Friday, November 26, 2010

Shhh it's a secret! A very very long secret!

I've always had a secret crush on vampires.  Perhaps not the vampire itself, but just the idea.  As fictional as it may be.  It doesn't change it..  Here's to wasting time on a slow day at work! 

Edward Cullen- Twilight Series
Rob Pattinson is the hawtest MOFO alive!

Oh the Twilight Series, how I love thee, let me count the ways.  Forgive me bloggers for saying this, but I am absolutely ADDICTED to the Twilight Series.  When the movies came out I turned  up my nose, I was not going to be a Twilighter, racing to the theaters to swoon over Edward Cullen and Jacob Black <-- am no Lautner fan, he is hawt, but he was always getting in the way of the Edward & Bella love).  I did not pay Twilight a cent of attention and was not going to inflict another teeny bopper movie to my viewing mishaps.  So after many friends telling me how WONDERFUL the book was, I gave in and picked up the Twilight book.  I LOVED IT. No lie, I completed the whole series as soon as humanly possible I think. I would have read in my sleep if it were possible.  I could not put it down. I was in love with the Edward Cullen as soon as Stephanie Meyer described him.  *swoon* Now Im reading it over and over again trying to squeeze in other books between them!  So once finished reading these books, I thought it over and chose to watch the movie.  Mind you I am not impressed with the ways they chop it apart, why can't you just make a movie to include everything in the book? Id sit there for long periods of time and watch it, sure!  But as Hollywood goes, they never show the books any justice. It may have been better to leave it alone. -- Back to the point! (random I know) So Stephanie Meyer completely, utterly thrashed my idea of vampires. Ive never ever ever been afraid of vampires.  I admire their immortatility and drinking blood really doesn't turn me off.   She did manage to make them sparkle and able to venture out during the daylight tho.  A vampires wish come true!  haha...      Im sure we're all aware of the twilight series and I wont go into any more, because this isn't a post of Twilight...   So on we go to my next fav.  :)

Alice Cullen- Twlight Series
(Ashley Green is B.E.A.utiful)

Alice Cullen was the fashion star of the Twilight Series, and so adorable and cute. I adore  her character so much. She always sparkles and sees into the future, doo doo doo doo <--- scary music.  She was fairy like and beautiful.  Loved her the bestest! 

On to the next.....
(The famous Dracula)
My vampire love began with Dracula, I loved Bram Stokers Dracula.  It is the defintion of the dark and oh so scary vampire, remember Im not afraid ever  of vampires) who was as we already know is a fictional character of Vlad III.  Wonderful movie. I also love Wyonna Ryder, awesome actress.  Great movie. AWESOME VAMPIRE! I must sadly admit I have never read Bram Stokers- Dracula. I am a disgrace to literature and vampire love, but I couldn't keep that secret bottled up any longer, added to my wish list... BRAM STOKERS DRACULA! * high fives* ( I can attempt to start on this one, after I read Anne Rices, Vampire Chronicles as well as The Girl who kicked the Hornets nest, glad to say I have started) and of course re-read Twilight Breaking Dawn again.  Wow Im busy for the next year!  New Years resolution, READ ALL THAT SHIZ AND DRACULA!  Ok back to my point, random I know, I read "The Historian" but Elizabeth Kostove, Oh My Wow!  That book is soooo wondermus. It dips into Dracula as well and tours all through history and alot of country.  If you haven't read it, it is simply A MUST READ!

Oh wait, there is more....
An oldie but a goodie. Blade kicks ars!  Im for real. He can walk in the daylight, because he was born after his mother was attacked by a vampire, remind me, did she die?    This guy kicked mucho ars all throughout the films.  He rawks!  My Twilight hater friends are patiently awaiting him to show up and kill all the vampires! They're really are meanies!

Almost done, promise... Im trying to make it short!  hahah.

(Michael Corbin)
He was awesome.  Yea  yea he's a hybrid, but there is a little vamp in there, Dooode, he helped kick Victors ars as well awesome guy, whatever was his name?  Damn damn damn... Someone answer! 

Now to conclude this nonsense... Here is my most recent thought!!!

I saw her picture on our entertainment magazine last night. It's funny how she is getting older and yet staying the same in regards to her looks. Im convinced.  Cher maybe my new favorite VAMP!  


here's to thankful for holidays!  Hope everyone had a safe and happy one!


  1. That is an excellent Theory about Cher! Ok, so I am very slow on the take. I have not read the Twighlight books and I love to read. I have seen the first movie and it was OK. I saw parts of the second movie while the kids were warching it. I have all the books from my Mom who says I MUST READ THEM. Maybe this will be my winter project??

  2. Not a Twilight Fan at all.... sorry. :) However, I am a big Cher fan..... I love her attitude and well.... who doesn't love a vamp? ;)


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