Friday, December 31, 2010

2010, you shall be missed, FINALE!

For those who aren't following, lemme recap by adding links to my other posts...  Here ya go:

So there ya go.... also see good and bad of 2010, my random babbles and thoughts on what was BAD!

So it's now come time, counting down the days left in the big 2010!  Ive said it before and I will say it again, it was a good year all in all, had a blast!

Let's wrap this biznatch up and get ready for THE NEW YEAR!

October, oh yes, one of my favorite months EVAR! I heart Halloween and the leaves changing and all that jazz....  Lets see what we got into.. Shall we?

OH yes, to carve pumpkins.  I do love carving pumpkins!  This year looks like we had goofy face and what like a skull and cross bones? I'm not sure.  Boys and their ideas.  Took my silly pics of silly girl pretending to eat the pumpkin innards.  I don't know what makes me think that is sooo silly.  Sometimes, she will lay it out and open her mouth big, makes it look like the just barfed it or something, giggle.
(my dahlin niece, dahlin daughter and Ryan)
Now aren't those just the scariest Vampires evar?  I thought so! 
Ah yes, some of you remember this from a previous  post. I bought the most AWESOME red wig, seen above, just because I cut all of my hair off and wanted something.  My hair has grown a little.  But I went as Poison Ivy for Halloween.  It was awesome good fun!
Oh how I love October... Shall me move on?

November, lez do eeet!

I turned 29 this year!  And guess what.... Next year I will be 30! I have an aunt, as well as numerous other ladies who have yet to turn 30! Really?!!!  You've been 29 for 10 years now, holy hell!

Ah and him....I hate Chuck E.  he is evil and eats my money up only to send me home feeling screwed and didn't even get a kiss out of the deal.  We had the final birthday EVAR at Chuck E Cheese.  There will be no MORE!  He is evil, anyone who thinks it's a good idea.  DON'T DO IT,  ITS NOT WORTH IT!  (just my opinion)

THANKSGIVING! THANKSGIVING! THANKSGIVING!  One of my favorite times of the year :)  We eat a lot of tasty foods and actually spend time with family.  It's awesome fun :)   I glanced through photos and didn't see anything worth a damn to post on here, ooops!  Musta misplaced that file!  tee hee

Every year after Thanksgiving, I put up my tree, old tradition for my mom there. 

Moving on.... And here we are... DECEMBER!

I flip through the files on my computer, checking out all the fun moments captured on camera for December, we spent a lot of time inside, being as it's cold out there this year, and there are so many precious moments of my daughter that I well up inside thinking about her, being as she isn't here tonight....  *sniffles*
Ahh to spend time at home, sometimes you know it's just lovely to sit home and do nothing but play around the house and not be out in the cold.
One hundred years in the making and we get snow on Christmas, in Georgia.  I hate snow and yes that's me  laying in it making snow angels *grumbles* I'm a sucker for spending fun times with my girl tho!  The snow came Christmas evening, snowing all the way home from our family travels and then it was white the next morning, we spent as much time out as we could without suffering frost bite or hypothermia.  It

And ya know, I'm done.  I'm welcoming 2011 with open arms and high hopes that it is as wonderful as 2010.  I hope to hear your New Years celebration stories soon and see what everyone was up to!  I myself and spending New Years Eve on my couch and getting some much needed sleep while everyone else is out having their parties! 

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh it's becoming. NICE!

Oh the birds are chirping, it's not negative a million degrees (well that's how it feels to me).  The ice is still standing there taunting me with it's evil as I step bravely, or rather HOP fiercely from the doorway to the not icy part of our smoking area here at work. 

Ive only found myself lurking around facebook once or twice today, I am neglecting my games these past couple of weeks and have thought very seriously about giving them up.  It's a tough call though, because I know, without a doubt in my mind, I will indeed go crawling back to them!  But alas here I am blogging away today.  What is this, number 2 for today? whewt whewt!

The snow is melting!  The snow is melting!  As is that evil ice that taunts me at the backdoor!  How exciting!  The day is getting better every degree says it's true! Now if only the rain coming in tomorrow wouldn't show up! 

Well that's all for this  wonderful day update. 

ps.  There is a guy sitting in the front office and each time I pass by to the kitchen he gives me this look, it's creeping me out. 

Update for HO HO's!

A follower of mine reminded me this morning that I owe you wonderful readers an update on my holiday USPS deliveries, being as I'm a last minute online shopper. I've never shopped online for Christmas gifts and I know better now that you definitely don't wait until the last minute on that shit.  (see below for previous post)

And here we go...  I continued to sit around bored that morning until 10:30 when I did indeed call Mr. Postman in regards to my package *please let him have it, please let him have it* I repeated the words over in my head.  Oh No, it's busy!  try again... Damn!  Still busy!  I'm calling over again... 5 times!  Yes!  *high fives air*  It's ringing it's ringing..  "Duluth post office"- "Hi yes ma'am I need to speak with AL"   "Al who?" *oh shit you're kidding right, damn*  "Umm he said he was Al on city blah blah" "oh OK, hang on"  This hold seems like ETERNITY as I'm jumping up and down inside with fits of hearing him say yes and how exciting that will be.  I don't want to go shopping for the "I'm so sorry your gift didn't make it in time gift"  Finally, "hello"  "Hi Al this is Doria and I'm calling you in regards to that package I'm waiting for"  "Oh yes, good morning Doria, I didn't see anything with your name on it."  Damnit all to hell.  The rest of the conversation didn't matter after that because I knew at that moment I was DOOMED to go battle the shoppers to reluctantly pick something I know isn't as awesome as the gifts Id already purchased and was impatiently waiting to hear a "yes ma'am I have the package in my hand".  So with all that aside.... Lets move on to the better points.  I did indeed go shopping shortly there after and was lucky enough to meet my dear sister and shop with her, her adorable daughter, and of course Mr. I need to find a replacement gift for.  Lucky me she helped me and I bought him a hoodie zip up sweater that he told me he really liked!  Lucky he was there, we had him try a sweater on to size him up and I picked a similar sweater for him. * high fives* not all is lost!

