Monday, November 15, 2010

I heart Candy, I heart junk food

Yes it's true, I love candy and junk food and I'm not very picky in regards to what kinds!  These categories, maybe the only thing I'm not picky about.  Ive cut out most chicken and cow products, Ive never been one to eat fish or seafood, it tastes and smells absolutely REVOLTING!  Veggie burgers gross me out, seems as though they stick mushrooms in there, I despise mushrooms, Dirt Food as I call it.  Guess it's more "poop food" haha.  Soy gives me indigestion as does my favorite veggie, broccoli.   I heart a lot of foods. 

To get to my point, I've decided to diet!  Everyone does it.  Why can't I?  Perhaps people I know will harp on me and tell me I look just fine and I'm silly to think otherwise.  It's taken me 28 years, 29 on Thursday to convince myself that I am a purdy good looking lady, Ive saw a few new "creases" or "wrinkles" whatever you want to call them.  It's OK, comes with age, I guess. Whatever!  It doesn't faze me much and when it comes time to "bother" me, I will cover it up with makeup right?    hahaha.. It works, I guess. Ive never paid much attention to applying makeup to myself, other than eye shadows.

My thoughts are liquid diets.  Its been many a years since I participated in a liquid diet.  Are these even remotely healthy at all?  Can there be such a thang as a liquid diet that isn't going to make me croak over.  hahaha.. Perhaps it could just be temporary to get to the desired weight?  Ah well. 

I'm tempted to raid the kitchen and toss out everything that is tempting to me, everything I know will only ruin the idea of weight loss, the basket of leftover Halloween candies on the table, which Ive wiped out most of the tasty preferences Id placed in there.  Then there is the oh soooo tasty chocolates bagged away on the table and taunting me!  Ah you are the DEVIL chocolate candy. 

It's almost the holidays and I am just not sure if I can dedicate to much to this idea, I heart the holidays and the goood tasty treats and foods my mother prepares.  Ahhh...  It's not always fun to be a lady!  Grrr!


  1. Not really a fan of liquid diets, personally. Your body needs more fuel than just liquid. I think any diet outside of the "eat the right foods and exercise" diet plan is one doomed for failure.... meaning that the minute you stop the particular diet, you'll gain it all back.

    As for indigestion from favorite foods, have you ever tried Papaya Enzymes? You can buy them at GNC for less than 10 bucks. They taste like candy and they help me with heartburn, though, you can take them daily since they aid in digestion.

  2. So what are the right foods then? Im already on the exercise thang, which is going ok, I just derno what really I could eat...

  3. First, lemme say that I'm not an expert! These are just pieces I've picked up while researching here and there.

    Weight-loss occurs when you burn more calories than you consume.

    So that should be your goal - eat less than your body burns. There are a ton of websites out there to help track what you're eating vs what you're exercising. I just signed up with yesterday for the same reason...I want to lose weight, but I refuse to be over-the-top obsessive about it.

    I love my fatty fried foods and I just need to see how much I need to exercise to keep consuming the foods I love whilst losing weight & gaining muscle naturally.

    Ignore the number on your scale. Set your goal size, not a goal weight.

    I'm sure you know, but muscle weighs more than fat. So if you're actually working out...your body is likely building muscle and you might reach a point where you see that number go up rather than down. As long as you're losing inches, then you're doing the right thing!

  4. Yea, I def want more muscle, I maybe the WEAKEST person I know, and I hate it, truly! I know that Im bigger than I once was, my 7's feel snug these days and they use to be a comfy baggy. It's frustrating to me, because Ive ALWAYS been so anal about my weight and then this sneaks up on me, my own mother is starting to point out my fattnes... gah! -- No worries she didn't call me fat. Im just supah picky about my weight. Id def enjoy the pants being comfy baggy again. I will check out that site and maybe it will help me cut out some calories.. Thanks!


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