moved in with her, after her husband passed away. She's like 87. Poor thing fell coming out of the house the other day.  Has not regained consciousness  They're saying they will take her off life support today. They didn't do it yesterday because it was her grandson's birthday. So sad, she was such a super sweet lady. Granny MB said she was crazy, but damn Granny..She's 87. Give the old woman a break!  I think we're entitled to be crazy when we hit our 80s! Don't you?  Terrible news right, she's not my family, but my family loved her;  I did too.

Anyone have an awesome plans for Thanksgiving this year?  Ours seem to be a bit scattered, unsure of what each day will bring at this point!

Its been a helluva year!!!

So my birthday... It was OK.  I was lucky enough to find a sitter for Pokey, Mr MB and I went down and met with one of my favorite ladies and we were able to watch the Twilight Breaking Dawn pt 2.  It was sooooo awesome.  Ya knew I would say that though. Really loved it and though I'm sad to see it come to an end, it ended pretty cool.  Sadly all things must come to an end... Right?  Was a bit sad that Mama MB wasn't able to tell me Happy Birthday. I think it really made it sink in when Mr MB told me Happy Birthday on the way home from the movies. It was after 12 and he said he was the first.  I chuckled and told him that was only because Mama MB couldn't tell me.  Being she doesn't talk anymore! That and she was probably zonked from all the morphine. She as always the first to tell me Happy Birthday!  I miss her so much and she hasn't even left this world yet

I said out loud that night... I wish she would get better, just so she could reflect back on all this shit that we're going through right now. So she could go damn, that was a ride.  Keep wishing right?  I've hoped all I can hope... What do I do now?

So here's to hoping the week picks up and things go smoothly.  Happy Monday Dingleberries!!

Hang in there!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Friday

Hello and Happy Friday, again.  What's left of it anyway.   Just a quick post for the night, I'm home (finally) and watching some Walking Dead.  Trying to catch up on the season, I've watched the new episode and the one before it.  Now I'm watching episode one of this season. 

So how were you today my Dingleberries?  Another slow day at work for me.  I did manage to muster the guts to tell the boss man that

  • A) Mama MB isn't doing well.  She's really sick, but we all know that. Don't we?
  • B) That I'm expecting a little "sea monkey".
He was afraid of both. My boss man is quite funny when he wants to be! 

In regards to Mama MB. She's not doing well, as I've said.  She looks like a skeleton at this point, her hands and legs are so bony. She has....bumps... on her body.  From what I gather it's from the cancer. No one has said really.

I told you she has cancer all over now?  Her lungs, liver, back, bones and they broke the news that it's back in her brain as well.... There is no hope.

I hoped once, I hoped since she came home. Since they stuck her in the hospital. I hoped they would get her pain under control. That maybe she would eat and drink again. That she would have a little bit of life left..

She's got a little bit left, just not the kind I dreamt of.

I don't want bum you guys out, this isn't what I wanted to post on my blog. I read a few blogs, cancer blogs. I've started in the last year or so. Thought it would help me understand things better.  They did some of that, they also just made me feel worse.  I don't want to make you all feel that way. This is posta be a happy place... It was, once. 

I'm hanging on to the happy memories. I'm watching her...die... but I'm not watching, because all I can picture is her smiling face.  Sitting there chatting with me. 
I never thought, never wanted to think.... I bet she will be happy to be...dead.  Sometimes I wonder, does she think that now.  Do I think that at times? 
I want my Mama MB back. I want her well and happy.  She is neither.
It's hard!
I got my hair cut last night, just after all the family drama started. It's amazing how easy it is to get dragged into the middle of something.  My family is losing their strength at this time.  Some of us are breaking down and sadly they're expressing it the wrong way!  Forgetting the importance of the time.  Mama MB wanted to be home and we intend on leaving her there.  There is no reason to transport her to the hospital, swell her up with fluids again, fill her with pain meds. it's not going to be the place for her.  Home is the place for her now, home is where she wanted to be. 

