Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh it's becoming. NICE!

Oh the birds are chirping, it's not negative a million degrees (well that's how it feels to me).  The ice is still standing there taunting me with it's evil as I step bravely, or rather HOP fiercely from the doorway to the not icy part of our smoking area here at work. 

Ive only found myself lurking around facebook once or twice today, I am neglecting my games these past couple of weeks and have thought very seriously about giving them up.  It's a tough call though, because I know, without a doubt in my mind, I will indeed go crawling back to them!  But alas here I am blogging away today.  What is this, number 2 for today? whewt whewt!

The snow is melting!  The snow is melting!  As is that evil ice that taunts me at the backdoor!  How exciting!  The day is getting better every degree says it's true! Now if only the rain coming in tomorrow wouldn't show up! 

Well that's all for this  wonderful day update. 

ps.  There is a guy sitting in the front office and each time I pass by to the kitchen he gives me this look, it's creeping me out. 

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