Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Lookie Lookie we made it through Christmas. Let me just tell you there are some many thoughts and feelings I could share with you all in regards to Christmas, 2012. But this is a post of What I'm Loving Wednesday, not what really irks the shit out of me. I'm a Monkey Butt so you know it's not hard to irk the shit out of me, stand back though, cause I'm a a pretty good aim!  

So moving along, because I know you're all excited to see what I've got for the day.  Short and sweet, here we go!   Oh and don't forget, linking up with Little Daisy May

What I'm Loving Wednesday: 

I'm Loving:   That Christmas is over. Sure, we all know it's a "fun" time. Those of  us who are fortunate to have families to spend time with. Those who get to visit with loved ones they don't see often enough.  Those are all the great moments of Christmas. I love the season, the lights and the trees and decorations.  There are also things I don't like, but that's not why we're here!  

I'm Loving: That so far it seems as though everyone had a lovely holiday.  

I'm Loving: Not only is next Tuesday the beginning to a New Year. It's also Pokey's 9th Birthday. I can't believe she's turning 9 years old in a week. Where has the time gone?  I'm excited to have a smallish birthday with just close friends and family.  Hopefully minus the headaches... I'm hopeful!  

Here's to hoping the New Year is better than 2012. 

I'm Loving : That our poor buddy Turdius Maximas didn't bite my hand off as we painted his toe nails yesterday.  Mr MB wasn't loving it!

I'm Loving: The adorable necklace Mr MB gave me for Christmas 

Lastly, I'm loving this guy....  Hell who couldn't love it!

Hang in there!


  1. The day is over and WE made it Doria! I'm very thankful to have such a wonderful family and supportive friends I can't express it enough!

    Emotionally we all have battles, some don't show it but everyone has battles, money or not. I was lucky to help a few friends through these holidays as they have helped me, with kind, loving support that they needed. That's all I had to give this year, but it's the kind of giving that lasts a lifetime : )

    I have done a lot of reflecting this year and it's true, no matter how others threat us, we should be kind, they may be battling something we don't understand.

    God Bless us One and ALL!

    Tiny"ish" Tim

  2. Merry Christmas! I'm glad you made it through okay!

    I love the painted nails, so cute :) And I adore the owl necklace. I've been so into owls the last couple of years and have slowly been collecting owl stuff. I'll have to do a post on it :)

  3. I'm kind of glad Christmas is over too. So much hoopla and the whole mess is done in 10 minutes. Crazy!!!! But spending time with my kids is priceless. Love that cute necklace.

  4. Excellent owl pendant! Mr. MB has good taste. :)

  5. I'm loving all the delicious food and its loving my hips HMB! Yargh back to the gym asap for me

  6. that pendant is so good...I wish to have the same...and yeah that monkey guy is so lovable :p


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