I did get lazy when I went back home, sat around facebook and later needed to go to Kroger!  I made it in the nick of time, walked into the door and security was standing there telling me I only had 2o minutes.  20 minutes you say?  In this mad house?  Yay!<-sarcasm.  So I'm rushing through buying everything on my list for holiday makings and YES!  I'm out of here before closing!  yes!

All in all it was a great holiday this year. I may have posted previously, or perhaps that was facebook postings, I was late for everything this year.  My ex hubby ran me late with picking up my daughter, which I was jumping for joy, so much I managed to give him a Christmas hug! RARE!  I was so happy to see her.  The only bad thing about divorce when kids are involved, is sharing the time, but at least I can say he is a dedicated father and doesn't skip out on spending time with his daughter, I will give him that much!  Then of course, men and their, I hate the ex, I hate the new guy shit, had to run home to get the new guy.  Gah!  Late late late.  But then again, I'm always late! 

I hope you readers/bloggers had an awesome HO HO holiday! 

ps. I received an email from seller saying the gift has shipped. FINALLY.  Thanks a lot Mr seller, you indeed suck arse!  I'm still waiting on Mr Postman to bring the goods. Think it will make it before New Years? 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Its been there almost half a century!!!

The painting has been hanging there for half of a century and we are just now deciding to be a BITCH about what it depicts.  Really?  It's telling the story of how GA agriculture has changed.  I'm so sorry it offends you that GA had slaves back in the day.  I'm sorry that bothers you.  I'm sorry that people did such things to people you probably aren't even related to.   How can this offend you!!!   Really you want to be a bitch about it after almost HALF A CENTURY?? Really?  There will be spots left on the walls where these paintings once hung!  They are just paintings!

Slavery is part of history.  It's unfortunate and I don't agree with the decision to own slaves, but whatever.  It has nothing to do with me and doesn't bother me.  I didn't live through that era and well.  It's over.  GET OVER IT PEOPLE!  THEY ARE JUST PAINTINGS!  But then again I guess it goes hand in hand with taking church out of the state as well as removing the 10 commandments from court houses.  Whatever! 

Asstards... Get over it!  Quit being a BITCH!

G'nite readers!

Just sayin.....  (sorry for my rant readers, had to get that out)

Friday, December 24, 2010

My boring Ho Ho Morning.

Well, it's Christmas Eve morning and I'm all alone, with only the tunes of some awesome lady music and the messaging back and forth from a friend on Facebook telling me her wonderfully awesome news this morning.  How I love my girlfriends on Facebook.  They may very well be the most awesome people in this world.  It's so wonderful to hear such  good news from them on this lovely, lonely, not excited to go shopping today, kinda day.  Yes, I said it, I have to go shopping on Christmas Eve.  I am OFFICIALLY a last minute shopper.  DAMN IT!  I'm not looking forward to it whatsoever. I want to get it over with as soon as possible, but I am also waiting on 10:30 to call the post man and ask him if there is a package for me today, *fingers crossed*.  If he says no, then I get to go find the, I'm sorry your gift didn't make it in time, gift!  Ugh!

Merry Ho Ho Eve readers and fellow bloggers, I'm keeping this short today, being as Ive so much to do.  Ive no where to be and my family doesn't celebrate on Christmas Eve, sooooo, I'm bored.  Tomorrow will be filled with family and festiveness.  *high fives* So I guess I should take the time to enjoy this down time I find myself in? 

Have a safe and happy holiday readers... :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010


It is an awesome day!  It's my FRIDAY! YAY!  My mother and fathers Xmas presents arrived via  UPS TODAY!  YES!  *high fives* And even though I'm still waiting on my soon to be brother in-laws gift, it's OK!  It was a pretty good day today, the excitement of the holidays right around the corner.  The lunch we had here at work, with the same people we see 8 hours a day 5 days a week, with the bondo dust and cold shop!  Awesome times! It's 2pm, I get off at 5pm, still have right at 3 packs of smokes and I'm only shy of 1 gift for being DONE DONE DONE with my shopping.  Please let the mail bring my last mail order gift today, please please please.

It all fell in my lap on my way back to work from the bank today...  AND THEN SMACK!

Right into one of these... see above... It was a cute little Honda something or another.  I don't know. I wasn't paying attention, obviously!  So I smacked right into lil' Asian lady driving her silver Honda, waiting to make it through the light... Eeeeep!    Then she pulls into the center lanes.  I pull behind her cussing and pissing about my idiocy!  She hops out, as do I and inspect the NON EXISTING damages *high fives*  I'm fucking jumping for joy.  I hate accidents. I hate body damages and body shops, and I work at one, and I hate high insurance rates!  Ughhh!  So the lady is all apologetic and saying she doesn't understand the red lights in this city.  I look at her dumbfounded.  Um, I hit you lady!  let's get this shit over with.  Do you want to call the police, she leans toward me reaching out and smiling, um, please don't attack me.  And NO she doesn't want to call the police. FUCKING A RIGHT!  THIS IS AWESOME!  No insurance claims, no police, Happy Holiday lady, I'm outta here! 
Happy Ho Ho week everyone. It's almost here and I'm jumping for JOY~  It's almost over it's almost over. I get to take the tree down and clean the mess.  AWESOME! 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear seller on Amazon,

Im totally stressing this Amazon order online thing.  I was unable to locate the gifts I had in mind for my mother, father and soon to be brother in- law.  So I guess I am one of the last minute gift orderers onliners.  Ughhhh... I clicked to find out, my fathers gift has shipped a couple of days ago.  I have no idea what's happening with my soon to be brother in law.  And  My mothers gift  has yet to ship.  Then it has the  gah to tell me that it has a delivery date of 12/23-12/24.  I emailed "Mr Seller" and asked them about such things.  Ive got my fingers crossed that it will actually make it on time.  If not, you may hear about me on television going postal.  Never again will I rely on delivery of my gifts last minute.  Oh how frustrating.  This is why I  take my sorry arse out and buy my gifts. I can't stand this.  What am I suppose to do?  Run out and purchase "just in case" gifts?  *grumbles* My Xmas cheer maybe sliding away today!  Aleast a little. I hate dissappointment.  Loathe it! 

