Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear seller on Amazon,

Im totally stressing this Amazon order online thing.  I was unable to locate the gifts I had in mind for my mother, father and soon to be brother in- law.  So I guess I am one of the last minute gift orderers onliners.  Ughhhh... I clicked to find out, my fathers gift has shipped a couple of days ago.  I have no idea what's happening with my soon to be brother in law.  And  My mothers gift  has yet to ship.  Then it has the  gah to tell me that it has a delivery date of 12/23-12/24.  I emailed "Mr Seller" and asked them about such things.  Ive got my fingers crossed that it will actually make it on time.  If not, you may hear about me on television going postal.  Never again will I rely on delivery of my gifts last minute.  Oh how frustrating.  This is why I  take my sorry arse out and buy my gifts. I can't stand this.  What am I suppose to do?  Run out and purchase "just in case" gifts?  *grumbles* My Xmas cheer maybe sliding away today!  Aleast a little. I hate dissappointment.  Loathe it! 

Happy Ho Ho Week everyone!


  1. I've had this happen in the past and in fact.... my gifts didn't arrive on time. I printed out a photo of the gift, put it in a fancy card with a fancy bow and wrote "On it's way to you!" My parents really didn't mind. I've even been the 'recipient' of such a card and I was totally cool/understanding with it. Maybe try this if the gifts don't arrive on time?

  2. That's really a bad luck. But I love Jobonsters idea you should do it if the gifts don't arrive on time. And if you will do it, do write a post about it :)

  3. thanks ladies. Will def let you know how it goes, or when to watch the news, lol :) Im kidding...


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