Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ah yes, I sit here relaxing on the couch, in my polar bear pj pants, which I inherited from my previous marriage.  They are comfy and fit much better than the bunny pants I received from a cousin.  Something about elastic waist bands, even if rolled down to fit, stay up much better than a shitty string that fights against me every time I attempt to tighten them!  I'm actually undecided as to when to begin this day.  Ive slightly started with the coffee and given up after only one cup, one cup should be enough.  Ive heard I'm suppose to give up refined sugar, perhaps it makes physical training harder, I'm not sure.  Hell I'm  not sure what refined sugar is.  Yes I know you can google anything and find information on anything.  Whenever these chances come around I call someone, someone I know knows the answer to my question and I put their brain to work instead of letting my fingers do the searching.  Its more fun this way.  You should try it!

Today on my "to do" list, was to consist of me getting up, not smoking, and going for a jog.  For some odd reason I felt compelled to drink some coffee first and my desire to smoke two cigarettes (so far) took over my desire to be physically active.   So now I sit here, conflicted, wondering if I get out there "jogging" will I really fall out dead on the sidewalk of a busy road?  Although my chances of survival are somewhat higher being on said busy street for many a passerby to see me fall out.  

I've done well, in my opinion, with my physical activities lately.  I was reading up on it and they recommend activity for three times a week, so far I've accomplished an every night routine.  I have high hopes that this isn't a bad thing.  However, I am waking up with stiffness.  But I blame this on my 29 years of laziness now being overridden with activity!  Oh how I wish it were summer so I could go swimming and lay in the sun.  Damn you cold Georgia weather!  


I'm bored with Facebook and done watching The Office on dvr.  *yawn* Guess when you know you're bored, you should know it's time to get up and do something.  But as my Facebook status said this morning, I regret that I threw away my one and only sweatshirt ever.  Oh how I could use that sweat shirt today.  Damn it all to hell!  Good day readers!  Have a pleasant Saturday!


  1. When I don't know something I always ask Mr. Starlight if he knows the answer, which he usually does, but he always says: "Learn how to use Google!" I know how to use Google it's just easier to ask him. So I totally understand why you call your friends if you don't know something :)

    Try not to change your lifestyle completely at once. It could blow away your motivation. Do small steps that you won't give it up. I think your doing a good job :)

  2. Awe thanks Starlight! :) You're an awesome chic and we do have a lot of the same thoughts!

  3. hi, thanks for dropping by at my blog and leaving a comment!
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    have a great day!


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