Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update for HO HO's!

A follower of mine reminded me this morning that I owe you wonderful readers an update on my holiday USPS deliveries, being as I'm a last minute online shopper. I've never shopped online for Christmas gifts and I know better now that you definitely don't wait until the last minute on that shit.  (see below for previous post)

And here we go...  I continued to sit around bored that morning until 10:30 when I did indeed call Mr. Postman in regards to my package *please let him have it, please let him have it* I repeated the words over in my head.  Oh No, it's busy!  try again... Damn!  Still busy!  I'm calling over again... 5 times!  Yes!  *high fives air*  It's ringing it's ringing..  "Duluth post office"- "Hi yes ma'am I need to speak with AL"   "Al who?" *oh shit you're kidding right, damn*  "Umm he said he was Al on city blah blah" "oh OK, hang on"  This hold seems like ETERNITY as I'm jumping up and down inside with fits of hearing him say yes and how exciting that will be.  I don't want to go shopping for the "I'm so sorry your gift didn't make it in time gift"  Finally, "hello"  "Hi Al this is Doria and I'm calling you in regards to that package I'm waiting for"  "Oh yes, good morning Doria, I didn't see anything with your name on it."  Damnit all to hell.  The rest of the conversation didn't matter after that because I knew at that moment I was DOOMED to go battle the shoppers to reluctantly pick something I know isn't as awesome as the gifts Id already purchased and was impatiently waiting to hear a "yes ma'am I have the package in my hand".  So with all that aside.... Lets move on to the better points.  I did indeed go shopping shortly there after and was lucky enough to meet my dear sister and shop with her, her adorable daughter, and of course Mr. I need to find a replacement gift for.  Lucky me she helped me and I bought him a hoodie zip up sweater that he told me he really liked!  Lucky he was there, we had him try a sweater on to size him up and I picked a similar sweater for him. * high fives* not all is lost!

I did get lazy when I went back home, sat around facebook and later needed to go to Kroger!  I made it in the nick of time, walked into the door and security was standing there telling me I only had 2o minutes.  20 minutes you say?  In this mad house?  Yay!<-sarcasm.  So I'm rushing through buying everything on my list for holiday makings and YES!  I'm out of here before closing!  yes!

All in all it was a great holiday this year. I may have posted previously, or perhaps that was facebook postings, I was late for everything this year.  My ex hubby ran me late with picking up my daughter, which I was jumping for joy, so much I managed to give him a Christmas hug! RARE!  I was so happy to see her.  The only bad thing about divorce when kids are involved, is sharing the time, but at least I can say he is a dedicated father and doesn't skip out on spending time with his daughter, I will give him that much!  Then of course, men and their, I hate the ex, I hate the new guy shit, had to run home to get the new guy.  Gah!  Late late late.  But then again, I'm always late! 

I hope you readers/bloggers had an awesome HO HO holiday! 

ps. I received an email from seller saying the gift has shipped. FINALLY.  Thanks a lot Mr seller, you indeed suck arse!  I'm still waiting on Mr Postman to bring the goods. Think it will make it before New Years? 


  1. I don't know why I thought that the presents arrived on time. LoL, I'm so damn confused. :)
    Well, I'm sure your family doesn't mind about the gifts. It's more important that you spent the holidays together and that you had an awesome time.

  2. Starlight... My rambles even confuse me most of the time. I did post something saying that my mother and fathers gifts did arrive in time! but not my soon to be brother in laws. It's ok tho. It will just a happy surprise to get them late Im sure! Thanks for reading and sorry to confuse :)

  3. LOL... Nope, I said the ex hates the new guy. Sorry for more confusion Readers....


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