Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Touch the a/c controls and I break your hand"

The title of this posting were my exact words, so what happens today? Someone touched the a/c controls.. I am freezing.  I wish I were big enough to break his hand!  "But Im hot" ... "Ok so don't wear long sleeve shirts!"  It's flippin 50 degrees outside.  It's suppose to be really cold this weekend!

I live in GA and well here the past week the temperatures have been awful, if you ask my opinion.  I was born in November and I have never been one to enjoy this cold weather we have here.  I really despise it to be quite honest with you.  I know, without a doubt in my mind, I'd never make it somewhere up north.  I'd die, freeze to death.  Terrible cold weather! 

So I am seriously thinking about migrating every winter to somewhere nice and warm, I mentioned Mexico, but my soon to be brother in law told me it isn't quite that warm there.  Darnit!  South America maybe?!

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  1. This is where we would have to agree to disagree - I am the hot one and LOVE the cold. But we would balance eachother out at least!


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