Sunday, December 5, 2010

2010, you shall be missed, part 3!

And we left off part 2 with a bang, this should be lotsa more fun.  Ive given thoughts of adding some bad things that happened this year, but to be honest, I'm not sure where to stick them, perhaps I will conclude the final post of a list of bad shit that happened this year! 

April, 2010, here we go....

What a cute dirty little bunny. I found this poor bunny at my Mom's house, April was Easter time.  Easter huh? How did they ever throw in a bunny with painted eggs and candy. It baffles me really, but I'm not religious, no Jeebus in my life.  Easter will still be fun! 

Awe my first tomato plants!  That was fun!  They grew to be big and tall and actually produced some tomatoes for us to gobble down.  They were good! I managed to tackle in some other pictures while they were growing, perhaps these guys will show up again! 

It was also around the time the plants were put in that our lil' buddy outside, Chester!  The Opossum that came to live in our outdoor storage room!  Chester is no longer with us, he moved out and found him a Chesterette!
(found this guy hanging around online, for your viewing pleasure, nasty creature)

Just out of boredom the conversation came up, who do you think would win in a fight?  My devil Cat, aka Princess or Chester the Opossum!  Any thoughts bloggers?   No worries, we didn't throw Princess out there to find out, lol.  That would probably be illegal, like pit bull fighting!  That's wrong!
-And it looks as tho I can wrap up April with one of my trips.  We try, I stress try, to make a trip every year, just us, without our kids.  It's always a blast!  Although a couple years ago we went to Macon, GA.  Eeeeep!  I had terrible hair days, the whole time I'm there, why the hell do I get bad hair when I go on vaca.  It's flippin' awful! 

Here you go a couple of pics from the trip.  We went to Cherokee, NC this year, but managed to see a couple more sites while about.  We went through the Smokey Mountains Park up to Gatlinburg, TN.  Cherokee,NC for those who don't know... They have Indian tribes there and have their whole villages and Reservation!  <- that was the word I was looking for, it was a really cute place. I had fun.  The weather was still chilly, that wasn't the best part. But it was a blast. It's always fun to get away and wander around places you don't see all the time, right?  And for your viewing pleasure, here you go.

2 crazy old guys!

And here we go, right into May, 2010.... Let me know if I'm going to  fast!

See, I told you they would pop up again! They're bigger, I think?  Ya know, to be honest, I cannot really tell, Ooops!  Oh well, just proves I didn't kill them!

We had a lot of fun in May, the weather got warmer, yay!  I went to my first May Day party with some awesome friends.  I have never ran around a May Pole, I will say it was purdy confusing and I think some people were grumbling about my idiocy with a May Pole! There was no pool parties, not yet, but we did spend time at the playgrounds and parks!  Yays! Had plenty of shopping and lotsa fun!

I got an awesome new hair cut, my hair changes as much as my underoos do, but I guess I went a little personal with that didn't I?  I bet I could fill a blog with all my hair do's and don'ts this year!  lalala.  I will be the first to admit, this is my favorite cut, and my favorite color!  Rawking my brown contacts in this pic also!  Love it!

Yay for June, the first month of summer, not the hottest month but it isn't too chilly either. I'm excited just thinking about June on this cold December night while blogging away to my readers....

June, 2010

We had geese this year, these are the babies, of course they aren't adorably cute and yellow, they are a bit older, it was kind of cool to watch these little guys come and go, PS.  we did see some adorably yellow geese this year. As I was saying, it was so cool to see these little guys come and go with their Mommy and Daddy Goose, it was cool.  They loved the bread, something about feeding geese bread while you're bored is fun!
My first nieces 6th birthday party, it was a lot of fun, once again we had a house full of your favorite family members!  I love birthday parties!  She chose a Sleeping Beauty cake, my sister did an awesome job with making this one!  She is my HERO!

Ah yes my daughter completed her Kindergarten year!  Oh how exciting, for your viewing pleasure, I'm going to show you what may very well be my only hobby, unless you count facebook and Internet as a hobby!  I crammed this scrap book full of all the memories I had saved up for the whole year!  Its slammed pack with what few school pictures they take, they only take 2 a year and of course the class picture.  But they are all piled in there with the school projects she had completed.  All the lovely artwork.  I'm thinking back to then and missing all of that stuff, now when she brings home her Friday folders its just the homework assignments!  Blah blah blah!  No fun! 

And finally... My favorite park about June....  Squeeee!
   The water park, yay!  Jamie's family came up from FLA, and we had a blast at the water park.  I think if I remember correctly it got cloudy and chilly, we left there and went to Dairy Queen for ice cream.

I'm sitting here now, watching the sun come and go from behind the clouds, wishing it were warm outside and I could ditch the hats and sweaters and jackets and run outside in my shorts to soak up some sunshine.

Dear Summer,
Please come back soon. I miss you so very much.  I love you sunshine!  Let's run away together and live happily ever after. 

Love, Doria 

So Ive completed part 3, sorry for the delay, I started it last night and crashed before I finished.  I should be so lucky I didn't lose my trane of thought.....WAIT?  WHAT?!!
Have a great Sunday bloggers :)

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