Friday, December 31, 2010

2010, you shall be missed, FINALE!

For those who aren't following, lemme recap by adding links to my other posts...  Here ya go:

So there ya go.... also see good and bad of 2010, my random babbles and thoughts on what was BAD!

So it's now come time, counting down the days left in the big 2010!  Ive said it before and I will say it again, it was a good year all in all, had a blast!

Let's wrap this biznatch up and get ready for THE NEW YEAR!

October, oh yes, one of my favorite months EVAR! I heart Halloween and the leaves changing and all that jazz....  Lets see what we got into.. Shall we?

OH yes, to carve pumpkins.  I do love carving pumpkins!  This year looks like we had goofy face and what like a skull and cross bones? I'm not sure.  Boys and their ideas.  Took my silly pics of silly girl pretending to eat the pumpkin innards.  I don't know what makes me think that is sooo silly.  Sometimes, she will lay it out and open her mouth big, makes it look like the just barfed it or something, giggle.
(my dahlin niece, dahlin daughter and Ryan)
Now aren't those just the scariest Vampires evar?  I thought so! 
Ah yes, some of you remember this from a previous  post. I bought the most AWESOME red wig, seen above, just because I cut all of my hair off and wanted something.  My hair has grown a little.  But I went as Poison Ivy for Halloween.  It was awesome good fun!
Oh how I love October... Shall me move on?

November, lez do eeet!

I turned 29 this year!  And guess what.... Next year I will be 30! I have an aunt, as well as numerous other ladies who have yet to turn 30! Really?!!!  You've been 29 for 10 years now, holy hell!

Ah and him....I hate Chuck E.  he is evil and eats my money up only to send me home feeling screwed and didn't even get a kiss out of the deal.  We had the final birthday EVAR at Chuck E Cheese.  There will be no MORE!  He is evil, anyone who thinks it's a good idea.  DON'T DO IT,  ITS NOT WORTH IT!  (just my opinion)

THANKSGIVING! THANKSGIVING! THANKSGIVING!  One of my favorite times of the year :)  We eat a lot of tasty foods and actually spend time with family.  It's awesome fun :)   I glanced through photos and didn't see anything worth a damn to post on here, ooops!  Musta misplaced that file!  tee hee

Every year after Thanksgiving, I put up my tree, old tradition for my mom there. 

Moving on.... And here we are... DECEMBER!

I flip through the files on my computer, checking out all the fun moments captured on camera for December, we spent a lot of time inside, being as it's cold out there this year, and there are so many precious moments of my daughter that I well up inside thinking about her, being as she isn't here tonight....  *sniffles*
Ahh to spend time at home, sometimes you know it's just lovely to sit home and do nothing but play around the house and not be out in the cold.
One hundred years in the making and we get snow on Christmas, in Georgia.  I hate snow and yes that's me  laying in it making snow angels *grumbles* I'm a sucker for spending fun times with my girl tho!  The snow came Christmas evening, snowing all the way home from our family travels and then it was white the next morning, we spent as much time out as we could without suffering frost bite or hypothermia.  It

And ya know, I'm done.  I'm welcoming 2011 with open arms and high hopes that it is as wonderful as 2010.  I hope to hear your New Years celebration stories soon and see what everyone was up to!  I myself and spending New Years Eve on my couch and getting some much needed sleep while everyone else is out having their parties! 

Happy New Year Everyone! 


  1. Great wrap up and Cheers to an even better 2011! So glad to be following you... When you hit the big 30 you'll be catching up to me... I stopped aging at 36....

  2. You really had a rocking 2010. I wish you all the best in 2011, wonderful moments with your daughter and other family members. May all your wishes come true.

  3. Thanks Kristen... Ive high hopes for a grand 2011. My daughter hit the big 7 on New Years, Excciting way to brang in the new years, also. I am really very lucky~ Hoping the vesry bestest for your 2011!

    Thanks Starlight, I hope the best for your 2011 also! I have to say the moments with my daughter are the most precious and enjoyable as well as family and friends!

  4. Wow, I had heard about the snow in GA from friends and family and seriously thought that they were exaggerating -- clearly they weren't!

    Looks like you had a pretty bitchin' year! Keep that up for 2011 ;)

  5. Thanks thelexhex! it was a bitchin year fer shure! hopefully 2011 will be the same! :)


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