Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My daughter is hilarious.  I've known this for some time, but this morning made me giggle.  She is always supah anal about how much toilet paper she uses because she is scared she will "clarg" the toilet.  It's so funny she says "Clarg"!  So it's only happened once with us that the toilet has "clargged" and yes she ran screaming into the kitchen for Mom to come rescue her from the rising waters.  Ever since then its pull off a corner of toilet paper and wipe with that.  I will admit, that drives me nuts, because well... ewwww.  Just use more toilet paper, we can manage through a clarg! 

So to the point... She wakes up this morning, and says, MOM, my nose is clargged.  I'm rolling on the floor laughing.  Poor thing has a clargged nose!  So I'm like, well get out of bed, we're already late, AGAIN, and blow your nose.  She pushes one nostril down and blows, nothing comes out.  Mom it's clargged it isn't working.  I'm like, get up and it will all move around like Mom's does and won't be clargged anymore.  It's so funny, the word CLARG! 


There is my post for today, hope it brings a smile to your face, as it did mine.  I heart the funny things my lil' girls tells me from time to time.  Awesome!

Happy HO HO week everyone!  Safe shopping and Merry Xmas!


  1. I like it. My kids are also worried about Clargging the toilet - could be because I threatened to put the plunger in their bed if I found it in the shower ever again!!

  2. Tell your sweet girl that even big fat grown ups like me clarg the terlet up all the time... I think it will give her a confidence boost!

  3. Kristen- haha.. I dont think we have had the plunger in the shower bit yet. I think she is afraid of the poopie water overflowing into the floor more than anything. She's so silly!

    Organic Meatbag- thanks for the comment! I like that "terlet" but also, can I use it, lol. And yes I may try that, perhaps she won't stress it as much.


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