Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear Xmas,

Yes I took Christ out  of Christmas, no pun intended.   I'm just lazy, I promise!  I am indeed feeling the Xmas cheer so far. Ive already pulled out the Xmas earrings and put up the Xmas tree.  My daughter had fun throwing all the decorations on last night, I saved that fun for her, I was lucky enough to tackle the lights and being poked by all the limbs while rapping t hem around.  It is always fun times tho.  We opted for a real tree this year, Douglas Fir or something WONDERFUL pain the arsish! And to top it all off, Princess aka Devil Cat has a blast climbing up in the Xmas tree and swatting down all the hard work done!  Grrrrr!  I'm not pet friendly.

So is  it bad for me to want a dog.  Ive struck out with so many pets, it makes me weary.  It doesn't seem right for me to want  pets but have no interest in buying a home for myself and said  pets.  Weird isn't it.  My mom and I get into disagreements relatively often at my disgust for owning my own home.  Is it wrong for me to think I don't want the responsibility and well if I want to move, I want to move. Something about being stuck in one place for a very long time as well as have all the responsibility of it, means growing up.  Growing up?  That doesn't sound like much fun! 

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, besides the normal arguments that come from being around family, but the food was good and so was the company.   Maybe Xmas will be just as good!  Perhaps all of them will show up like they are posta!  --My shopping list seems never ending this year, why why why?  It isn't fair!  Ive already made my New Years Resolution, I'm hopeful by making  it a "New Years Resolution" that perhaps, unlike any other year, I will pull through and just keep this one. *fingers crossed*  That being said... I want to have all my shopping done next year before Thanksgiving!  That's it!  That's all I got so far!

It's a purdy good day here, still raining, that sucks, but hey... It's winter!  Dammmit!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Shhh it's a secret! A very very long secret!

I've always had a secret crush on vampires.  Perhaps not the vampire itself, but just the idea.  As fictional as it may be.  It doesn't change it..  Here's to wasting time on a slow day at work! 

Edward Cullen- Twilight Series
Rob Pattinson is the hawtest MOFO alive!

Oh the Twilight Series, how I love thee, let me count the ways.  Forgive me bloggers for saying this, but I am absolutely ADDICTED to the Twilight Series.  When the movies came out I turned  up my nose, I was not going to be a Twilighter, racing to the theaters to swoon over Edward Cullen and Jacob Black <-- am no Lautner fan, he is hawt, but he was always getting in the way of the Edward & Bella love).  I did not pay Twilight a cent of attention and was not going to inflict another teeny bopper movie to my viewing mishaps.  So after many friends telling me how WONDERFUL the book was, I gave in and picked up the Twilight book.  I LOVED IT. No lie, I completed the whole series as soon as humanly possible I think. I would have read in my sleep if it were possible.  I could not put it down. I was in love with the Edward Cullen as soon as Stephanie Meyer described him.  *swoon* Now Im reading it over and over again trying to squeeze in other books between them!  So once finished reading these books, I thought it over and chose to watch the movie.  Mind you I am not impressed with the ways they chop it apart, why can't you just make a movie to include everything in the book? Id sit there for long periods of time and watch it, sure!  But as Hollywood goes, they never show the books any justice. It may have been better to leave it alone. -- Back to the point! (random I know) So Stephanie Meyer completely, utterly thrashed my idea of vampires. Ive never ever ever been afraid of vampires.  I admire their immortatility and drinking blood really doesn't turn me off.   She did manage to make them sparkle and able to venture out during the daylight tho.  A vampires wish come true!  haha...      Im sure we're all aware of the twilight series and I wont go into any more, because this isn't a post of Twilight...   So on we go to my next fav.  :)

Alice Cullen- Twlight Series
(Ashley Green is B.E.A.utiful)

Alice Cullen was the fashion star of the Twilight Series, and so adorable and cute. I adore  her character so much. She always sparkles and sees into the future, doo doo doo doo <--- scary music.  She was fairy like and beautiful.  Loved her the bestest! 

