Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Music For A Tuesday


Happy Tuesday Dingleberries.  I'm on a roll this week, Monday Mashup yesterday and some tunes for today. Next thing you know I'll have something lined up for the rest of the week!! That would be weird right?

Regardless, I've missed you guys/gals. My dearest Dingleberries!  

I hope you enjoy today's music 

Pokey has testing this week, fingers crossed she does as well as I know she can.  She's so smart!  

Don't forget to hop over and visit Holli and Leslyn for this weeks music. Sign up and link up while you're there. You know you need something else to do today!! 


  1. Excellent song choice! Weezer is always awesome:)

    ♥Tiffany @ lifeofalostmuse.com

  2. Never heard the song before 'cause I'm an old fart, but I kinda liked it. A porch Debosa sippin' kinda song fo sho'.

  3. Weezer's a great band. I can remember years ago the boys played Hash Pipe on repeat for hours - near drove their dad nuts!!

  4. ......and good luck to Pokey! x

  5. First time hearing Weezer for this old dude but I enjoyed it. I hope she does well on the testing too. Have a great rest of the day. I just posted a unique post of pictures back in the early 40's in color. We really do have it made compared to them.

  6. Never heard this before but liked it so thank you

  7. Can never get enough good music. Thanks.

  8. Oh yes, Weezer when they were good. I actually have a signed copy of this album sitting in a drawer somewhere. I know, shows how much I appreciate it, right?


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