Mr MB just couldn't keep it to himself, so Papa MB caught wind of the whole thing. He was saying he was sorry for them and that they called me the way they did. I could have choked him for spilling the beans. Papa MB has enough on him without hearing about those things!!

Don't you think? 

Well.... I still haven't seen the new Twilight Breaking Dawn pt 2.  I'm hoping to go tomorrow, pending someone can watch Pokey.   Shall see!  I hope someone can, I realllly want to go. 

My girl makes me smile :)

Check out my bored attempt of artwork today at work...

I'm tired... Gotta finish this episode! 

Will post more tomorrow!!

Hang in there!

Friday's Fabulous Photo

Stopping to smell the roses.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Not as fantastic as last year,

Happy Thursday Dingleberries.  I neglected to post What I was Loving on Wednesday. I felt bad about it, but later realized there wasn't really anything I was loving yesterday. Just one of those days I guess.

We're all entitled to one...or two.  Right?

So on Sunday I will be turning yet another year older... Exciting right?  Last year was an amazing  year. It really was and I think I took  for granted how amazing it really was.

  • Mama MB wasn't sick.
  • I was able to see the Twilight premier
  • I was able to see Lykke Li in concert
I'm sure there are so many things I can and should be thankful for, but I just can't find it.   The only thing I've been looking forward to for the last year of my life has been the Breaking Dawn pt 2 premier TONIGHT!  Don't judge me.  I can't help it, it's lame and crappy and sappy. But I love it.  

Mr MB decided YESTERDAY that he couldn't go with me to see the movie tonight!! WHAT.THE.FUCK.   Obviously I'm still pissed about that.  Some good news last night, Granny MB bought me the soundtrack for the movie I'm dying to see. So there's something.

Ugh!  Just posting this is making my blood boil.

I've  missed posting though... I've gotta get myself back in the game.  I did manage to watch some Walking Dead though a few nights ago. Damn I love that show. Maybe since I'm not going to be able to go see the premier tonight I will catch up on some of that.

Sounds like a winner to me! 

Hang in there folks!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Music For A Tuesday: Over the Rainbow


Mama MB once told me how much she loved this version of this song, as I sit here and cry at the rest of what she told me that day... That one day she wantsd this song played at her funeral. 

I'm scared we may actually have to do just that.. I hope and pray it's not anytime soon but she doesn't seem to be getting any strength what so ever. Just seems to go up and down.  No good news to report in regards to Mama MB.  She's still hanging in there. Is that the best we can look forward to?

It's not fair... But I've said that before. My heart aches for what could be and dreads what might be! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Selfish me ...

The transport company delivered Mama MB home yesterday. Her pain seemed to be pretty unbearable at times. They've made  sure to provide her with any and all medications for pain that you can think of.  It's insanity.  Hospice is really doing a lot for her though, bringing a new and much better chair. The bed and the other things. Very nice indeed.

It's time to get  her as comfortable as possible, for what time she has left?  Or... whatever..

All this time, all these days. I'd been beating myself up, crying to myself, coming here to complain.  Woe is me because my Mama MB is probably going to die.  I don't want to lose hope, I don't want to give up the fight. Not until her heart stops...

But it all seems so hopeless.

Oh selfish me, because all my fear and sadness I've never, until today..... Stopped to think what Mama MB's mother, brothers and sisters are feeling. How hard this must be on them. How hard this is on everyone.  I want to shut down and suck it all up and handle my feelings in the best way I can for me, but is that the wrong way to do it? For the sake of the family?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Good afternoon for those of us on the east coast of the US of A. This week I'm running my usual, What I'm Loving Wednesday. Linking up with the fabulous Jamie at This Kind of Love.  So be sure to check her out and sign up. Can't you tell it's a lot of fun? 

So here we go ... 

I'm Loving ..

Einstein Bros Bagels.  Made my hawngry belly  feel oh so much better this morning! 

I'm Loving ...

Music that takes me back in time, to a time that wasn't so serious.  A time that was happier and freer or all things!   Where were you in 1996? 

I'm Loving... 

TOMS!  They're adorable shoes. I do not own a pair as of yet, but you can bet your monkey butt they're on my Xmas list!

