Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Its been there almost half a century!!!

The painting has been hanging there for half of a century and we are just now deciding to be a BITCH about what it depicts.  Really?  It's telling the story of how GA agriculture has changed.  I'm so sorry it offends you that GA had slaves back in the day.  I'm sorry that bothers you.  I'm sorry that people did such things to people you probably aren't even related to.   How can this offend you!!!   Really you want to be a bitch about it after almost HALF A CENTURY?? Really?  There will be spots left on the walls where these paintings once hung!  They are just paintings!

Slavery is part of history.  It's unfortunate and I don't agree with the decision to own slaves, but whatever.  It has nothing to do with me and doesn't bother me.  I didn't live through that era and well.  It's over.  GET OVER IT PEOPLE!  THEY ARE JUST PAINTINGS!  But then again I guess it goes hand in hand with taking church out of the state as well as removing the 10 commandments from court houses.  Whatever! 

Asstards... Get over it!  Quit being a BITCH!

G'nite readers!

Just sayin.....  (sorry for my rant readers, had to get that out)

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  1. It's quite amazing, how easily offended people are nowadays. Eye colour, skin colour, mole placement... you name it, somebody somewhere has a problem with it.

    It's silly, really (and a huge pain in the ass).


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