Happy Ho Ho Week everyone!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My daughter is hilarious.  I've known this for some time, but this morning made me giggle.  She is always supah anal about how much toilet paper she uses because she is scared she will "clarg" the toilet.  It's so funny she says "Clarg"!  So it's only happened once with us that the toilet has "clargged" and yes she ran screaming into the kitchen for Mom to come rescue her from the rising waters.  Ever since then its pull off a corner of toilet paper and wipe with that.  I will admit, that drives me nuts, because well... ewwww.  Just use more toilet paper, we can manage through a clarg! 

So to the point... She wakes up this morning, and says, MOM, my nose is clargged.  I'm rolling on the floor laughing.  Poor thing has a clargged nose!  So I'm like, well get out of bed, we're already late, AGAIN, and blow your nose.  She pushes one nostril down and blows, nothing comes out.  Mom it's clargged it isn't working.  I'm like, get up and it will all move around like Mom's does and won't be clargged anymore.  It's so funny, the word CLARG! 


There is my post for today, hope it brings a smile to your face, as it did mine.  I heart the funny things my lil' girls tells me from time to time.  Awesome!

Happy HO HO week everyone!  Safe shopping and Merry Xmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ahhh to play catch-up...

Oh my dear bloggers and readers,

I have been so busy these past couple of weeks, I haven't taken the time to read or post anything.  My book lays neglected on my book shelf.  I received 4 new books for my birthday in November as well as my addiction to the Twilight series, which I have told myself over and over again that I will not re-read Breaking Dawn until I finish reading my final "The girl who kicked the hornets nest"  it's going slowly for me and I shall just blame the holiday season.  How does that sound?  Sounds good to me!  My facebook addiction hasn't eased any, however my app gaming  has!  *high fives*  To think I wasted the time to create a new facebook account simply to play games, it all made sense at the time.  Right?  

Anyways, I am still working to wrap up my year in pictures as soon as humanly possible.  I'm waiting patiently for Xmas to come and go and working diligently to plan a birthday bash for my daughter, and this year she has gave me the OK to share her birthday party with her new baby cousin, she can be sweet when she wants to!  

I hope everyone has their shopping done and all their parties RSVP'd, I'm only attending family events this year, as usual, we usually have a nice lunch at work, if you call nice, everyone sitting around in a cold shop, eating and talking with the people they see 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, surrounded by cars and bondo dust, yummm!  


So without further ado, here's to the funny thought of today.... Or funny text message.  I received this one and I hate hate hate forwards, I don't send them out when I get them and honestly, they drive me nuts to receive them.  But this one made me giggle... 

It reads...  

"Ive been sitting here for 5 minutes with a cop behind me, stoned out of my mind.  What the F**k do I do?"    

Now Ive fought my battles with being stoned and gave that shiz up soooo mannnyyy years ago.  Who would have thought it to cause anxiety.  So rather than feel like I'm going to die, I'm going to die. Oh gawd what's wrong with me.   I gave it up !

On another note... What do you do in this guy/girls situation?  I mean really?  I'd have a panic attack for sure!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"There was a time..."

I woke up this morning with an Aerosmith song in my head.  This has happened to me on more than one occasion here this past month or so.  I am unsure as to where it stems from and why it's a recurring thing for me.  I'm usually one to get Christmas songs stuck in my head, my favorite this year is "Baby it's cold outside"  Ive no idea if that is the name of the song, but it's the one where Buddy the Elf- Will Ferrell sneaks into the shower room where Lady Elf- "insert her name here" is singing in the shower.  I really enjoy that movie! Perhaps I have a weak spot for Will Farrell?  He isn't usually my type, he's not adorable and hawt!  Instead he is only funny.  Which I must say is also a weakness of mine.  How can you be AWESOME if you aren't funny?  The one has has them both; Vince Vaughn, yummmm!  (OK I went off on a ramble rant there)  So yes, Vince Vaughn is hawt- check.  I have a weird secret crush on Will Farrell- check. I heart the song that I mentioned above...
Where was I?  Oh yes... back to it...  This recurring song in my head.  "Crying"  - Aerosmith.  I began this post earlier with "There was a time, when I was so broken hearted.  Love wasn't much of a friend of mine"   As you can tell, that changed.  But those were the lyrics that inspired me to blog my thoughts of the day. I have so many thoughts to go with this song.  It really picks out a lot of me in this song, I loved the video also.  Something about Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone always made Aerosmiths videos oh so much better, however, I dont think Liv played in this video.  So...I'm racking out this idea.  The first thoughts I had to go with this recurring, awesome song, stuck in my head today, leading me here, to babble to you all about it, was the late, great, Nate.  Nate was a super awesome boy from school who came to his demise in a automotive accident.  It was a tragic day. When I heard the news, it was my heart breaking into a million pieces.  The torture of high school lust and adoration shattered all at once, all in a instance.  This boy was everything to everyone.  He was the most awesome boy ever and I am sure  I will never forget this boy.  But today, for some reason, this song stemmed from my missing an awesome guy like Nate!   I have a box of stuff Ive packed away and saved throughout my years since high school and upon entering that box about two weeks ago his newspaper clippings surfaced as did a nice poem I wrote for him, after his death, which I do intend to share with you folks, everyone likes a little poetry sometimes.     