On to the next.....
(The famous Dracula)
My vampire love began with Dracula, I loved Bram Stokers Dracula.  It is the defintion of the dark and oh so scary vampire, remember Im not afraid ever  of vampires) who was as we already know is a fictional character of Vlad III.  Wonderful movie. I also love Wyonna Ryder, awesome actress.  Great movie. AWESOME VAMPIRE! I must sadly admit I have never read Bram Stokers- Dracula. I am a disgrace to literature and vampire love, but I couldn't keep that secret bottled up any longer, added to my wish list... BRAM STOKERS DRACULA! * high fives* ( I can attempt to start on this one, after I read Anne Rices, Vampire Chronicles as well as The Girl who kicked the Hornets nest, glad to say I have started) and of course re-read Twilight Breaking Dawn again.  Wow Im busy for the next year!  New Years resolution, READ ALL THAT SHIZ AND DRACULA!  Ok back to my point, random I know, I read "The Historian" but Elizabeth Kostove, Oh My Wow!  That book is soooo wondermus. It dips into Dracula as well and tours all through history and alot of country.  If you haven't read it, it is simply A MUST READ!

Oh wait, there is more....
An oldie but a goodie. Blade kicks ars!  Im for real. He can walk in the daylight, because he was born after his mother was attacked by a vampire, remind me, did she die?    This guy kicked mucho ars all throughout the films.  He rawks!  My Twilight hater friends are patiently awaiting him to show up and kill all the vampires! They're really are meanies!

Almost done, promise... Im trying to make it short!  hahah.

(Michael Corbin)
He was awesome.  Yea  yea he's a hybrid, but there is a little vamp in there, Dooode, he helped kick Victors ars as well awesome guy, whatever was his name?  Damn damn damn... Someone answer! 

Now to conclude this nonsense... Here is my most recent thought!!!

I saw her picture on our entertainment magazine last night. It's funny how she is getting older and yet staying the same in regards to her looks. Im convinced.  Cher maybe my new favorite VAMP!  


here's to thankful for holidays!  Hope everyone had a safe and happy one!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Root Beer,

Dearest Root Beer,

    I do not like you.  I wish Subway had not taped the "Out of Order" sign over my Coca Cola.  You are not even close to my second choice. But because the selection at Subway was so limited. I chose you over the nasty, fake tea product and over sugared juice fakeness. Please do not misunderstand my picking you out of choice. I had no other choice. I am suffering!

Yours never truly,

Well dear bloggers. Ive so many things on my mind today. Perhaps it is because I was away from my internets all weekend. This is something I enjoy, being online is a love of mine! I enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy reading, and  yes that includes reading blogs. Ive been unfortunate here lately and have not braved up and brought along a book to read at work. Its funny I complain and whine about how much I despise my job and this place I call work. But most all of the time I am able to do as I please here. It's silly for me to hate it so much, but for some reason, boredom causes this hatred as well as all the morons in this general area who call me to have their cars towed. I do not like you Mr/Mrs. Moron!  Please go eat shiz and leave me alone!  Please!

I have a tooth ache today. I hate you cheap no name brand of Lucky Charms. You are evil and you make my cavity hurt.  Curse you and your fakeness!  - just sayin'. 

So I feel as though I have fell into a trench, this trench maybe more like a groove. I keep coming up with these "awesome to me ideas" and turn around to second guess each and every one of them because of things that don't go the way Id hoped. Ive blogged before about my crazay idear to be a cop.  So I'm looking into this Criminal Justice studies and well I believe I am totally backing out because it may require me to actually go into a class room and listen to someone lecture for 2 hours. Oh lawd I don't think I can do it. Perhaps I am right to step back move away and keep myself in this what I know now kinda field which I also hate here lately.  Oh I despise being grown up sometimes.

Friday, November 19, 2010

10 points of random...

I read these on Consequences be Damned-Confessions of a Spitfire and decided, because I spend my time doing it in all my other favorite places, I mine as well do it on here!  I dont know how to tag folks, so here goes nuffin!

