Friday, December 3, 2010

2010, you shall be missed, part 1

So I've got the supah awesome ideas flowing for a post in remembrance for 2010.  I in no way can classify 2010 as a bad year. I spent awesome times with awesome folks and loved most minutes of all year.  To be honest, I can't really call any year, evar, in my life, a bad year! Perhaps I am considered lucky?  I try to look on the bright side of things most of the time. I know I'm impossibly hard headed and a total bitch at times, but such is life.  Comes with being a female!

It's unfortunate, in my eyes, that all of my supah awesome ideas come to me just as I lay down in bed, it's really inconvenient. Perhaps I should invest in a tape recorder to talk them out just before I crash for the night.  But I can't stand the sound of my own voice when it comes to playing it back.  I was able to disguise it enough to make it bearable on my  voice mail, then again, it's not that I call myself very often so really Ive no idea what it might sound like.  The thought of actually talking to a tape recorder and then listening to all my ideas the next day strikes me as probable chaos! Id toss the thing in the trash as soon as it started talking. So trash that idea!   Maybe just maybe if I take the time to order my thoughts together and make them come out onto paper, maybe just maybe I can accomplish this for the ending of 2010.  Lets embark on said adventure and maybe, JUST MAYBE, you all will be able to see the life and times of My - Doria's- 2010!  Wooooo, what an adventure that was! 

good day my readers, keep the look out for a follow up posting on the fabulous, awesome, supah. 2010!


  1. I have the same problem - the ideas come when I'm in my warm bed, Mr. Starlight hugging me and I'm just about to fall asleep. In a moment like this I usually get up and write down the idea, or even start up the computer and write the whole thing down if I think that the notes won't help the next day.
    I also can't stand the sound of my voice on the recorder. We're much alike :)

    I have one comment about your blog, I hope you don't mind it. The font you're using is a bit hard to read and grey letters on white doesn't help it much. I hope you don't mind this comment, it's just that I like your blog but it's a bit hard to read it...

  2. Thanks Starlight, I was thinking it was kinda annoying, Im still tweaking this thang. I dont mind the comment! :)


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