There it is, my thoughts for now... Goodnight Bloggers... I have things to do! 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ah yes, I sit here relaxing on the couch, in my polar bear pj pants, which I inherited from my previous marriage.  They are comfy and fit much better than the bunny pants I received from a cousin.  Something about elastic waist bands, even if rolled down to fit, stay up much better than a shitty string that fights against me every time I attempt to tighten them!  I'm actually undecided as to when to begin this day.  Ive slightly started with the coffee and given up after only one cup, one cup should be enough.  Ive heard I'm suppose to give up refined sugar, perhaps it makes physical training harder, I'm not sure.  Hell I'm  not sure what refined sugar is.  Yes I know you can google anything and find information on anything.  Whenever these chances come around I call someone, someone I know knows the answer to my question and I put their brain to work instead of letting my fingers do the searching.  Its more fun this way.  You should try it!

Today on my "to do" list, was to consist of me getting up, not smoking, and going for a jog.  For some odd reason I felt compelled to drink some coffee first and my desire to smoke two cigarettes (so far) took over my desire to be physically active.   So now I sit here, conflicted, wondering if I get out there "jogging" will I really fall out dead on the sidewalk of a busy road?  Although my chances of survival are somewhat higher being on said busy street for many a passerby to see me fall out.  

I've done well, in my opinion, with my physical activities lately.  I was reading up on it and they recommend activity for three times a week, so far I've accomplished an every night routine.  I have high hopes that this isn't a bad thing.  However, I am waking up with stiffness.  But I blame this on my 29 years of laziness now being overridden with activity!  Oh how I wish it were summer so I could go swimming and lay in the sun.  Damn you cold Georgia weather!  


I'm bored with Facebook and done watching The Office on dvr.  *yawn* Guess when you know you're bored, you should know it's time to get up and do something.  But as my Facebook status said this morning, I regret that I threw away my one and only sweatshirt ever.  Oh how I could use that sweat shirt today.  Damn it all to hell!  Good day readers!  Have a pleasant Saturday!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Before I forget...

Oh to blog away for the time being, I'm currently sitting with my Facebook open watching the thang to tell me if anything new is happening over there and trying to cram my ideas down here, before I forget. "Before I forget"  for some reason that saying sounds familiar to me, but I can't for the life of my figure it out!?

Oh well... Off to the good news I talked to the police department today and turns out the hiring process isn't so hard. It's actually quite simple to become a police officer!  Who woulda thunk it? I said simple  no easy!   I am actually dreading the physical part of it.  As Ive said before, for my readers, I am sooooo lazy, so unbelievably lazy.  I've never had interest in exercise or doing anything really other than sitting on my arse and smoking cigarettes.  Now as it turns out, not only do I have to do 29 sit ups in 1 minute and sit and reach 2 inches past my toes, eeeep, I also have to BENCH PRESS 72% of my body weight.  Ummm, wtf is that about?  I mean really?!!  I don't even know what a bench press  is let alone LIFT/Pickup or even carry 72% of my body weight, which as it calculates out is like 80 FUCKING POUNDS!  WTF that's HORSESHIT!  *giggles* sometimes it's just fun to cuss! Oh! Oh! Oh!  PLus they want you to run like 1.5 miles in like 14 minutes or something. 
Just so you know.  I will accomplish said tasks and I will laugh at myself for the pissing and moaning and dreading I am posting here.  I think I have come to the point in my life where it's time to be a fucking grown up and do something other than sit at the same desk Ive been at for the last 6 years hating my job!  Like for real!

They've advised me at the police dept that I should not submit the application until I AM READY TO PASS THE PHYSICAL EXAM. Eeeeep. So how long will it take? For me.  The laziest person I know to get into shape!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The bad and ugly, 2010

OK so let's give this a whirl, it's something for me to do and perhaps it's a difference from what you have been reading... I said I post something for the bad shiz that happened this year or 2010, Ive not pinned down the EXACT date this bad shiz happen and perhaps you won't think it's bad shiz after all. But this is my post and if I think it's bad, then get over it.  cause it's bad to me~  I love you tho, my readers!  Feel free to criticize me, I don't mind, tee hee!

I mean wtf?  Ewwww, gross, nasty as all get up.  I understand you are trying to make a statement that you aren't a "piece of meat"  ... But technically yes we are.  Our civilization hasn't gone so far as to be cannibals, but really?  You're wearing around what looks like....What?  What the hell is that you are wearing? I'm just going to throw out my idea... Is it bacon?  If it's bacon, from what I hear, but have not tested myself, you can place a piece of bacon in a mason jar and seal it up, MAGGOTS will form inside said sealed  jar.  Like I said, Ive never tested this, have only heard one person say they have and it happened. Perhaps he was shitting me, just kidding, maybe I'm gullible, but EWWWWW!  You better hope you sported this get up in a refrigerated room, for real!

---here's another one.... Five Finger Death Punch, I'm sure we've all heard of them, remember folks, just my opinion, feel free to criticize.  I hate hate hate their version of Bad Company!  Are you serious. I grew up with a mother and father that totally dug all the southern rock or whatever it was they call it, And Bad company?  really how can you attempt to cover a good song like that and  just fucking trash it?  I mean really. It's not cool.  Here's an idea, cover something else, something that already sucks, perhaps you can make THAT better! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Five Finger Death Punch sucks, I don't listen to the radio often, but that was a big thang, people were telling me how terrible it was, I just had to listen to it myself.  TERRIBLE!

Monday, December 6, 2010

2010, you shall be missed, part 4!

I want  to add a little flavor to this one, maybe some extra color and why not my favorite? 

