Friday, November 5, 2010

This thang...

So... I'm obviously new at this "Blogger" page.  I love my page, kinda. I love the stars, stars are my favorite  shape, I enjoy doodling them whenever I can, my sister has a supah  awesome tattoo with her daughters name surrounded with stars, it has inspired me to get me some stars tattooed on myself.  I heart stars! 

But the problem I'm having is Ive really no idea what I'm doing on here, I don't like the way it's hard to read my title and all through the stars, I don't like that, I don't know how to change that.  It's making me bonkers!
Ive apparently set the settings so my font is red, *shrugs* Another example of me not knowing what I'm doing!  I want it to be all purdy and cool like Ive seen so many look.  why can't I just wave a majik wand and figure it all. 
I'm aware of the fact that Ive only like 2 followers, altho they both seem really awesome, and their pages are supah cute, I needs some help or tips or advice on how to make me page look supah cute. Or should I just give up on the stars.  Which will make me sad....  Help?  Anyone?


  1. I am not good at explaining it by typing - I had to play around my mine A LOT to get it right. I even had two other blogs before the one I have now... It's TIME CONSUMING!!

  2. Now you have 3 followers! ;)

    You'll get the hang of how to make your blog look all super-fly, just keep playing around.

  3. One of the easiest things to do is google for free blogger templates until you find one that's pretty damned close to perfect and THEN learn how to modify it. :) There are so many free templates out there - it'll make your head spin. Feel free to shoot me a question if you have one! I'll do my best. :)

  4. Thanks Sam... If you read this can you tell me how to add pages? I added that bar and for some reason all I have is "home" I r confused. Not that its anything new!


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