Monday, December 17, 2012

What now...

One of the hardest things I'm facing right now is the lost feeling.  Everyday I grab my phone and I want to call her up.  She isn't there anymore though. What do  I do? Find someone new?  Start talking to the heavens when I'm driving?

Would people think me nuts?

I considered therapy, seriously considered it, last week.  The thought has faded a bit, still wondering if I should just give it a shot. 

I miss her, so much. 


  1. It took me about a year after my dad died to seek out support. I went to a group for adults who had lost their parents sponsored by a local hospice in a city near where I lived. It was tremendously helpful for me to be with others who had lost their parents and who were able to share their emotions around such a life-altering event.

    The only thing that didn't quite fit the bill was that I was, at 32, the youngest adult there; all of the others had had more time with their parent who had died and I found myself occasionally feeling very angry at, somehow, having been cheated out of having more my time with my dad.

    I would imagine that there's a 'grief group' out there for you. If you don't have the energy to do the research, then, maybe, you could ask your partner or a trusted friend or relative to help you with that.x

  2. oh this hurts my heart. i'm know it's hard and hurts. I would recommend going to talk to someone. a grief group or a therapist. i've been to a therapist a few times and it helped me a lot.

  3. It was probably three or four months after dad died, that we had a good theraputic talk about him. Give it time. It will happen when it happens.


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