1. Why did you create the blog?
I enjoy babbling about nuffin almost all of the time!  I should say ALL OF THE TIME!  Because it's true. I love to talk, which is all new for me, buuut it's ok.  So with this, I can babble on about whatever is on my mind that day, Monkey Butt!
2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
So far I am following a few.  I like to read about people and I guess in a way compare them to myself and my life.  It's interesting and fun!  I enjoy reading, so Im open to anything and everything.  I have stumbled upon a few that aren't very interesting and as Spitfire says, it's annoying to his the "next blog" and it be like the one I just read.. Grrr!
3. Favourite makeup brand?
Umm, Im not really that girl.  Yes I wear some eyeshadow, but to be honest with you world, Ive no idea what brand it or nor do I really care.  Like I said, Im not the one

4. Favourite clothing brand?
haha.. See above, but I do really like most anything they sell at Pac Sun, why did they shorten the name of that anyways?  What was wrong with Pacific Sunwear?  Cost more to make the sign or something silly like that *ponders*.  Old Navy's random t-shirts are cute at times.   

5. Your indispensable makeup product?
Well being as you just read my makeup life above, I guess it's my eyeshadows or mascara.  Chapstick?  Does that count?     

6. Your favourite colour?
My favorite color?  That's easy!  PURPLE with a close second of PINK. what can I say, they're cute colors! 
7. Your perfume?
I heart the Victoria Secret perfume I have forgotten the name of, it's delish!
8. Your favourite film?
Natural Born Killers.  Weird I know.  I love that movie tho. I have a lot of movies that I enjoy very often, Natural Born Killers is something different, it's like my FAVORITE song, I hear it so rarely that it's special when I watch it.  I can't say I enjoy Natural Born Killers because there are 2 crazy people running around murdering people for the hell of it, who do you think I am, a SICKO?  I just enjoy seeing Woody Harrelson being a psycho in Love.  Def some crazy stuff going on in there tho!  Lub it!

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
Ah can I only name one... Lets start with my #1 choice....  Romania.  Ahhh to visit Romania, I believe that when I finally make it there, there is a chance I wont come back! 
10. Write the last question and I will answer it: 
Because it's late and my brain isn't functioning properly due to need of sleep.  I will answer any random questions my readers feel deserving of my opinion on the matter!  Goodnight World.   

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A picture of my phone

Why can't you take a picture of yourself lil' camera phone?  It's not fair to me to rummage through the "black hole" just to find the picture taker to take a picture of something that includes a camera.  Im sure my picture taker could take a picture of itself.  But NO! Not you you stupid peice of shiz perfect purple phone with camera.  You make me ANGRY so happy to have you nearby!


Monday, November 15, 2010

I heart Candy, I heart junk food

Yes it's true, I love candy and junk food and I'm not very picky in regards to what kinds!  These categories, maybe the only thing I'm not picky about.  Ive cut out most chicken and cow products, Ive never been one to eat fish or seafood, it tastes and smells absolutely REVOLTING!  Veggie burgers gross me out, seems as though they stick mushrooms in there, I despise mushrooms, Dirt Food as I call it.  Guess it's more "poop food" haha.  Soy gives me indigestion as does my favorite veggie, broccoli.   I heart a lot of foods. 

To get to my point, I've decided to diet!  Everyone does it.  Why can't I?  Perhaps people I know will harp on me and tell me I look just fine and I'm silly to think otherwise.  It's taken me 28 years, 29 on Thursday to convince myself that I am a purdy good looking lady, Ive saw a few new "creases" or "wrinkles" whatever you want to call them.  It's OK, comes with age, I guess. Whatever!  It doesn't faze me much and when it comes time to "bother" me, I will cover it up with makeup right?    hahaha.. It works, I guess. Ive never paid much attention to applying makeup to myself, other than eye shadows.

My thoughts are liquid diets.  Its been many a years since I participated in a liquid diet.  Are these even remotely healthy at all?  Can there be such a thang as a liquid diet that isn't going to make me croak over.  hahaha.. Perhaps it could just be temporary to get to the desired weight?  Ah well. 

