Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"There was a time..."

I woke up this morning with an Aerosmith song in my head.  This has happened to me on more than one occasion here this past month or so.  I am unsure as to where it stems from and why it's a recurring thing for me.  I'm usually one to get Christmas songs stuck in my head, my favorite this year is "Baby it's cold outside"  Ive no idea if that is the name of the song, but it's the one where Buddy the Elf- Will Ferrell sneaks into the shower room where Lady Elf- "insert her name here" is singing in the shower.  I really enjoy that movie! Perhaps I have a weak spot for Will Farrell?  He isn't usually my type, he's not adorable and hawt!  Instead he is only funny.  Which I must say is also a weakness of mine.  How can you be AWESOME if you aren't funny?  The one has has them both; Vince Vaughn, yummmm!  (OK I went off on a ramble rant there)  So yes, Vince Vaughn is hawt- check.  I have a weird secret crush on Will Farrell- check. I heart the song that I mentioned above...
Where was I?  Oh yes... back to it...  This recurring song in my head.  "Crying"  - Aerosmith.  I began this post earlier with "There was a time, when I was so broken hearted.  Love wasn't much of a friend of mine"   As you can tell, that changed.  But those were the lyrics that inspired me to blog my thoughts of the day. I have so many thoughts to go with this song.  It really picks out a lot of me in this song, I loved the video also.  Something about Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone always made Aerosmiths videos oh so much better, however, I dont think Liv played in this video.  So...I'm racking out this idea.  The first thoughts I had to go with this recurring, awesome song, stuck in my head today, leading me here, to babble to you all about it, was the late, great, Nate.  Nate was a super awesome boy from school who came to his demise in a automotive accident.  It was a tragic day. When I heard the news, it was my heart breaking into a million pieces.  The torture of high school lust and adoration shattered all at once, all in a instance.  This boy was everything to everyone.  He was the most awesome boy ever and I am sure  I will never forget this boy.  But today, for some reason, this song stemmed from my missing an awesome guy like Nate!   I have a box of stuff Ive packed away and saved throughout my years since high school and upon entering that box about two weeks ago his newspaper clippings surfaced as did a nice poem I wrote for him, after his death, which I do intend to share with you folks, everyone likes a little poetry sometimes.     

There it is, my thoughts for now... Goodnight Bloggers... I have things to do! 

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  1. Love that Elf scene and Love that song! Love Cryin' too!!! There were two boys from High School that lost their lives since and I often think of them too... so sad...


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