Wednesday, May 21, 2014

E Monkey Birthday Fun

E Monkey's Birthday, May 15th :)  He's such a cutie patootie.  I picked him up a cupcake from the grocery store, just for him because I didn't want to not do something for his birthday.  At first he thought it was .... weird. His hand was all blue and sticky and he didn't much care for it.  But it got better, this picture was taken at the end, just a quick one. My camera at home has all the good ones on it. Maybe I can get to uploading some here soon. 

This made me LAUGH

So yea, it was a good birthday party. He got a lot of toys and some clothes, mr grumpy party pooper guest had a few hot dogs after all, lol. All that complaining and for what?!  :) 

E Monkey wasn't as thrilled at the party though. I think he was feeling pretty sick and my  neice let him fall.  Needless to say it was a rough day for E Monkey. 

Get me out of this chair woman ... The green didn't have the same effect as the blue did it?

By the end of the night though he was having a pretty good time. All and all, was a good day ... I guess :) 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Party Pooper

Working on the guest list and menu and decorations and just planning in general for E Monkey's birthday celebration this weekend. 

I'm getting some ..... words ..... from a guest.  Said guest is being ... difficult ... about the menu. Turns out (guest) doesn't approve of said menu.

Making smart alecky comments about not coming and eating before hand.  It's becoming quite annoying.  I hope (guest) is kidding.

Dis Mama Monkey has a lot of her Mama MB attitude and might not hesitate, considering the pressure and stress to snap some neck bones and fling some poo.

Just sayin'

-Hang in there! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Red lips

The Rehab show last night was good, always is though.  I'm happy with the experience.  The opening acts realllllly sucked though.

Too old for this stuff. 

You Dingleberries would be happy I didn't drop a drink all night, didn't even drink any either. Had one bottle of water and

Go me...

Must add it's a different experience completely when you are sober. Oh.My.Gerd.

For anyone who hasn't tried being around a whole bar type scene full of drunk and high people .... You should definitely try it. It's a whole new form of people watching.

 I know most of you would honestly enjoy it, as much if not more, than I did :)

It's Monday around here, again ....

I'm not really digging it all too much but I know it's just something t hat has to be done.  I've so many post ideas working ..... They're all running together though.

I've started  another blog as well, linked with this one I believe. It's not for everyone though, calling it One Monkey's Testimony, and it's more on the religious side. I know most people steer clear of that subject, and to each his own, but it's something I genuinely felt compelled to get out there.  Strange I know.

SO did you check out the red lips in my picture!  Yea it looks pretty awesome, I'm quite shocked myself.

So, with this I leave you, for another day.  Hope it's rawking and Happy MONkeyDAY my Dingleberries.  

Friday, May 9, 2014

Completed ::happy dances::

I did it, I actually completed my quiz and the power point presentation a day before the deadline. Sadly I'm not sure how I did on the power point, banged out about a 70ish on the quiz though.  I'm OK with that because I've been so all over the place, was lucky I passed at all.

I'm scared to see what grade she gives me on the PP. 

Next week I'm back into the Old Testament courses.  These are .... easier.  Theology is .... a lot of information.  I guess that is expected.

So, I'm just glad I got the assignments done, at least I didn't fail them due to incomplete.  Right? 

Tonight is the Rehab show, last one ever, or so they say.  Rehab decided to break up and go it's separate ways.  This makes me sad but it's also a slight reminder ... I guess, like Rehab, it's time I move on too.  I've quit smoking, quit drinking, I'm hugely involved in our church.  My life has ..... changed I guess you could say. I went from party girl, smoking and drinking and  getting around town to .... NOT. 

(my friends would kill me for this one)

In some ways ... This makes me sad, but in others I'm just happy to be alive, happy to be where I am, blessed with two fabulous kids and the memories of my Mama MB.  Her sickness and her life, her suffering and her motherly awesome really helped make me who I am today. 

God I miss her. 

I was severely numbed last year on Mothers Day, very pregnant and trying with all my might to avoid the sadness.  It's going to be servery hard this year, coping with her absence.  For the 2nd year of my life .... 

There are so many times I could lash out and cry how unfair life is, but that wouldn't be fair. Mama MB taught me that life is good, enjoy life, because obviously, no matter how hard you fight, kick and scream. It's going to end one day, one day we have to let go of everything we love and everyone that loves us.  It really sucks!

Ok, so enough with the heavy for one day.   I'm a wee bit excited and a lotta bit nervous about tonight.  Use to be the opposite. 

And on a final note, for those of you who sent me good vibes and kind words in my last few stressed out blog posts.  Thank you, you know who you are :) 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Caution: Contents Under Pressure

Wow ....  This picture is from February, I really looked terrible, lol . Ugh, remind me never never never let my hair grow because the only think I do with it is wear it just like that. Yuck!!!

So news for today... I'm on one of those social media strikes.  I saw this video someone shared that really moved me, and not to the bathroom.  I decided right then that I would take a serious break from Facebook and text messaging as much as possible.  I didn't log back into Facebook yesterday and have not signed in today.  I've really got to keep up with this, because I don't want to be one of those who misses the most important moments and chances because I was too busy with my face buried in my phone.

I wish Mr MB cared enough to take a stand with me, spend some time with me and the monkeys.  Sadly, that just isn't in the cards for me I reckon.

Ya know I got married in October .... yea ....  Seems like 100 years ago, because well to be honest ... My relationship with Mr MB just flat out sucks!! 

Suffering some serious insecurities lately too.

Life is strange.

Moving on ....

I'm feeling some serious pressure today and tonight ... This is my final week of Theology 107 and Friday(TOMORROW) is the deadline for all assignments .... I'm in the process of completing my power point, first one EVER and  I have a quiz.  Last night I wrapped it up early because  I knew I could stay up late on Friday and get it done if I didn't finish tonight ...

I forgot there is a Rehab show, the last one ever, on Friday night .... Oh.My.Gerd. This is bad bad bad.. I saved my power point onto a flash drive and I've brought it with me.... But I just feel the pressure and the stress. I didn't want to half wing it but looks like I may be forced to half wing it a little bit.  UGH ... How and why do I forget everything, all the time???

Because this is what I feel like, lol . This is how I feel, what I feel like doing. I too need more sleep, from time to time.

Silly monkey boy sleeping in this morning.

Happy Thursday my Dingleberries.

Keep me in your thoughts, that I can get these assignments complete and tomorrow doesn't turn out an epic fail! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Grumpy Tuesday

I could spend a whole post complaining and fussing ...
But I'm not, instead I leave you with this super cute awesome picture of me and little monkey!
Happy Tuesday folks!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Planning to travel ... -1

So I'm toying with the idea of taking a trip, cross country.  I've never really been anywhere other than these surrounding states. We went to W. Virginia ... once. That's the furthest I have ever been.

I've been looking on websites and flight pages and rental car pages.  I've never done this before. 

So far, looks like, considering the age and condition of ole Tina (my car) I don't think she can handle this trip.

Just to shine some light on this post, I want to plan a trip to Washington state.  I know some of my dear Dingleberries have experience in travel and planning trips. Any advice?  How early should I start planning? 

It was a good weekend, I think. We didn't do too much, went to the lake where the sis in law was camping. That was OK, very windy, but still OK.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and hopefully your MonKEYday isn't beating you up too bad ;) 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Wonder what is over there ...

Do you ever just get that feeling that something is pulling you?  Something pulling you to far off places that seem to be something so far from reach? 

It's a weird feeling. 

I'm fighting and pushing and hanging on to that urge.  I'm curious what could be waiting for me over there, in that far away place.