So here's to part 4 of this babble I'm working on...

July, 2010.... It's a nice warm month, I'd venture to say most say it's pretty hot in July, but I can safely say I am most comfortable in HOT weather.  I hear people say all the time, it's easier to put clothes on than it is to take them off"  I disagree, I can sweat my arse off in some cute shorts or an adorable skirt and be comfy.  However, I AM NOT COMFY IN LONG SLEEVES, SWEATERS, JEANS, JACKETS, HATS AND SCARVES. I am a total accessory nerd, what can I say, I love accessories....  Take a drink of water for a nice July, here we go everyone!
Oh yay we went skating.  This was the first time, I think, that we have gone skating this year, it was supah fun!  She skates so much better than I do and only made me fall once!  I heart skating now.  My next adventure will be a bicycle, for me sillys, she knows how to ride a bike.  As do I, what is it they say? Once you learn you never forget? Or something!   Skating is a blast... 

By scanning through my photos looks as tho we also had a pool partay, I shall leave those pics out of here, as I did in my June post.  You get the idea, I'm sure of it. Pool Party!  What's not to get? 

Carrying on....

Ah yes, the 4th of July.  I remember the 4th of July.  It was a lot of fun, my daughter (above) got her face painted and her hair done, you have to admit she is A-DORABLE all painted up!  The 4th of July was 2 days/nights this year, because it fell on a Sunday, I guess. We saw very few fireworks on Saturday and went to the Horse park on the day of.  It was a terrible trafficky mess and you have no idea how bad I had to pee that night.  Yay July, YAY hot weather! 

August, 2010....  There is no other color to use for a month as hot as August, GA weather is terrible with humidity, it gets so very hot here.  It's awesome though!!  Let's see what August has to offer, shall we?

Ah yes the Braves game!  My parents as well as us and the kiddos went to the Braves game, our first time ever.  It was.....Fun?  The seats were OK, I didn't get a ball to the face, spent a fortune and well.... Had fun!  It's rare I get to hang with the rents somewhere other than  their home and the occasional dinner, I value those moments and it's nice to know there is something I can do with my parents.  I'm sure they wouldn't agree with my party adventures! 
Oh and look, I dyed my roots red... That was awesome! I was bored, again and thought this would be a wondermusly new idea.  It definitely was, the lady at Sallys was like, what?  Ive wanted my hair red for a minute though so I did this.  I'm so lucky my hair hasn't fallen out.  These are all the pictures you get for August, I know there were more pool days, I spent a lot of time tanning also.  Oh wells...

Oh yes, September, 2010.  A cool down time, when it's not as hot, but still OK!  I remember a lot happening the month of September, lets hope you will get the idea....
Oh yes, how could I forget, the 80's party! One of my favorite people, not in this picture, had the idea that for her Birthday party this year, she would ring it 80's style.  Now I hate the 80's. I was born in the 80's so I cannot actually say I dressed like the grown ups in the 80's, but check out above, it isn't anything to brag about.  I can't say that.  Forgive me.  It was the hair that makes me barf.  Something about big, teased, crimped hair that makes me puke!  I teased, crimped and even had big puffy bangs this night.  You have no idea how excited I was for those damn things to go down!  hahahaha.. It was an awesome night though!
Ah yes the Corn Dawgs Corn Maze, this was our adventure in a corn maze, remind me to not try this at night, it felt all creepy thinking about children of the corn.  Eeeeep! We were lost in this maze for a good two hours, I think! The "children" in charge of helping the lost folks, were absolutely USELESS.  We gave up and asked directions a couple of times and those arshole kids would just send us the wrong way.  My sis, pictured above, finally snapped and made some awesomely evily smartarses comments and they led us out of there!  It's good times though! 

Awe the beach, my favorite time of year!  We've made a trip down to FLA for what I think is the last two years, always a great time, for the most part.  Last year was kinda icky, my daughter got really really really bad sunburn, eeeeep!  We camped out, for those of you who were thinking if trying that, DON'T!  It really is awful.  I am the only person who hates bugs, am the only person to use Off Spray, and the ONLY person to be eaten alive by said bugs.  Apparently, the Off Spray made the bugs think I was tasty!  Bastards!  So an adventure of September was a surprise 60th birthday, for Jamie's mom!  It was great fun and actually a surprise, because she didn't expect her kids from GA!  Whewt Whewt Success!  Had a couple of days on vacation and time at the beach, no burned chillin' this year, whewt whewt, double success!  *high fives*

Ah yes, the Duluth Fall Festival, we at work, do this fall festival every year, where we run our towing trucks through the parade carrying around a whole shiz load of peppy cheerleaders and aggressive foot ball players, they were throwing candy and mardi gras beads this year?  Really, mardi gras beads?  I'm only glad there were no "overly excited" women in the crowd flashing these minors!  Look at the one cheerleader in this picture, isn't she like supah grown up looking?  That's all I'm going to say, nothing else, nothing mean. Nothing!  I'm being good! 

Oh lookie here we are at the Gwinnett County fair.  That was supah awesome fun!  My girl was old enough to ride pretty much everything this year. I braved it up and got on something called the Scorcher?  I think. It was awesome, it went upside down and in a big circle!  It was fantabulous!  Put my girl on the roller coaster, she screamed and cried and refused to ride it again, lol.  The pink and yellow thang over there, see pic above, that was like Mouse Hunt or something like that.  You ride around in what looks like a piece of cheese, it's awful.  If you get the chance to ride it...DON'T...  Unless of course you enjoy your neck and back hurting like you just got ran over by and flippin' MACK truck!  Just sayin...

