Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cabin Fever?

I'm having one of those days, feels like cabin fever?  I feel like I should be outside, soaking up some much needed sunlight, my bones need a warming.  Buuuut I'm stuck here, at work, on this slow retched day.  It was so nice being supah busy on Monday and Tuesday.  Now today the only hope I have thus far is the small detail that I will be leaving work, only a mere 30 minutes early to go sit through my child's first parent/teacher conference this year.  I do not care much for her new teacher, I stress the word new, because this is her first year, EVER with teaching.  She just graduated and my child was one of about 13 I think to be transferred into her class, I'm hopeful because she is so smart that it wont affect her too very much to be taught by a newbie! 

I'm having a great week this week, as I posted to my fellow facebookers earlier.  It's very very rare that I have a great week or even a great day, so this is a BIG thing for me!  I'm going to say it's because of the recent interest  in exercise.  I have been the laziest person I know for all of about... 20 years now, I'm 28!  haha.. OOOOOO 29 in about a week!    I discovered a while back that I should take vitamins and well me being gullible listened to the television tell me that taking fish oil is good for me too.  So Ive had a regiment of vitamin and fish oil for weeks now, I'm proud of myself for keeping up with it.  You've know idea just how forgetful I really am, no lie, Id forget my head if it weren't attached.  For serious!  When I first started with it, it did make me feel better during the days, maybe  it's all in my head, whatever!  It worked, well recently it wasn't doing much I though, back to being my normal, grumpy, I hate you, kinda lady!  I was really tired all the time did I mention grumpy, my lack of interest was at an all time HIGH and well I was just achy all over, no sickness or preggers for me, so I couldn't blame that.  I got on this kick, I need to exercise, it's something, Ive never ever ever ever done, never!  I never liked it, I never  had weight issues that skipping a few meals wouldn't take care of and well I just plain ole HATED IT!  So now I picked up this "Gazelle" from my sister.  I have to agree it does make my knee ache like she said it did hers, but only for a few minutes and I readjust myself and it eases up.  Ive felt great for like 3 days now, Ive only been at it for 3 days, but so far I'm sticking to the 30 minutes a day and haven't missed a day!  *high fives* 
I'm blogging, because I R Proud of myself!  Just wanted to share the kinda days Ive had since my last post!

Plus I recently picked up a new follower on here and her post are awesome!  Whewt Whewt!  I hope you all are doing as well as I am today and Ive high hopes for  a great rest of the week and a great birthday/anniversary dinner on Friday with great friends!    Ive scored an awesome, black dress last night while shopping, good price I think and saw the most adorable Cons also.  Ive hinted hardcore to Jamie to hook me up with them awesome cons!  :)  See pic!

I'm hopelessly addicted to Converse!


  1. once upon a time I wore nothing but red converse hi-tops. unfortunately, they destroyed my feet and now, I find them sooooo uncomfortable to wear! :( Or maybe.... I'm just gettin' f****** old. ha

  2. Congrats on the excersising - now can you throw some of that motivation MY way? I like your the new look of your blog too! I HATE parent/teacher conferences- I feel like a kid again going to the principle's office - ugh. But good luck to YOU at YOURS! Here's a toast to your great week (not said with any amount of bitterness on my part AT ALL) :)

  3. Saw you on Kristen's page and I'm home with a sick kiddo blogsurfing.

    Hopefully your parent-teacher conference goes well. My oldest son's kindergarten and first grade teachers were both first year teachers, and they were both amazing teachers. After teaching for 9 years I'm STILL trying to live up to his 1st grade teacher! Hopefully this teacher is one of THOSE.

    I've heard good things about fish oil...I'm just a little afraid of fishy burps...and since I don't like seafood that would be doubly gross.

  4. Kate- The conference went well, she is doing good in all except with her writing, but we can work on that! Her teacher seems, okay, a little flighty and forgetful as well as nervous at times, like has some stage fright or something, lol. Poor thang.
    And the fish oil. Im with you I hate hate hate fish and even seafood, I wont touch it and I hate the smell of it. Im only taking 1 pill a day and have had no fishy burps :)


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