I'm tempted to raid the kitchen and toss out everything that is tempting to me, everything I know will only ruin the idea of weight loss, the basket of leftover Halloween candies on the table, which Ive wiped out most of the tasty preferences Id placed in there.  Then there is the oh soooo tasty chocolates bagged away on the table and taunting me!  Ah you are the DEVIL chocolate candy. 

It's almost the holidays and I am just not sure if I can dedicate to much to this idea, I heart the holidays and the goood tasty treats and foods my mother prepares.  Ahhh...  It's not always fun to be a lady!  Grrr!

Friday, November 12, 2010

It saddens me....

It saddens me to hear the news.  This week the news came through the grapevine, aka, Facebook, that my Mother's cousin David passed away of a heart attack. 

(David on Left, my uncle Ronny on right)

He left behind, a wife and 2 daughters I believe as well as $12.00 in their checking account.  Such terrible news.  I myself have no memory of meeting him in my lifetime, I guess these would be distant relatives?  I'm hearing the news from my aunts and Mother that someone has donated/given them a plot for burial but the funeral home is requiring $4000.00 before that will accept him.  It's unbelievable that it cost so very much money to bury someone these days!  I mean wowch!  They're accepting donations at the funeral home to help the family in need and I feel as though I may very well feel like royal shiz if I can't help these people that I don't know!  I know it's a rough time, I know people stuggle all the time.  I also know Im not one to give to very often for charity.  Wait!  That is a lie, Kroger and seems like all other resturants around here take in moneys all the time, from me, for their charities.  I feel stongly that I should atleast donate something for this one!  It's not often a family like mine asks for hand outs!  

I wonder though, why can't the family come in there with a nice wooden box, nailed together at home, some flowers and perhaps a cheaper amount, why does everything regarding burial have to be so EXTRAVAGANT!  What difference does it make to "David" what kind of box they put him in and what kinda of cement they enclose said box in?  Why is it they have to put a cement cover over the casket anyway? 

This stuff frustrates me. I think ahead, and as much as I want to LIVE FOREVER, Im sure anyone can guarantee that will not happen and I to will be forced to make plans for my ending.  Why do I have to kill the planet to be put into the earth with all these extras?  why can't they wrap me up in some decomposable cloth  and toss me in?  Throw some real flowers on top of me and they can toss in a few extra worms?  Why all the need to fill the earth with boxes and cement and embalming fluids?  Why take up space on the land for tombs?  why eat up energy to burn a body?  It's frustrating to say the least. 

So Im off to think now about how much monies I can donate to my family in need! 

--Have a wonderful day fellow bloggers--

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cabin Fever?

I'm having one of those days, feels like cabin fever?  I feel like I should be outside, soaking up some much needed sunlight, my bones need a warming.  Buuuut I'm stuck here, at work, on this slow retched day.  It was so nice being supah busy on Monday and Tuesday.  Now today the only hope I have thus far is the small detail that I will be leaving work, only a mere 30 minutes early to go sit through my child's first parent/teacher conference this year.  I do not care much for her new teacher, I stress the word new, because this is her first year, EVER with teaching.  She just graduated and my child was one of about 13 I think to be transferred into her class, I'm hopeful because she is so smart that it wont affect her too very much to be taught by a newbie! 

I'm having a great week this week, as I posted to my fellow facebookers earlier.  It's very very rare that I have a great week or even a great day, so this is a BIG thing for me!  I'm going to say it's because of the recent interest  in exercise.  I have been the laziest person I know for all of about... 20 years now, I'm 28!  haha.. OOOOOO 29 in about a week!    I discovered a while back that I should take vitamins and well me being gullible listened to the television tell me that taking fish oil is good for me too.  So Ive had a regiment of vitamin and fish oil for weeks now, I'm proud of myself for keeping up with it.  You've know idea just how forgetful I really am, no lie, Id forget my head if it weren't attached.  For serious!  When I first started with it, it did make me feel better during the days, maybe  it's all in my head, whatever!  It worked, well recently it wasn't doing much I though, back to being my normal, grumpy, I hate you, kinda lady!  I was really tired all the time did I mention grumpy, my lack of interest was at an all time HIGH and well I was just achy all over, no sickness or preggers for me, so I couldn't blame that.  I got on this kick, I need to exercise, it's something, Ive never ever ever ever done, never!  I never liked it, I never  had weight issues that skipping a few meals wouldn't take care of and well I just plain ole HATED IT!  So now I picked up this "Gazelle" from my sister.  I have to agree it does make my knee ache like she said it did hers, but only for a few minutes and I readjust myself and it eases up.  Ive felt great for like 3 days now, Ive only been at it for 3 days, but so far I'm sticking to the 30 minutes a day and haven't missed a day!  *high fives* 
I'm blogging, because I R Proud of myself!  Just wanted to share the kinda days Ive had since my last post!