Well readers, that just about wraps up this quarter. I hope you enjoyed my rambles and say a little into the summer of the Doria!  It was a great summer, I'm waiting for next year so I can do it all over again?  Only with more pzaz!  It was awesome fun!  I've given some more thought to this... Unfortunately, I got a little carried away thus far. So now I have to put this project on hold, because as you all know there is still a few more weeks left in this year!  Soooooo I must come up with some new ideas now and no worries, this will be concluded here soon!!!  Thanks for reading... Have an awesome Tuesday, tomorrow :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

2010, you shall be missed, part 3!

And we left off part 2 with a bang, this should be lotsa more fun.  Ive given thoughts of adding some bad things that happened this year, but to be honest, I'm not sure where to stick them, perhaps I will conclude the final post of a list of bad shit that happened this year! 

April, 2010, here we go....

What a cute dirty little bunny. I found this poor bunny at my Mom's house, April was Easter time.  Easter huh? How did they ever throw in a bunny with painted eggs and candy. It baffles me really, but I'm not religious, no Jeebus in my life.  Easter will still be fun! 

Awe my first tomato plants!  That was fun!  They grew to be big and tall and actually produced some tomatoes for us to gobble down.  They were good! I managed to tackle in some other pictures while they were growing, perhaps these guys will show up again! 

It was also around the time the plants were put in that our lil' buddy outside, Chester!  The Opossum that came to live in our outdoor storage room!  Chester is no longer with us, he moved out and found him a Chesterette!
(found this guy hanging around online, for your viewing pleasure, nasty creature)

Just out of boredom the conversation came up, who do you think would win in a fight?  My devil Cat, aka Princess or Chester the Opossum!  Any thoughts bloggers?   No worries, we didn't throw Princess out there to find out, lol.  That would probably be illegal, like pit bull fighting!  That's wrong!
-And it looks as tho I can wrap up April with one of my trips.  We try, I stress try, to make a trip every year, just us, without our kids.  It's always a blast!  Although a couple years ago we went to Macon, GA.  Eeeeep!  I had terrible hair days, the whole time I'm there, why the hell do I get bad hair when I go on vaca.  It's flippin' awful! 

Here you go a couple of pics from the trip.  We went to Cherokee, NC this year, but managed to see a couple more sites while about.  We went through the Smokey Mountains Park up to Gatlinburg, TN.  Cherokee,NC for those who don't know... They have Indian tribes there and have their whole villages and Reservation!  <- that was the word I was looking for, it was a really cute place. I had fun.  The weather was still chilly, that wasn't the best part. But it was a blast. It's always fun to get away and wander around places you don't see all the time, right?  And for your viewing pleasure, here you go.

2 crazy old guys!

And here we go, right into May, 2010.... Let me know if I'm going to  fast!

See, I told you they would pop up again! They're bigger, I think?  Ya know, to be honest, I cannot really tell, Ooops!  Oh well, just proves I didn't kill them!

We had a lot of fun in May, the weather got warmer, yay!  I went to my first May Day party with some awesome friends.  I have never ran around a May Pole, I will say it was purdy confusing and I think some people were grumbling about my idiocy with a May Pole! There was no pool parties, not yet, but we did spend time at the playgrounds and parks!  Yays! Had plenty of shopping and lotsa fun!

I got an awesome new hair cut, my hair changes as much as my underoos do, but I guess I went a little personal with that didn't I?  I bet I could fill a blog with all my hair do's and don'ts this year!  lalala.  I will be the first to admit, this is my favorite cut, and my favorite color!  Rawking my brown contacts in this pic also!  Love it!

Yay for June, the first month of summer, not the hottest month but it isn't too chilly either. I'm excited just thinking about June on this cold December night while blogging away to my readers....

June, 2010

We had geese this year, these are the babies, of course they aren't adorably cute and yellow, they are a bit older, it was kind of cool to watch these little guys come and go, PS.  we did see some adorably yellow geese this year. As I was saying, it was so cool to see these little guys come and go with their Mommy and Daddy Goose, it was cool.  They loved the bread, something about feeding geese bread while you're bored is fun!
My first nieces 6th birthday party, it was a lot of fun, once again we had a house full of your favorite family members!  I love birthday parties!  She chose a Sleeping Beauty cake, my sister did an awesome job with making this one!  She is my HERO!

Ah yes my daughter completed her Kindergarten year!  Oh how exciting, for your viewing pleasure, I'm going to show you what may very well be my only hobby, unless you count facebook and Internet as a hobby!  I crammed this scrap book full of all the memories I had saved up for the whole year!  Its slammed pack with what few school pictures they take, they only take 2 a year and of course the class picture.  But they are all piled in there with the school projects she had completed.  All the lovely artwork.  I'm thinking back to then and missing all of that stuff, now when she brings home her Friday folders its just the homework assignments!  Blah blah blah!  No fun! 

And finally... My favorite park about June....  Squeeee!
   The water park, yay!  Jamie's family came up from FLA, and we had a blast at the water park.  I think if I remember correctly it got cloudy and chilly, we left there and went to Dairy Queen for ice cream.

I'm sitting here now, watching the sun come and go from behind the clouds, wishing it were warm outside and I could ditch the hats and sweaters and jackets and run outside in my shorts to soak up some sunshine.

Dear Summer,
Please come back soon. I miss you so very much.  I love you sunshine!  Let's run away together and live happily ever after. 

Love, Doria 

So Ive completed part 3, sorry for the delay, I started it last night and crashed before I finished.  I should be so lucky I didn't lose my trane of thought.....WAIT?  WHAT?!!
Have a great Sunday bloggers :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

2010, you shall be missed, part 2!

Ah to begin with the year 2010.  Lets start by saying,   My only child was born on New Years, so ringing in the New Year is always double fun, she is still young, and doesn't do much "ringing in the New Year"  but I always remember that day for more reasons that one!

