Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Music For A Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Dingleberries.. It's our favorite day of the week again... ha ha..  Like Tuesday could be anyone's favorite. But it is a day for me to attempt to remember to link up with some awesome folks and share some music for the week.

Happy Tuesday Tunes folks...

We just finished up Spring Break and I'm hearing  a great deal of complaining from a lot of people in regards to the pollen. Just a few more days people, it's suppose to rain on Thursday!  :)

Arcade Fire- Wake up

-Hang in there!


  1. Arcade Fire is a good one! I saw them on SNL a long time ago and liked them.
    Thank you so much for supporting our little blog hop. :)

  2. I consider myself fortunate that I don't suffer from pollen or hay fever, although I sympathize with those who do.

  3. Arcade Fire, of my son's favourite bands! Quite like the beat to this one.

    ps.....pollen? We still have snow on the hills in parts of Scotland. Don't think spring will ever make it....lol

  4. Arcade Fire rocks. -saw them in Berkeley, CA about 8 years ago. GREAT show.


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