Plus I recently picked up a new follower on here and her post are awesome!  Whewt Whewt!  I hope you all are doing as well as I am today and Ive high hopes for  a great rest of the week and a great birthday/anniversary dinner on Friday with great friends!    Ive scored an awesome, black dress last night while shopping, good price I think and saw the most adorable Cons also.  Ive hinted hardcore to Jamie to hook me up with them awesome cons!  :)  See pic!

I'm hopelessly addicted to Converse!

Friday, November 5, 2010

This thang...

So... I'm obviously new at this "Blogger" page.  I love my page, kinda. I love the stars, stars are my favorite  shape, I enjoy doodling them whenever I can, my sister has a supah  awesome tattoo with her daughters name surrounded with stars, it has inspired me to get me some stars tattooed on myself.  I heart stars! 

But the problem I'm having is Ive really no idea what I'm doing on here, I don't like the way it's hard to read my title and all through the stars, I don't like that, I don't know how to change that.  It's making me bonkers!
Ive apparently set the settings so my font is red, *shrugs* Another example of me not knowing what I'm doing!  I want it to be all purdy and cool like Ive seen so many look.  why can't I just wave a majik wand and figure it all. 
I'm aware of the fact that Ive only like 2 followers, altho they both seem really awesome, and their pages are supah cute, I needs some help or tips or advice on how to make me page look supah cute. Or should I just give up on the stars.  Which will make me sad....  Help?  Anyone?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Touch the a/c controls and I break your hand"

The title of this posting were my exact words, so what happens today? Someone touched the a/c controls.. I am freezing.  I wish I were big enough to break his hand!  "But Im hot" ... "Ok so don't wear long sleeve shirts!"  It's flippin 50 degrees outside.  It's suppose to be really cold this weekend!

I live in GA and well here the past week the temperatures have been awful, if you ask my opinion.  I was born in November and I have never been one to enjoy this cold weather we have here.  I really despise it to be quite honest with you.  I know, without a doubt in my mind, I'd never make it somewhere up north.  I'd die, freeze to death.  Terrible cold weather! 

So I am seriously thinking about migrating every winter to somewhere nice and warm, I mentioned Mexico, but my soon to be brother in law told me it isn't quite that warm there.  Darnit!  South America maybe?!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Awesome, Random Food for Thought.. or is it?!!

This is what all the men have to think about these days...

*Barf* Is all I have to say about this one!

Ive done well with my NO MCDONALDS rule for the last few months *High Fives*

So what Im asking today is, what is it about this nasty lil' peice of crapola meat that has the men I know swooning and racing to McDonalds? 

Ive developed my theories....

A.) This nasty lil thing is made of something so hideous that it would physically harm/kill or make you deathly ill if consumed for long periods of time.  This doesn't really work to me, because the way these men guzzle these thangs down daily as often as they can, seems as though they would be ill! I've known them to derail themselves from original destination in order to stop in McD's to gorge themselves in this AWFULNESS!

B.) It's made of  some "creature" that would probably end up extinct if they kept it going for too long each year. I think they may have skipped last year to avoid such things?  Hmm, that sends me to think more about it.  My ex has come the conclusion it's dog or pony.  I called it "pony dog".  Its me new creation!

There you go... FOOD FOR THOUGHT!