Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rainy Saturday

It's Saturday here, already.  The time seems to be going by quite quickly as well. I'm saddened by this because that means before I know it, it will be Monday again.

Lets not talk about that .

So I missed out on posting Thursday's Monkey Butt, but I did manage to get in a purdy picture for yesterday!

Pokey's softball team won last night, I was worried at first, thought they would get beat but they pulled through and tightened up.  Won 10 to 6 and Pokey got the game ball for getting on base every time she was up to bat. She still hasn't hit a ball. They always seem to walk her.  She did score for the team though, so proud of her.  Hoping I can muster the guts to sign her up for fall ball as well, it's going to be soooo cold!!!

Only about 3 more weeks and Sea Monkey will be here...

Time to get some clean up time on.  Have a great day Dingleberries!!

-Hang in there!  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Music For A Tuesday


Happy Tuesday Dingleberries.  I'm on a roll this week, Monday Mashup yesterday and some tunes for today. Next thing you know I'll have something lined up for the rest of the week!! That would be weird right?

Regardless, I've missed you guys/gals. My dearest Dingleberries!  

I hope you enjoy today's music 

Pokey has testing this week, fingers crossed she does as well as I know she can.  She's so smart!  

Don't forget to hop over and visit Holli and Leslyn for this weeks music. Sign up and link up while you're there. You know you need something else to do today!! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Mash Up: Episode 10

Good morning my Dingleberries..

It's been a while right?
 Been a while since I've logged in, been a while since I've done any reading and even longer since I've posted a Monday Mashup.
Monday's aren't my favorite thing, I know that applies to the majority of the working folks!  Wonder what it is about Monday's that make them so crapola?  

* I'm so very tired lately and lazy.

* We've been busy with church and softball and work and everything else these days.
The weather has been so nice I just want to stay outside, damn work always making that impossible!

*Baby day has been set.  May 15th at 12pm .... Eeep!  I'm a little worried.
Having a lot of anxieties as of lately. Not sure if it's related to this or just everything in general. Just when I think I can handle it I think about something unpleasant, go figure!

* I read a post today from the oh so awesome Lizard Happy earlier about peanut butter on hamburgers. Though it doesn't surprise me that us crazy carefree Americans will give it a shot.... That sounds gross!

* Last week there was a bomb at the Boston Marathon and an explosion in Texas. Me being a lazy arse MB didn't log in and post for the world to see how sad I felt over these awful things.  I'm glad they caught the asshats responsible for it.  My thoughts and prayers still with Boston and Texas.

* One of my old friends got himself unhooked from the devil drug Meth and now has found addiction with Heroin   How do I end up friends with these people?  I love him to death and wouldn't want him to die of either, but come on dude.  Don't be dumb in the first place.  Ugh.  I don't know how to talk to them, ya know.. text and all. I will not go see him or call or anything, but the occasional text. Just seems like a friendly thing to do.  Gives him someone to talk to I guess.
Deep down I feel sorry for the guy.
Is this bad?

* I should get to work ... or something.  My back is starting to hurt badly (again) and I still need to be asleep. Ugh Mondays!!

Till tomorrow!!

-Hang in there!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday's Monkey Butt

Every day, every waking hour that I see, he's on that phone. Paying no never mind to those around him, not caring at all that his prego girl friend has some serious issues, emotionally or hormonal  (don't fear, there's nothing seriously wrong with me) or that the precious 9 year old needs some training with softball.

Then of course, today for TWO hours you ignore me you expect me to just think that you're working?  How does this make sense?  It seems as though, that phone and whomever is on the receiving end of it is far more important than anything at home.

So I'm to believe that doesn't apply at work?

My Monkey Ass!!!

Watch out for the monkey poo, cause the shits getting deep here...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Music For A Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Dingleberries.. It's our favorite day of the week again... ha ha..  Like Tuesday could be anyone's favorite. But it is a day for me to attempt to remember to link up with some awesome folks and share some music for the week.

Happy Tuesday Tunes folks...

We just finished up Spring Break and I'm hearing  a great deal of complaining from a lot of people in regards to the pollen. Just a few more days people, it's suppose to rain on Thursday!  :)

Arcade Fire- Wake up

-Hang in there!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Music For A Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Dingleberries ..

It's that time of week again, we love it don't we?!

You know you do, don't deny it.

This week, thanks to Pandora I'm sharing this one here .... The Animals-  House of the Rising Sun.

Every now and then I enjoy a good old song. This one came from the 60's.  Calling it a traditional folk song. Just goes to show, I know like absolutely NOTHING about folk music!! Pretty good song though. Hit number one in more than one country. Not to shabby I guess.

Have a fabulous day and don't forget to jam out.  Go ahead and link up with Tuesday Tunes while your bored..

-Hang in there!