I've been thinking about this blog all day and well Ive come to the conclusion.  I don't know how much of my life I want to pile into this blog or how much of it at one time would be enjoyable.  I think Ive come to the conclusion that I would enjoy just doing this in quarters, pending how much I pile in.  I love this blogging and tossing all of my thoughts into something.

Let's get this party started....Shall we...

January, 2010...

I am the luckiest auntie alive, my sister gave birth to her dahlin 2nd child, her 2nd little girl and my dahlin niece Khloe.  She was actually born Dec 30 2009, 2 days before the new year and only what, 5 days beyond Christmas, it was a blast and I was pleased to be in the delivery room with my Sis this time!

Ah yes, the Sponge Bob, 6th birthday party for my one and only Princess daughter!  ( I know you all just love "family-ish blogs", it will be OK tho, this is after all MY 2010)  I remember it was a small party, but it was nice!  Almost a whole year ago and I had my favorite family members here to celebrate with us and my brother, see (look Sam I took your advice and made a clicker there for new people, I CAN BE TAUGHT!) , it was awesome to have my brother here!  I was glad he was here for part of my 2010!

And lastly for my month of January, one of the highlights I recall.  We took a trip to Helen, GA.  I love it there, it seems like a completely different country, that is the idea I know. (But I secretly enjoy escaping to other countries, even if this is all I can have for now)  They even sell those awesome wooden shoes like, umm, the Dutch? people wear.  They are so adorable and so cute and I so want a pair, but I'm totally too cheap to buy them, kinda pricey for me!  It was a family day and a kind of a farewell for my brother, who left us shortly after this trip to return to his home.  It was a rainy day, it doesn't matter to me, I love this city and enjoy it every time I go!

Weeeeeee, off we go to February, 2010:

Ah yes!  How can I ever forget the snow.  We were so lucky to be stuck at home this lovely awful snowy day in Duluth, Ga!  Why is it kids love snow?  I'm not the one, I do not like the cold.  That was probably me taking the picture, freezing in my black ADIDAS shoes with soggy socks and cold feet!

Ah yes and the trip to the circus.  I have not been to a circus since I was way young, don't ask me how old, Ive no idea!  I recall it was fun, I rode a Camel, I remember then they would let you ride on the back of a Camel or an Elephant, I chose the Camel, and now, I smoke Camels.  I was doomed even then!  I was a bit worried at the Circus tho.  I watch to much TV and was sure they would stampede and run me over!  I made it though, whew!  Oh and be warned, if you have never attended the circus, they have those "don't go in, they torture the animals and mistreat them" people standing outside.  They made me feel so bad before I went it, I almost felt bad watching the show.  They really know how to ruin a good time.  Asstards!

Ahhh and to conclude Part 2 of my 2010 blogging, we've arrived at March!  Ahhhh March, you are somewhat better.  There is no evil V-day to celebrate only the day to wear green, pinch those unlucky bastards who forgot and drink Green Beer!

March 2010

March!! It's easy to start.  There was a Twiztid show, a Beauty Pageant, time outside and a lost tooth.  All in one month, how very spectacular.  I glance back at all these memories, and I'm so very happy to have them, but it's no wonder I'm always complaining about being so busy!
-Ah yes the Twizid show. I do love me some Twiztid.  For those who are Psychopathic, I hope you can appreciate, I like to think I'm a juggalette, even though I don't find myself racing to the concert halls as often as Id like. I do still enjoy a good Psychopathic Record!
- A Beauty Pageant.  I truly hated the "Beauty Pageant" Perhaps i was where I chose to place my daughter in a beauty pageant! It was country bumpkin and a shit hole of a place. My daughter was so nervous and so adorable!  It was our only pageant, Ive no interest in ever doing it again.  She's better than that!  I can't parade my child around for people to judge her!  Kids have enough issues with their looks and shit, why should I let some dumb bought out bastard judge my child's beauty!  Fuck off dude!  Oh btw, she did win her beauty pageant! 
- I enjoyed the much needed outside time this month. I really did, there were some warmish days, yes it still required a long sleeve shirt, but so much better than that bullshit snow the month before!
-Ah yes the lost tooth, I guess that's pretty self explanatory isn't it? No I'm not the one losing the teeth!  Not yet!  hahahaha!

Good day my readers, I shall continue this for your reading pleasure tomorrow night! 

2010, you shall be missed, part 1

So I've got the supah awesome ideas flowing for a post in remembrance for 2010.  I in no way can classify 2010 as a bad year. I spent awesome times with awesome folks and loved most minutes of all year.  To be honest, I can't really call any year, evar, in my life, a bad year! Perhaps I am considered lucky?  I try to look on the bright side of things most of the time. I know I'm impossibly hard headed and a total bitch at times, but such is life.  Comes with being a female!

It's unfortunate, in my eyes, that all of my supah awesome ideas come to me just as I lay down in bed, it's really inconvenient. Perhaps I should invest in a tape recorder to talk them out just before I crash for the night.  But I can't stand the sound of my own voice when it comes to playing it back.  I was able to disguise it enough to make it bearable on my  voice mail, then again, it's not that I call myself very often so really Ive no idea what it might sound like.  The thought of actually talking to a tape recorder and then listening to all my ideas the next day strikes me as probable chaos! Id toss the thing in the trash as soon as it started talking. So trash that idea!   Maybe just maybe if I take the time to order my thoughts together and make them come out onto paper, maybe just maybe I can accomplish this for the ending of 2010.  Lets embark on said adventure and maybe, JUST MAYBE, you all will be able to see the life and times of My - Doria's- 2010!  Wooooo, what an adventure that was! 

good day my readers, keep the look out for a follow up posting on the fabulous, awesome, supah. 2010!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear Xmas,

Yes I took Christ out  of Christmas, no pun intended.   I'm just lazy, I promise!  I am indeed feeling the Xmas cheer so far. Ive already pulled out the Xmas earrings and put up the Xmas tree.  My daughter had fun throwing all the decorations on last night, I saved that fun for her, I was lucky enough to tackle the lights and being poked by all the limbs while rapping t hem around.  It is always fun times tho.  We opted for a real tree this year, Douglas Fir or something WONDERFUL pain the arsish! And to top it all off, Princess aka Devil Cat has a blast climbing up in the Xmas tree and swatting down all the hard work done!  Grrrrr!  I'm not pet friendly.

