Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Root Beer,

Dearest Root Beer,

    I do not like you.  I wish Subway had not taped the "Out of Order" sign over my Coca Cola.  You are not even close to my second choice. But because the selection at Subway was so limited. I chose you over the nasty, fake tea product and over sugared juice fakeness. Please do not misunderstand my picking you out of choice. I had no other choice. I am suffering!

Yours never truly,

Well dear bloggers. Ive so many things on my mind today. Perhaps it is because I was away from my internets all weekend. This is something I enjoy, being online is a love of mine! I enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy reading, and  yes that includes reading blogs. Ive been unfortunate here lately and have not braved up and brought along a book to read at work. Its funny I complain and whine about how much I despise my job and this place I call work. But most all of the time I am able to do as I please here. It's silly for me to hate it so much, but for some reason, boredom causes this hatred as well as all the morons in this general area who call me to have their cars towed. I do not like you Mr/Mrs. Moron!  Please go eat shiz and leave me alone!  Please!

I have a tooth ache today. I hate you cheap no name brand of Lucky Charms. You are evil and you make my cavity hurt.  Curse you and your fakeness!  - just sayin'. 

So I feel as though I have fell into a trench, this trench maybe more like a groove. I keep coming up with these "awesome to me ideas" and turn around to second guess each and every one of them because of things that don't go the way Id hoped. Ive blogged before about my crazay idear to be a cop.  So I'm looking into this Criminal Justice studies and well I believe I am totally backing out because it may require me to actually go into a class room and listen to someone lecture for 2 hours. Oh lawd I don't think I can do it. Perhaps I am right to step back move away and keep myself in this what I know now kinda field which I also hate here lately.  Oh I despise being grown up sometimes.

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  1. maybe you could repair soda dispensers?? Just Kidding! I've been in a rut lately too. It's the time of year, maybe? From now til oh, May. Ugh!


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