I'm Loving...

They're waiting on hospice to pick up Mama MB and carry her home.  I'm glad she will be back where she wants to be. For however long she has left.  Here's to hoping she makes a turn for the better and things brighten back up. 

I'm Loving...

I signed up for a wonderful new thing.  It's called A very Airmail Christmas. I'm reaching out and asking you all join as well. It's as simple as emailing someone your mailing address. You will later receive an email with someone's address and you share a Christmas card this year.  There is a story to it and I'm going to go ahead and share it here with you. In case you can't or choose not to make your way over to Making Memories.

This is going to be a very special post and probably one of the most important (and fun!) that will be blogged this year. Our only hope is that when you have finished reading this you will say 'yes' to taking part.

Would you like to take part in a Christmas card exchange with other bloggers and the twitterverse this year?

I think everyone loves Christmas in their own special way. We like to give out presents, cards, decorate our homes and listen to carols. However, there was one lady who I had the pleasure of caring for over the last month who won't get a chance to do any of that this Christmas. As cancer took her life away last week at the age of 41. I am sure many readers have heard stories like these, we're then affected but soon we get on with life. We all do it.

But when you get to know that person over a long period of time, build a rapport with their twins, ask her husband about his day, you inevitably become apart of their story. So I want to share the main reason why this Christmas card exchange came about, the story behind it and the wonderful patient who I will call 'Robin' that started this whole idea.

When I first met Robin the whole nursing team and I were overcome by how humble she was. She spent most of her days trying to get fit enough for chemotherapy, her husband doted on her and her twins would draw a picture for her everyday after school. However, Robin was growing weaker and it soon became clear that she would never get her chemo and would never reach her favourite time of year...Christmas. Over the last few weeks we had been having a few chats and conversations about a multitude of things. She was really prepared but also aware that making it to Christmas was not a possibility so she wrote letters and said her final goodbyes. However, a couple of days ago we got talking about Christmas and how people lose sense of it's 'true meaning'. I never got around to asking her if she was religious or what she believed in about Christmas. I just knew enough that Christmas was her favourite time of year. But it was one thing she said a couple of days before her passing that really struck me.

Robin said "if I had a Christmas wish now it would be really fun, Rebecca, if everyone in the world could just send anyone a Christmas card". I was really confused and when I mentioned that I do send out Christmas cards she corrected herself. She said "No what I mean is it would be fun to send a Christmas card to someone you have never met. We all send our friends and family cards but not to anyone else. It would be fun to spread good will to other people as well too."

Doesn't she have a point you think?

Robin passed away just how she wanted last week. It was extremely hard on everyone as we all thought the same. She left this world too soon, but the following day her twins and husband came to see us and thank us by giving us a Christmas card. We were all touched beyond belief and now I want to carry Robin's idea on to the rest of you.

If you're willing take part and extend your Christmas spirit onto other people then all you have to do is this.

1) Email your address (it can be your home, work or anywhere else address that you'd like a card posted to you at) to the designated email address: forrobin_christmas(at) Please be rest assured your addresses will be held confidentially and not shared with anyone else apart from the person who will be sending you the card.

2) We will then email you the address of someone else that you can send a card to this year.

3) Once you have posted your card all you need to do is wait for the card that you will receive from another generous blogger.

The only rule is that if you're paired up with someone who lives abroad then you need to be willing to send the card to another country. We hope this will also be seen as a way of connecting with new people.

My blog pals Laura Anne and Holly are also joining me on the sleigh to help with this- thank you ladies!!! They will also be overseeing this whilst I am away in Australia from the 12th-30th November. We are the only 3 who have access to the email account that has been set up.

We really hope you take part in this Christmas card exchange. I told Robin's husband of the idea this week and his face just lit up, his words were "this would be Christmas music to her ears."

The more the merrier, so tell your blog friends and twitter (#airmailchristmas) about it! Let's wish everyone 'A Very Airmail' Christmas this year!!!

I'm Loving...

This adorable Monkey! 

There ya have it folks, it's What I'm Loving Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Have a fabulous hump day and don't forget . 

Hang in there!