So is  it bad for me to want a dog.  Ive struck out with so many pets, it makes me weary.  It doesn't seem right for me to want  pets but have no interest in buying a home for myself and said  pets.  Weird isn't it.  My mom and I get into disagreements relatively often at my disgust for owning my own home.  Is it wrong for me to think I don't want the responsibility and well if I want to move, I want to move. Something about being stuck in one place for a very long time as well as have all the responsibility of it, means growing up.  Growing up?  That doesn't sound like much fun! 

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, besides the normal arguments that come from being around family, but the food was good and so was the company.   Maybe Xmas will be just as good!  Perhaps all of them will show up like they are posta!  --My shopping list seems never ending this year, why why why?  It isn't fair!  Ive already made my New Years Resolution, I'm hopeful by making  it a "New Years Resolution" that perhaps, unlike any other year, I will pull through and just keep this one. *fingers crossed*  That being said... I want to have all my shopping done next year before Thanksgiving!  That's it!  That's all I got so far!

It's a purdy good day here, still raining, that sucks, but hey... It's winter!  Dammmit!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Shhh it's a secret! A very very long secret!

I've always had a secret crush on vampires.  Perhaps not the vampire itself, but just the idea.  As fictional as it may be.  It doesn't change it..  Here's to wasting time on a slow day at work! 

Edward Cullen- Twilight Series
Rob Pattinson is the hawtest MOFO alive!

Oh the Twilight Series, how I love thee, let me count the ways.  Forgive me bloggers for saying this, but I am absolutely ADDICTED to the Twilight Series.  When the movies came out I turned  up my nose, I was not going to be a Twilighter, racing to the theaters to swoon over Edward Cullen and Jacob Black <-- am no Lautner fan, he is hawt, but he was always getting in the way of the Edward & Bella love).  I did not pay Twilight a cent of attention and was not going to inflict another teeny bopper movie to my viewing mishaps.  So after many friends telling me how WONDERFUL the book was, I gave in and picked up the Twilight book.  I LOVED IT. No lie, I completed the whole series as soon as humanly possible I think. I would have read in my sleep if it were possible.  I could not put it down. I was in love with the Edward Cullen as soon as Stephanie Meyer described him.  *swoon* Now Im reading it over and over again trying to squeeze in other books between them!  So once finished reading these books, I thought it over and chose to watch the movie.  Mind you I am not impressed with the ways they chop it apart, why can't you just make a movie to include everything in the book? Id sit there for long periods of time and watch it, sure!  But as Hollywood goes, they never show the books any justice. It may have been better to leave it alone. -- Back to the point! (random I know) So Stephanie Meyer completely, utterly thrashed my idea of vampires. Ive never ever ever been afraid of vampires.  I admire their immortatility and drinking blood really doesn't turn me off.   She did manage to make them sparkle and able to venture out during the daylight tho.  A vampires wish come true!  haha...      Im sure we're all aware of the twilight series and I wont go into any more, because this isn't a post of Twilight...   So on we go to my next fav.  :)

Alice Cullen- Twlight Series
(Ashley Green is B.E.A.utiful)

Alice Cullen was the fashion star of the Twilight Series, and so adorable and cute. I adore  her character so much. She always sparkles and sees into the future, doo doo doo doo <--- scary music.  She was fairy like and beautiful.  Loved her the bestest! 

On to the next.....
(The famous Dracula)
My vampire love began with Dracula, I loved Bram Stokers Dracula.  It is the defintion of the dark and oh so scary vampire, remember Im not afraid ever  of vampires) who was as we already know is a fictional character of Vlad III.  Wonderful movie. I also love Wyonna Ryder, awesome actress.  Great movie. AWESOME VAMPIRE! I must sadly admit I have never read Bram Stokers- Dracula. I am a disgrace to literature and vampire love, but I couldn't keep that secret bottled up any longer, added to my wish list... BRAM STOKERS DRACULA! * high fives* ( I can attempt to start on this one, after I read Anne Rices, Vampire Chronicles as well as The Girl who kicked the Hornets nest, glad to say I have started) and of course re-read Twilight Breaking Dawn again.  Wow Im busy for the next year!  New Years resolution, READ ALL THAT SHIZ AND DRACULA!  Ok back to my point, random I know, I read "The Historian" but Elizabeth Kostove, Oh My Wow!  That book is soooo wondermus. It dips into Dracula as well and tours all through history and alot of country.  If you haven't read it, it is simply A MUST READ!

Oh wait, there is more....
An oldie but a goodie. Blade kicks ars!  Im for real. He can walk in the daylight, because he was born after his mother was attacked by a vampire, remind me, did she die?    This guy kicked mucho ars all throughout the films.  He rawks!  My Twilight hater friends are patiently awaiting him to show up and kill all the vampires! They're really are meanies!

Almost done, promise... Im trying to make it short!  hahah.

(Michael Corbin)
He was awesome.  Yea  yea he's a hybrid, but there is a little vamp in there, Dooode, he helped kick Victors ars as well awesome guy, whatever was his name?  Damn damn damn... Someone answer! 

Now to conclude this nonsense... Here is my most recent thought!!!

I saw her picture on our entertainment magazine last night. It's funny how she is getting older and yet staying the same in regards to her looks. Im convinced.  Cher maybe my new favorite VAMP!  


here's to thankful for holidays!  Hope everyone had a safe and happy one!