Saturday, December 1, 2012

She's not there

I keep hoping things will get easier, that the hole in my chest will magically heal itself. That Mama MB will be sitting on the couch with her coffee each time I walk through those doors.

Pokey and I brought Papa MB out today for the Christmas parade.  We also went to visit with Mama MB and stopped in by the Kroger.  Not a bad day I'd say, but there is still that empty feeling where ever I go.

- hanging in there


  1. Another comic book reference, from Thor: "The wheels of the gods grind slow, but exceedingly fine". Translation- time is a good healer... but requires time.

  2. It will get easier. It just takes time and it is something you just have to walk through. But you can do it, you have proven that you are strong. As always, I'm sending you a big hug! I'm sorry that you have to go through this.

  3. The others are right, only time will help heal the hole in your heart. Just know that she is smiling down on you, keeping an eye out for you.

  4. Doria, you've heard this before and I'm sure you don't want to hear it again but I know it's true so I have to say it... it will get better. You won't forget, it won't stop hurting but it will get better.

  5. Just take one day at a time sweet lady.
    Big hugs

  6. There will always be dates, holidays and birthdays that remind you that mama has past, and it hurts. Please find comfort knowing she is no longer suffering the way she was in her last days here on earth. I never met your mom but I'm sure as with any loving person, she wouldn't want you to hurt too aweful long. We are taught that one day we will all gather together in heaven.

    I still miss my parents however knowing that one day I will sit with them again seems to smooth things over for until the next hump. The older we get the more we have to deal with this agony of death, it doesn't make it any easier, but believing is what holds me together. One day at a time is true.

  7. Take care. My thoughts are with you.


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